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Americans are Smart!  Right?

Americans are smart, right?

That's what everybody thinks.  Or at least that's what our feminized media tells us.  Feminists claim that raising self esteem will raise our ability to educate, which will raise us all out of our misery?

The only problem is--of the 42 nations participating in the TIMSS, not one nation's 12th graders scored lower than ours in geometry.  Swiss 12th graders scored 123 points higher than ours.  The 8th grade scores in general math for Korean, Japanese, Singapore, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong students were more than 100 points higher than ours.  Our performance in all math and science tests is equally dismal in the other TIMSS subjects, as well as in  IAEP math and science.

OK.  So maybe math and science aren't as important as diversity, self esteem raising, equality, affirmative action, keeping our schools free of religious conflicts (by banning school prayer), and the "other" things that Americans learn in our schools that our foreign counterparts don't learn?  For example, our schools are very good at preaching the evils of alcohol "abuse".  This has had a beneficial effect on society!  Right?  Uh, not necessarily.  The NHTSA data shows that the non-drinking driver is 2.5 times more likely to have a fatal traffic accident than the drinking driver.  Anti-drinking and driving programs and advocates like MADD have been successful at reducing alcohol consumption.  But it is entirely likely, if not probable, that this resulted in 2,670  more traffic fatalities each year.

Reducing alcohol consumption also increased the risk of major cardiovascular disease, which increased heart disease related fatalities in the US by 210,600 per year.

Wulp.  Just because one feminist program is a collossal failure doesn't mean that they all are, right?  For example, women have benefitted from "equality", right?  Their entry into the labor force in unprecedented numbers benefitted all of us, right? Nope. It increased the percentage of miles driven by females, and, uh, females are twice as likely per mile than males to have a fatal traffic accident.  If all drivers in the US had the same traffic safety record of male passenger car drivers, there would be 21,795 fewer traffic fatalities in the US each year.

Factor Increase in Number of Fatalities per Year
Non-drinking & driving 2,670
Cardiovascular disease 210,600
Female drivers 21,795
Additional fatalities due to feminist "logic" 235,062

OK.  So the feminized education system costs the nation 235,062 lives each year.   There must be other ways women benefitted from feminism?  Well?




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