An amazingly large number of my friends and compatriots who were pilots were killed in Vietnam, usually in crashes rather than combat, so I decided to research it to see the total figure.  I was amazed to find that there were a total of 10,914 pilots and crewmembers killed there DURING the war, almost a quarter of all Vietnam War fatalities:

"There were 2,197 helicopter pilots and 2,717 non-pilot crewmembers killed in the Vietnam War from all services including Air America."


"Not counting helicoper pilots and aircrewmen; over 6,000 Fixed-wing/propeller/jet US pilots and aircrewmen were killed or missing during the Vietnam War."

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When I was sent off to Vietnam, the 1st time, all I remember is men who didn’t want war and women who voted to SEND us there.  When we got there, nobody could explain why we were there, nor why we were prohibited from destroying KEY targets, nor why the women who voted to send us there appeared to want to LOSE the war (due to some seriously misformed human compassion).  When we got back, we were accused of losing the war, and women “judges” denied military fathers access to their *own* children because they were now deemed “too violent” to be around them.  Years later the Secretary of Defense, McNamara, in his book finally answered all our questions about why so many of our classmates were killed and maimed—he simply didn’t know.  Neither did the woman voters who sent us there.  Years later, still with no understanding of what the war was all about, woman voters again, completely unabashed by their experience in Vietnam, sent our sons to Iraq.  Many years later, ONE person finally said “thank you”, for serving in Vietnam.

Well, what can I say?  Even though I was there, I was philosophically opposed to the war, thanks mostly to my direct observation as the son of a US Army Officer in Korea and Germany.  I spoke out against the war while in Vietnam, at great risk to life and limb.  My opposition to the war in Iraq is no different from my opposition to the war in Vietnam, which is no different from my opposition to the *objectives* for our war in Korea, and now that we’ve firmly established ourselves as serial war mongers, I even question 99% of what we’ve been TOLD about Germany and Hitler.  I never expected ANYONE to thank me for Vietnam, don’t expect a nickel for it, am as anti-serial-war-mongering as ever—but I shook his extended hand anyway.  And thankfully nobody else has ever thanked me since then, so I haven’t had to think about whether or not I’d shake their extended hand.

So now a WOMAN reporter [actually, a jewess] for the New York Times informs me that we lost the war because I’m a coward, that we all were doped up all the time, so quit asking for handouts.

Ok, I’ll stop asking for handouts.  I hereby disavow all contact with the ONE hand that shook mine in thanks for Vietnam.  I’ll agree that all men are violent, all men want is war, fathers who are so violent don’t deserve their own children, all women are peaches and cream while boys are puppy dog tails, and it was NOT American women behind everything from WWII to Abugraib.