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April 13, 1999


The Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) has launched a propaganda campaign called 'Be Their Dad' in an attempt to support more of their misguided interference in family matters. "HHS’ 'Be Their Dad' is the ultimate in hypocrisy," noted Lowell Jaks, Director of the Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents’ Rights. "They’re telling fathers to "be their dad" at the same time as they are increasing child support fines and penalties aimed a noncustodial parents, which are primarily fathers. Child support forces parents into exile. This campaign really shows how out of touch Secretary Shalala and Undersecretary Kevin Thurm are with reality." John Smith, ANCPR researcher added "HHS has done more damage to children than drug, alcohol and child abuse combined. For the good of the country, they should submit their resignations effective immediately."


The campaign urges fathers to "remain emotionally and financially connected to their children even if they do not live with them." "It appears that HHS is making excuses for not enforcing visitation," said Smith. "They allow mothers to move away with the children, then blame fathers for not staying involved. They demand fathers pay child support, but do not enforce visitation violations. They help custodial parents locate noncustodial parents so they can collect money, but they won’t help noncustodial parents locate their own children. And they wonder why fathers aren’t more involved? Kids need both parents and long distance relationships won’t do." said Jaks. The campaign is supported by Ogilvy and Mather, The Advertising Council, the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the states of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Maryland. "This is what I would expect from the people who brought us the Tidy Bowl man," Smith said.


HHS and the ad’s sponsors have clearly bought into popular myths and stereotypes. They are asking fathers to stay around while at the same time laws are stacked against fathers. Women initiate divorce 3 times that of men, so 3 out of 4 times, it’s women who are creating broken homes. And why not, they are handsomely rewarded for divorcing or otherwise splitting up the family. They receive child support - a tax-free bonus - with no accountability as to how the money is spent. It’s like Christmas every month. HHS is promoting what Dallas psychologist Dr. Richard Warshak calls "The Motherhood Mystique." It’s the mistaken belief that mothers have special, innate skills for raising children. Nothing could be further from the true. Men and women are equally equipped to raise children. Judges and lawmakers propagate the motherhood mystique myth everyday.

"Why is the Barry McCaffrey’s Office of National Drug Control Policy involved? Are they inferring that fathers are drug addicts?" wonders Smith. "The whole premise is that dads are bad, dads are irresponsible. Why aren’t welfare mothers considered deadbeat moms? Why is welfare treated as a grant to mothers, but a loan to fathers? Fathers are held responsible for the mothers’ actions, which they have no control over. If they drug test anyone, it should be the custodial parents receiving this money. Better yet, they should drug test Shalala, Thurm and company."


Ironically, HHS’ press release boasts "Since taking office, the Clinton Administration has made child support enforcement a high priority." Child support - with its excessive awards and draconian punishments - only serves to force noncustodial parents into exile, irreparably harming the children. Even radical feminist and author Karen Winner agrees that child support is excessive. "So the Clinton Administration is proud to have done more to destroy families than any previous administration. Great," said Jaks.


Mr. Thrum, who leads the HHS fatherhood initiative, states "Fathers need to understand that even if they do not live with their children, their influence is profound. "No, Mr. Thrum, you are wrong. Fathers don’t need to understand this; you and your fellow bureaucrats need to understand this and fashion the laws accordingly," Smith said.


Visitation violations must be enforced with the same vigor as child support collections. "These are the same clowns (HHS) who proudly announced they have allocated a whopping $10M to "study" visitation programs. That’s $10M for the entire nation. Los Angeles county alone spends $120M annually on child support collections. That shows exactly how serious HHS is when it comes to supporting fathers and families. Adding insult to injury, several of these visitation grants have gone to battered women’s shelters and domestic violence programs. False abuse allegations are routinely used to gain custody of the children. Whoever makes the charge wins - they get custody without a trial or physical evidence. It’s all based on hearsay. Unprosecuted false abuse is the most serious problem in domestic violence cases today."


"No-fault divorce must be ended. When a couple has a child, they have made an 18-year commitment. Our laws discourage personal responsibility. We think throwing money at a problem will solve it. It won’t," added Smith.




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