I seem to remember a Russian word for that, something like "Nyckulturny" used as a noun...

Some folks heads just can't take in information past a certain cultural range<g>

Ted C Hall

I'm in Russia today and can happily inform you that Russians HATE American movies, especially those with Russian sub-titles (which they refuse to watch).   Gussinski and Berezovski attempted to import that trash to Russia, and were HATED for it--which is why they're now exiled and looking for assylum in the US or Britain.

As you also may know, the other HATED non-Russian Khodokorvski is now in prison for 9 years--and last week was put in solitary confinement, making Russians VERY happy.

Thanks to such actions by Putin, Russia's crime rate is plummeting--while ours is just getting ready to skyrocket, once again!  Soon enough, Washington, DC, will again be the Murder Capitol of the World.

And, Ted, I know that if I were to post the TRUTH about those above figures, this would be beyond your "cultural range", and you would, once again, CENSOR my posts, wouldn't you?