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Abstract Concepts and the American Woman Voter


Not all but far too many American women voters are too emotional and too intellectually limited to be able to recognize when a media sound byte is pure government propaganda, which is why so many of  them believe that "domestic violence" is a crisis and that VAWA will solve the problem, or that after two centuries of creating one of the most successful cultures in world history with the Second Amendment firmly in place that "gun control laws" are suddenly necessary.  Such intellectually limited voters are dangerous to men, children, society, and the entire republic because they just cannot comprehend that:

  1. There are literally 1,000 other social and economic "crises" which are far more serious than "domestic violence".
  2. The federal government is utterly incapable of understanding the problem, much less solving it.
  3. The federal government's involvement in private family affairs through VAWA and a myriad of other band aids created other problems which are literally thousands to millions of times worse than the original "problem".
  4. The republic is now hopelessly in debt because women voters were so easily manipulated into voting for futile government band aids which have been proven failures for decades now.
  5. Rather than voting to terminate proven failed government programs, they ask "but what should government do?", as if though 3 or 4 decades of failure can suddenly be converted into a success.

Most men voters arrive at decisions which are exactly 180 degrees the reverse of the decisions of these emotional women voters.   Most men voters oppose gun control laws, but half of American women know that gun control laws haven't and can't work, and want more laws anyway.  A quarter of them want more laws because they are too intellectually limited to realize that they haven't and can't work.  Most men voters oppose VAWA, but the women voters who constitute 11% more of the vote demand legislation like this.  We no longer need to guess why there is such a big disconnect between men and women voters, because TIMSS proved why, beyond the shadow of any doubt.  Zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to resolve simple math and physics problems which parallel the problems that need to be solved by America's voters.  If these 12th grade girls were unable to resolve these problems after taxpayers spent an extra $7.7 trillion to try to educate them, it is impossible that any further attempts could succeed.  Taxpayers gave women their best shot, and women responded by blaming their own failures on taxpayers, men, society, educators, bureaucrats, politicians, government, with an utterly unlimited array of excuses.

Feminists even had the temerity to blame the TEST for their own inability to understand it!

TIMSS wasn't designed to make American women look stupid.  It was designed by objective, credible, competent educators around the world in a sheer attempt to measure intellectual skills from country to country.  It is a mere byproduct of this attempt that we were able to understand that nobody who took the test scored lower than American 12th grade girls in more subjects than any other nation.   The inability of American 12th grade girls to resolve a simple probability and statistics problem is PROOF of the inability of American women to solve a complex voting decision, which fully explains why a media sound byte becomes their guiding principle.   VAWA doesn't exist because there is a "domestic violence crisis", or because politicians believe that government can do something about it, or because the evidence shows that it  has been a success, or because economists and sociologists don't know that it created problems which were a thousand times worse than the original "problem", or that 236 million Christians in the US suddenly abandoned Christian principles to permit government to interfere in private religious matters, or even that this was fueled by a rapacious government appetite.  VAWA exists solely because the emotional woman voter is an easy target for mass media mania, and our mass media capitalized on this fact and created a crisis where there was none.  Without such an easy target as the American woman voter, mass media would never have been able to manipulate politicians into passing such corruptible, expensive, and futile legislation.   Without such futile legislation, American family stability would not have been destroyed and family  incomes would not have plunged two thirds in the last 3 decades.   Without this destruction of families, there wouldn't be 50 million unmarried women of marriageable age, many of them pregnant, standing alone at the altar, single-mothers, in poverty, and/or slaves to free sex, where their premature mortality rate is two to six times higher than that of married women.

The ultimate insult to society and men is when the women who demanded these "rights" are the very same women who blame men for their failure.  American men DID fail--they failed to honor the simple principles of the Holy Bible by celebrating the differences between the sexes.  The more feminists proclaim that men and women are "equal", the more they prove that men and women are exact opposites in almost any arena of human activity, just as the Holy Bible describes.  These women voters blame men because 92% of elected officials are men, while ignoring their own role as 11% more of the voters than men voters in electing these men.  They blame men for their poverty while ignoring that men already earn 82% of family incomes and that if women had to subsist on the 18% that women earn, they couldn't even buy shoes.  They blame men for "domestic violence" while ignoring study after study showing that women themselves admit that they are the initiators of the majority of this violence, up to 60% of it.  They blame men for "child abuse", while ignoring that 95% of what are accused of child abuse for was called "discipline" just a few decades ago, and that biological are responsible for only 2% of fatal child abuse in the country while mothers are responsible for 78% of it.  They blame guns for the death of children while ignoring that the mothers who killed 1,169 of their children, five times as many as were killed by guns, didn't need a single gun to perform their nasty deed.  They proclaim that 550,000 American women are raped or sexually assaulted each year while ignoring that this would make an American man 1,023 times as likely as a Japanese, Italian, or Greek man to be a rapist.  They ignore that HALF of the American men who have been convicted of such crimes and whose DNA evidence was tested after conviction didn't even match the DNA evidence from the crime scene.  They ignore their own role in using false testimony to put 20 to 40 times as many men per capita in prison as Japan or China or other countries, which is a far more serious act of domestic violence than anything that American women might complain about.

If our incarceration rate is so high solely because of false allegations by women, then 1,900,000 of the 2 million American men now in prison (which is one third of the men in the world who are now behind bars) are innocent.   Each two years in prison takes one year off a man's life expectancy, which means that the possibly 1.9 million innocent men now in prison are collectively losing 950,000 in life expectancy each year.  With a life expectancy of 73 years, this is the equivalent of 13,014 lives lost per year, which is 65 TIMES as many wives who are murdered by husbands each year.  This form of domestic violence is REAL, it is heinous, it KILLS 65 times as many innocent people as violent husbands do, and the only people responsible are the moral minors who filed false charges against men, usually to profit with Victim Assistance Awards.














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