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911 slow motion


TWO MISSILES were fired at the World Trade Center towers, one missed, and the miraculous ALUMINUM FUSELAGE of this “jetliner” managed to crash through bullet proof plate glass windows, five floors made of concrete and steel beams, and miss every steel beam in its path, only to emerge COMPLETELY INTACT on the opposite side!


This is one of the first frames in the above video showing the appearance of the "jetliner" just above the smoke stacks:



 We can see the "jetliner" traveling from right to left in this shot.

 In this frame it has almost reached the twin towers.

In the following frame you can see that a missile has been fired from the “jetliner” and is now preceding it into the side of the building.

Another frame showing this missile, this time closer to the building.

The first missile has already hit the building, the “jetliner” is just about to hit it, and another missile suddenly appears on the far right side at a flight level just slightly lower than the “jetliner”.


The “jetliner” has already been engulfed n the building, and the missile is just now passing the three buildings on the far right.

The missile is shown to have missed the buildings or the “jetliner” [who knows what the missiles were fired at?] and are just to the left of the twin tower on the left.

The missile is seen as a streak to the left of the twin towers at an attitude suggesting it was headed out to sea.

The missile is further to the left of the twin towers in the following frame.

Again, further to the left.

The missile is on the far left, just about to pass out of view of the camera, again with an attitude that suggests it went out to sea rather than hitting a populated area.


We can tell in the following frame, from the direction the smoke is traveling, that this is the same “jetliner” just crashing into the same building as above, but taken from the opposite side.

The “jetliner” is now completely engulfed in the building, with parts of it beginning to poke out the side nearst us.


Now the nose of this ALUMINUM “jetliner” emerges COMPLETELY INTACT after passing through this STEEL FRAMED building?  What?  Not even a missile could pass through such a building intact like this.  Even if this aluminum nose completely missed every single steel beam in its path, a VERY small possibility in a steel framed building like this, just hitting the INTACT, BULLET PROOF, plate glass windows, which a 300 pound man couldn’t break even if he ran straight for it, or any one of the five concrete and steel floors that it passed through, would have completely CRUSHED all the aluminum.

But this ALUMINUM fuselage emerges COMPLETELY intact!


As a sanity check, let’s check out another frame from a different recording. 



911aluminumfuselage.jpg (25766 bytes)

 Let's blow this up to see if there's any possibility that this was part of the explosion rather than the actual fuselage itself!911AA.jpg (14864 bytes)

Not only does it look like an INTACT fuselage, but the WINGS also appear to have survived their plunge through bullet proof plate glass windows, solid steel beams, and FIVE FLOORS OF STEEL AND CONCRETE!


THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.  No missile, no aircrate, NO aluminum structure, not even a TITANIUM fuselage, could have survived such an impact.


But furthermore, to add insult to injury, the angle of attack [literally] in the video shows that the “jetliner” crashed through four or five floors--CONCRETE AND STEEL FLOORS—and that much of the explosion occurred at the right SIDE, rather than the opposite side, of the building, meaning that it did not even damage the CORE of the building.


If it was REALLY possible for an aluminum “jetliner” to completely crash through all this plate glass, steel framing, and concrete, and be CONSUMED inside the building just because of the high speed involved, then ALL of it would have stayed COMPLETELY INSIDE the building in a huge tangled mass which would have been consumed in the jet fuel fireball.  And that would have been the end of it.  This angle proves that it completely missed the core of the building, so even IF a few floors had been so seriously damaged that they had collapsed, the CORE would still be standing.





Again we see this missile from above going PAST the building, proof that this miraculous aluminum hull wasn’t the missile seen in the above frames.


As noted above, the path of this missile suggests that it crashed at sea.






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