Alcohol Consumption per Capita



The 136 million Americans who drink consume enough alcohol to keep their bac above zero for up to 6 hours or 40% of their waking day, each and every day of the year.


Pilots with a bac = .04% have a 30% lower accident rate than pilots with a bac = .02%.


Women pilots are 4 times more likely to have an accident than men pilots.


Drivers with a bac = .04% have a 31% lower accident rate than drivers with a bac = 0.


Women drivers are 56% more likely per mile driven to have an accident than men drivers.


A survey at Stanford University showed that 60% of all drivers who were surveyed at random had a bac > 0 at any one time.


35% of college students rode in the last 30 days with someone who had been drinking alcohol.


A German study reports that between 5.5% to 10.7% of German drivers have a bac > 0 at any one time


"Pfafferott (1993) surveyed the self-reported drinking-driving attitudes and behaviours and found that over 60% of former East Germans reported to never drive under the influence of alcohol, compared to under 30% of the West Germans".


The current rate of alcohol consumption saves 80,000 lives per year from heart disease.


How MADD and the NHTSA defrauded the American public of $20 billion/year with their dui campaign.

Races and the Sexes Metabolize Alcohol Differently

It's impossible to apply a "one size fits all" to alcohol consumption, because first of all men and women metabolize alcohol differently.  A smaller amount of alcohol will affect a woman with a body weight equivalent to a man more directly than it affects a man.  In addition, the body weight of women which has a huge impact on how alcohol affects the brain is much smaller than for men.  And finally many races are actually allergic to alcohol in a way that other races aren't affected at all.


Jews have 112 hereditary genetic diseases nobody else has

Annual per capita alcohol consumption in Israel is 2 liters or .53 gallons

Alcohol consumption in Israel has been shown to be very low in numerous studies conducted since the 1970's. However, evidence now suggests that Israel may now be undergoing a period of change in terms of alcohol consumption, with younger adults and recent Russian immigrants drinking more. Elevated prevalence of ADH1B*2, an allele of a gene involved in the metabolism of alcohol in the liver, is elevated among Jewish groups in general, including Jewish Israelis. (Under an earlier nomenclature, the ADH1B*2 allele was known as ADH2*2.) Thus, Israel presents a unique conjunction of environmental and genetic influences on alcohol consumption and dependence symptoms.

       Findings from this research include:

o    Ashkenazic Jews in Israel are more likely than Sephardic Jews to report recent drinking (which was relatively common) and getting drunk (which was rare).

o    Immigrants from the former Soviet Union who arrived in Israel since 1989 are more likely to report recent drinking and getting drunk than other Israelis.

o    ADH1B*2 is protective against heavy drinking in Israeli Jews.

o    ADH1B*2 is protective against alcohol dependence symptoms in Israeli Jews.

o    ADH1B*2, an allele of a gene affecting the metabolism of alcohol in the liver, has an elevated prevalence in Israeli Jews compared to non-Jewish groups with a Nothern-European background, and is higher among Sephardics than Ashkenazis in Israel.

o    Younger Israelis are more likely than older Israelis to drink heavily and to experience DSM-IV alcohol dependence symptoms.

Topics of current investigation in this area include the interaction of gene and environmental effects in the occurrence of heavy drinking and alcohol dependence symptoms. A population-based study of these issues was funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) in 2003.

Alcohol Consumption vs. IQ, Selected Countries

When the country with the highest IQ, Korea at 108, is also the country with the highest per capita consumption of alcohol, and when the 86 nations of Africa with the lowest IQ are also the countries with the lowest per capita consumption of alcohol, the relationship between IQ and alcohol consumption cannot be denied, no matter what the cause.  While the following chart doesn’t contain all the data for all the countries, it represents almost half the world population in countries which this author is familiar with.  Almost 1 billion blacks of Africa with an average IQ of 75 are those who consume the least alcohol per capita, 6 ounces per year, whereas Bangladesh and India with an IQ of 81 consume about 5 times that, or 30 ounces per capita per year.  Moving up the scale, Thailand with an IQ 10 points higher than India, 91, consumes 10 times as much alcohol per capita as Africa, or 64 ounces.  Hungary and Australia have an IQ 7-8 points higher than Thailand and consume 16 times as much as Africa, or 100 ounces.  Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have an IQ 2-4 points higher and consume 20 times as much alcohol as Africa, or about 120 ounces.  And finally Korea, with an IQ another 6-7 points higher consumes 25 times as much alcohol as Africa.

Is Israeli IQ 78 rather than 94?

The one country that doesn’t fit on the curve is Israel, whose 16.8 ounces of alcohol is not consistent with an IQ of 94 as Professor Lynn estimates.  Israel fits on the curve perfectly if it really has an IQ of 78 rather than 94