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A Nasty Response to Yesterday's Analysis from a Homosexual

A Nasty Response to Yesterday's Analysis from a Homosexual

Should We Allow Homosexuality to Be Taught and Modeled for Our Children in Public Schools?

By: Mary Mostert, Analyst, Banner of Liberty (

June 21, 2001

Every time I have an occasion to mention the connection between the AIDS epidemic, which has killed 14 million people worldwide in the last 20 years since its existence was identified, I invariably get nasty letters from people who are either homosexuals or supporters of homosexuals taking me to task, but never dealing with the facts. My analysis yesterday of the PBS showing of "Scout's Honor" a pro-homosexual propaganda video.

Yesterday was no exception. An irate reader, from Atlanta, wrote:


I just read your article including excerpts from the PBS special on the Boy Scouts and comments on HIV and AIDS, two topics that I wouldn't have expected to be linked. Wow, you must be a new author--or just not a very good one; rarely have I seen such a witless perversion of facts to fit a paunchy theory or at least implication that the evil homosexuals are spreading "that AIDS stuff" around the planet. Have you, by the way, paid attention to articles or journals written by the AMA or any postings from the CDC discussing the epidemic and how it is spread? Perhaps not. It's not just through perverted and evil gay sex. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the fact that many non-gays get HIV (and through non-sexual ways as well) and sometimes this progresses into the illness AIDS. Perhaps you remember Ryan White, who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion. Blame that on a gay man for me? Better yet, blame it on some lesbians---you know, the evil short haired masculine women! trying to take over the girl scouts. You will be able to spot them; they will be the overtly dominant and agressive women trying to teach those ridiculous values of self-dependence, achievement, and pride in womanhood to the young girls in their troupes..

As a matter of fact, I not only have SEEN the Center for Disease Control reports on the AIDS epidemic, but I quote from them often. As for who is spreading AIDS in the United States, I present the following graph from the Center for Disease Control:

Basic Statistics - Exposure Categories

The following data are from the CDC semiannual HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report. Numbers are based on AIDS cases reported to CDC through June 2000.

For a more complete understanding of the current surveillance trends, you may download a PDF file of the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report or request a free copy of the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report by calling the CDC National Prevention Information Network at 1-800-458-5231.

The term "children" refers to persons under age 13 at the time of diagnosis.

horizontal rule

Following is the distribution of reported AIDS cases among adults and adolescents by exposure category. A breakdown by sex is provided where appropriate. The categories and totals are:

Men who have sex with men 348,657 - 348,657
Injecting Drug Use 137,650 51,592 189,242
Men who have sex with men and inject drugs 47,820 - 47,820
Hemophilia/coagulation disorder 4,847 274 5,121
Heterosexual contact 27,952 50,257 78,210
Recipient of blood transfusion, blood components, or tissue 4,920 3,746 8,666
Risk not reported or identified 48,343 19,042 67,387

* Includes 3 persons whose sex is inknown.

horizontal rule

The distribution of reported AIDS cases among children by exposure categories follows:

AIDS CASES AMONG CHILDREN (<13 yrs=Old) by exposure category=/B>
Hemophilia/coagulation disorder 236
Mother with or at risk for HIV infection 8,027
Receipt of blood transfusion, blood components, or tissue 381
Risk not reported or identified 160

horizontal rule


horizontal rule

Last Updated: January 2, 2001
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention
Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention
Please send comments/suggestions/requests to:

The CDC figures show that 78% of the 745,103 cases of AIDS in the United States as of January 2001, 585,719 of them came from men having sex with men, i.e. homosexuality, or injecting illegal drugs. Approximately 10.5% originated from heterosexual sex and only 1% came from blood transfusions. In Zambia, of course, where the United Nations states half of all 15 years will die of AIDS ( the disease is being caused primarily by heterosexual sex in a population in which men believe it is a sign of manhood to have sex with as many partners as possible.

Atlanta went on to say in his e-mail:


Maybe you also remember the radical concept of human rights, often based on the understanding that we *ALL* deserve a voice and equality, not matter how distasteful or ignorant (in your case). This concept seemed foreign years and years ago, before suffrage for females in the US and before emancipation for not only African-Americans but others who were enslaved, either officially or de facto, by those folks who may very well likely be the progenitors of the illustrious interviewees mentioned in your article.

"I assert that not many 10 year olds really understand the moral values of the scouts. The reason we have older people as leaders is indeed so that we may vicariously learn lessons that will help us in life. They (young scouts) understand the camaraderie of being around their friends and the fun of earning badges and achieving with their peers; I find it uncanny that a gay man who may believe in teaching young men to be honest, dependable, trustworthy, and respectful of others wouldn't serve as an excellent role model for the scouts."

Ten year olds may not "really understand the moral values of the scouts" and, if led by people like Atlanta, they never WILL understand the moral values of the Scouts. Scouting is not just about being around friends and earning badges. It's about learning to become a morally straight, God-fearing husband and father. Children learn primarily through the example of adults. To put it bluntly, a practicing homosexual doesn't have a clue as to how to model the qualities needed for a man to become a morally straight, God-fearing husband and father.

Another e-mail I received on this issue told the following story of a public school teacher who has just been sent to prison for molesting boys in his care:


A young man, who I call Bill, moved into our neighborhood to live with an uncle. Bill ended up turning a group of our youth onto homosexuality. He had an addiction and he preyed on these boys. I knew the younger boys and wondered why so many ended up with problems, such as AIDS. Bill eventually sought help for his addiction, but the damage done to a lot of young boys and it could not be undone. Eventually Bill committed suicide, leaving a trail of broken lives."

One of the boys that "Bill" hooked on homosexuality was the public school teacher who has just been sent to prison for molesting boys in his care. While there are now drugs that postpone death of people with AIDS, the Center for Disease Control bluntly says 100% of those with AIDS will die as a result of having the disease. There is no cure. For an older homosexual to teach his sex practices to a young boy is tantamount to murder, with the AIDS pandemic's current lethal impact.

The question boils down to simply this: Do people in America have the right, under the constitution, to "discriminate" against those who advocate and model behavior that is spreading a fatal and incurable sexually transmitted disease? Or, shall we just say nothing and look the other way, giving them have full control of our public broadcast network and public schools to recruit our youth to take the places of all those older homosexuals who have died from AIDS?

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