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Federal Abuse of Alcohol Abuse

While the federal government has been ballyhooing since 1990 the notion that "hundreds of thousands of Americans die from alcohol abuse each year" and "42% of all traffic accidents are caused by drunk drivers" (which would have been 19,656 deaths due to drinking and driving in 1990), the US Statistical Abstract (USAA) reported that a mere 19,233 americans died of alcohol-induced causes of ALL kinds, including cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, and drinking and driving, in 1990.

With all the hoopla surrounding drinking and driving, it's possible that ALL of these deaths reported in the USSA were due to drinking and driving, and we now know that this 42% figure was hyper-inflated by the NHTSA by a factor of at least four.

Even IF correct (and we know that it is NOT correct), this is half as many people as died in auto accidents, fewer than died of cirrhosis, or of AIDS, or committed suicide, one third as many as died of diabetes, one fourth as many as died of flu or pneumonia, half as many as died of all other accidents besides autos, one fifth as many as died of pulmonary diseases, one eighth as many as died of cerebrovascular disease, 1/28th as many as died of cancer, and 1/38th as many as died of heart disease.

1.6 million people are arrested for drinking and driving each year, many of whom lose families, jobs, and business as a result, and all of whom pay fines and fees which average $15,000 each.  Not counting the loss in human suffering, this is an annual economic loss to the nation (and a booming cottage industry to the "legal profession") which exceeds $24 billion.  Has it been a "success"?  By the way feminazis, jews, niggers, latrinos and other "liberals" and muds define "success" it may be, but to normal Americans this putative 20% reduction in the *rate* of alcohol-induced deaths, from 8.4 per 100,000 population in 1980 to 6.7 in 1993, was far too expensive.  If correct, these 4,420 lives which were supposedly saved in 1993 cost $5.4 million each, PLUS the loss of personal freedoms and the right to travel, PLUS the destruction of families, businesses, and careers.

Compare this  to the $200 per cancer death that is spent for cancer research.  How many MORE lives might have been saved from heart disease or cirrhosis if this $24 billion had been spent on real medical research?

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