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cybart: The Seminaries are "clearing" the slect clergy based on whether they will comply with state directives

cybart: Yes, I can do two things

cybart: at the same time

cybart: The Soviets were Kazars and American Kazars were cooperating

jeremiahs: double wow


aaron berry 03: oh really man o man

dusty_154: The church must collect a Federal ID (Social Security) number from visiting evangelists, missionaries, preachers and singers before they invite them to the pulpit.

christianparty: man, oh, man

cybart: This means that most of the American Christian clergy must be similar to what the clergy were under the Soviet system - they all had to be KGB agents

dusty_154: They must give a Form 1099 to any minister who receives up to $600 in a years time, which includes missionary support

cybart: I think this is done in the Seminaries and Bible Schools

cybart: Special Ministries Conventions

aaron berry 03: man o man

aaron berry 03: terrable

cybart: This is why the Russian Churches outside Russia and the American Russian Orthodox Church still do not recognize the Moscow Patriarchy

jeremiahs: interesting, cy

cybart: The Moscow Patriarchy is still a center of KGB operatives

cybart: the last holdover

jeremiahs: two different divisions of the Russian Orthodox Church are still fighting over ownership of the Cathedrals which were confiscated in Russia

dusty_154: If the ID is not received, the church leaders must withhold a jeopardy assessment of 39% on the spot and send it to the IRS.

jeremiahs: this is exactly what Hitler did to both Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany ,starting in 1933


aaron berry 03: wow

jeremiahs: man, dusty


dusty_154: They must agree to the IRS definition of benevolence

aaron berry 03: yep

aaron berry 03: or real property

jeremiahs: man, cc, you need to write this up


jeremiahs: never, ever knew this


aaron berry 03: this is good stuff

aaron berry 03: cy can u write something up

aaron berry 03: if not its ok

cybart: I'll definitely have to research all this

dusty_154: They cannot deal in cash at any level, but must deposit all offerings into a checking account and write checks for every purpose.

cybart: It's not easy to find

aaron berry 03: ok cy and thank u

aaron berry 03: true

jeremiahs: the jews funnel it all to Jerusalem


aaron berry 03: yes

aaron berry 03: this is bad and the ppl need to know

jeremiahs: yes, aaron


aaron berry 03: this could be the topic of the yr

jeremiahs: this must be documented


cybart: Tomorrow I'll go to a protestant, pentecostal and catholic book store and try to find literature on this IRS compliance requirements

jeremiahs: good idea, cy


aaron berry 03: ok cy and ty again

dusty_154: to much in this writing to post

jeremiahs: heh


cybart: Did it get resolved?

dusty_154: Other things that pastors and church leaders are required to do are to be an informer against their members and also to preach only IRS prescribed sermons

jeremiahs: sheesh


dusty_154: Also, all fund raising material must be submitted to the IRS for their approval.

cybart: Yes, Sheldom Emry - I haver high respect for him. I listened to all of his broadcasts and tapes and literature

dusty_154: The job description for pastors is a list of nine specific sacerdotal duties which again is a Roman Catholic definition meaning sacred



dusty_154: The Catholic church teaches that these sacraments, when administered by a priest, are essential to ones salvation

aaron berry 03: wow

jeremiahs: brb, 30 secs


cybart: Be right back also.

aaron berry 03: ok ya'll

dusty_154: The nine duties are: baptisms, weddings, serving the Eucharist (the Catholic sacrament of communion), teaching , spiritual counseling, christenings or baby dedications, administration of church affairs and the regular conducting of worship services

aaron berry 03: home church it will have to become

dusty_154: If the pastor does a substantial number of these things, he will receive very lucrative tax breaks.


When a church applies for a loan, they must provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of their contributors as collateral.

Pastors can't take a gift on church property without documenting it.

can't speak out against public education or homosexuals.

It's a federal offense to disturb a church service.





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