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Action Plan

Highest Priority Activities of the FATHERS' MANIFESTOsm


  1. ONE MILLION SIGNATURES BY D-DAY. The FATHERS' MANIFESTOsm will have ONE MILLION signatures by Dad's Day 1996. If you have not already signed, help to achieve this objective by becoming a Signatory now!
  2. FULL FATHER CUSTODY. All resources are focused on getting one single pioneering dad full custody of the children of his divorce. You can view a list of candidate fathers here or provide the names of potential fathers who you believe could benefit from this effort and who would agree to stick with this through thick and thin.
  3. FEMINIST BOYCOTT. A boycott of feminist organizations, employers, products, companies, restaurants, groups, agencies, departments, individuals, and employees in positions which resulted from affirmative action, is rapidly gaining momentum. Signatories participating in this are refusing to spend their hard-earned money on anti-male, anti-father, and other counter-productive, feminist, activities. A list of the most flagrant anti-male organizations is published and circulated to all Signatories. You can monitor the progress of this boycott or provide your own inputs on additions to the list.
  4. CLASS ACTION SUITS. A number of class action lawsuits have been filed by men and fathers against anti-male or anti-father actions, and you can monitor the progress of this nationwide effort to re-establish fatherhood or become a member of the class.
  5. EN MASSE LAWSUITS. The first phase of the "En Masse Lawsuits", a nationwide personal filing of non-ABA lawsuits by fathers and fathers' organizations against counties for discriminating against and/or legal abuse of fatherhood, is well underway. All successful legal actions are being broadcast to all groups and individuals by Internet. You can monitor the progress of this effort or personally participate in the "En Masse Lawsuits".
  6. PERSONAL LAWSUITS. The FATHERS' MANIFESTOsm supports personal lawsuits filed by disenfranchised fathers, such as Michael Idrogo's, which have the potential to reverse precedents set by corrupt and immoral courts.
  7. DEMANDING CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. The legal dilemma of fathers has been examined from a detailed Constitutional law perspective and the problems caused by fatherlessness are now much more clearly defined. Alternative Constitutional legal solutions are being implemented, with recommendations disseminated to politicians, the public, and to fathers.
  8. JURAL SOCIETIES AND COMMON LAW COURTS. There are many alternative legal venues available for removing the "justice system" from its counterproductive and adversarial involvement in family affairs, and Jural Societies and common law courts are amoung the most promising. You can join these efforts right here on this form.
  9. FULLY INFORMED JURIES. The courts in this nation have been trampling over the rights of ordinary law-abiding citizens in the mad scramble by lawyers and bureaucrats for high-profile fees, costs, and fines. In this scramble the true purpose of juries -- to keep judges, district attorneys, and lawyers honest -- has been thwarted by the notion that jurors are incapable, incompetent, and unable to serve justice. The Fully Informed Jury Association aims to correct this injustice, and you can join this effort here.
  10. FATHERS' MANIFESTOsm: THE BOOK. The FATHERS' MANIFESTOsm is being published in book form and distributed to key policy makers, politicians, members, and other concerned and interested parties. It is available at $24.95 and can be purchased here.
  11. FACTS AND STATISTICS. Anecdotal, empirical, and statistical evidence about fatherhood, the harmful effects of fatherlessness, and the case for father custody, have been assembled and distributed to appropriate organizations and individuals.
  12. COORDINATION. Anti-fatherhood activities by feminist and government organizations have been reported to politicians, legislators, bureaucrats, men's rights organizations, fathers' rights organizations, statistical clearing houses, journalists, etc.
  13. CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS. As corporations and businesses are the major beneficiaries of stable families, they are included as partners in this drive to eliminate fatherlessness. You can view a list of corporate sponsors of this nationwide effort or provide the name of potential corporate sponsors here.
  14. NAME THAT JUDGE. Bad judges' rulings have been tracked by specifically naming the judges making bad or anti-fatherhood rulings. You can monitor the progress of this effort or provide a confidential input here.
  15. INVESTIGATING JUDICIAL CORRUPTION. "Rumors" and "jokes" about corrupt lawyers and judicial corruption abound. But responsible action demands careful and comprehensive confirmation and verification of real cases. If travesties of justice are indeed as pervasive as the "One Page Stories" indicate they are, then you need to read all about efforts being undertaken nationwide OR confidentially provide names, dates, phone numbers, etc. of those who you believe are responsible or liable for such acts.
  16. DISCIPLINING PUBLIC SERVANTS. Under new perjury laws in many states, DAs must file charges which award custody of children to the spouse who was injured by false charges, even though many DAs claim that they will not follow these laws. Constant pressure must be applied to assure that these charges are filed and that the
  17. FATHER PLACEMENT COUNCIL. The Father Placement Council in Orange County, California has received state and federal support in offering placement of children with their fathers in the event the mother applies for welfare, which would instantly eliminate the county's widely publicized bankruptcy. Welfare officials have thus far rejected this plan, but ongoing efforts will bring this to fruition.
  18. MEDIA. Men's and fathers' data has been prepared and published in media and government publications. Anti-male bias has been analyzed, critiqued, and a campaign against identified anti-male media sources is being reported to men's organizations, fathers' organizations, and politicians. Nationwide proposals, solutions, and action plans have been prepared and are now being published.
  19. INTERNET. Internet resources have been used to send progress reports to Signatories, media, politicians, corporations, and our foreign partners regarding this worldwide re-establishment of fatherhood.
  20. MONITORING INEQUALITY. "Battered Women's Shelters" are known to harbor anti-male activities, and demands for equal funding for men, who are victims of violence more often than women, have been presented. The emotion that fathers feel is beyond rage, as Clair Wiederholt describes. The inequality in government taxation and spending -- wherein men pay the taxes and women get the benefits -- is challenged by Dr. Jerry Lester. Every Signatory should report all acts of "inequality", as Andrew Carlan does here.
  21. GUERILLA TACTICS. Consideration has been given to certain Guerilla Tactics which might be necessary to raise the public consciousness regarding the crisis of fatherlessness.





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