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Child Support: Myths & Realities


Myth: Money (i.e. child support) solves problems (of kids being raised in poverty, poor child academics, behavior problem, child well-being, etc.)


Reality #1: Since no accountability exists to ensure that child support is actually spent on the child, this claim cannot be substantiated. UCLA Prof. William S. Comanor has research showing that only 20% of child support is spent on children.
Reality #2: Child support acts as a single-parent (read: broken home) enabler. Child support, like welfare, enables one parent to take the kids and move away from the other parent. This causes irreparable harm to children.
Reality #3: Poverty is not the cause of poor child well-being, in fact, studies show just the opposite. An intact family was the key determinant for child well-being. States with the highest welfare and child support payments ranked lowest in child well-being. Why? That money was a single-parent household enabler, children were raised in non-intact homes. During economic booms, divorce increases; during tight times, divorces decreases.
Reality #4: Trying to solve poverty by throwing money at it won’t work. We know that thanks to LBJ’s War on Poverty programs. Money has never solved a social problem.
Reality #5: Parental (that’s both parents) involvement is what kids need. Matthew Eappen had two well-educated, prosperous parents - but lacked parental involvement, preferring to hire nanny Louise Woodward (a teenager no less) to raise their child.



Myth: If all uncollected child support was paid, it would save the taxpayers’ a bundle.


Reality #1: A figure of $34B - $41B is commonly referred to as uncollected child support. The government and other sources indicate it is in the $5B range. And how would they know it’s $41B? No central repository of support orders exists that is accurate. It is a well-known fact that many duplicate support orders exists (which should never happen) and that erroneous bills are routinely sent out. Los Angeles County is a prime example of this.
Reality #2: The medical, behavioral and academic problems created by children raised in single-parent households dwarfs the cost of welfare. These costs include not only police, jails, hospitals and courts, but the psychological costs of citizens living in fear.
Reality #3: Child support orders are excessive by any measure. The average support order exceeds that of welfare, foster care, social security disability - you name it. As pointed out in a 1992 GAO study and later confirmed by ASU researcher Sanford Braver, most parents who don’t pay child support cannot afford to pay it.
Reality #4: Mothers are free to get welfare. Until this program is changed to disallow this practice, the taxpayers will be funding single-parent households, which is the genesis of these problems.


Child Support: Myths & Realities


Myth: Child support will lift children out of poverty


Reality #1: All child support collected in welfare cases goes to the government, not children. If welfare hasn’t "lifted kids out of poverty," then child support surely can’t.
Reality #2: Poverty is not the problem; Money is not the solution (see first myth above).



Myth: Child support orders are fair


Reality #1: Many custodial parents complain that child support is too low. However, when asked to reverse the support order (i.e. give up custody and pay the exact same amount of child support to the other parent), the scream bloody murder.
Reality #2: While over $5B is spent annually on child support collections, nothing is spent on visitation enforcement. HHS boasts they have allocated $10M in grants to study visitation and access - that amounts to less than 0.2% of the budget.
Reality #3: The government gives custodial parents information on the whereabouts of noncustodial parents through the Federal Parent Locator System (FPLS). But when custodial parents kidnap or move the children, HHS will not give noncustodial parents information on where the children are living.
Reality #4: Welfare: grant or loan? The mother initiates this process, receives all the benefits and is not expected to repay the government one cent. The father, on the other hand, usually doesn’t know the mother has applied for welfare, has no say so in the matter and is expected to repay welfare plus penalties and interest!
Reality #5: Making false allegations of abuse is a well-known and well-practiced tactic in family law. False allegations are not prosecuted, physical evidence is not required (hearsay will do) and no trial is given. In short, you’re guilty until proven innocent and you are denied your due process of law.
Reality #6: Even radical feminist Karen Winner states in her book, Divorced From Justice, that child support is excessive - clearly exceeding the amount necessary to raise a child. (p. 52).



Myth: Paying child support shows responsibility


Reality #1: Raising a child takes a lot more work than simply zipping off a check once a month. To equate writing a check with raising a child is ludicrous.

Reality #2: Most people would not consider an able-bodied person who parks in handicapped spots a responsible person as long as he paid the fine. Why do we think this way when it comes to child support?




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