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The Face of Black Africa
By John Otto

Angola was a very successful and prosperous colony under colonial rule.  That was until the Blacks decided that they can do a better job at running it and to achieve this end, they started a terrorist war against the Portuguese Colonialists, eventually driving the Portuguese from Angola.

It is also interesting to note that Angola never had the so-called hated policy of Apartheid (segregation).  Apartheid is the excuse that is blamed for the inability of Blacks to even maintain the basics of good government in South Africa.

We mention Angola because, like South Africa, it is endowed with rich mineral recourses.  Despite the fact that Africa has everything going for it, Africa is dying.  Nothing has ever come out of Africa under Black rule and nothing will ever come out of it either.  One Party States and despotic governments are the rule, rather than the exception.  Nepotism, self-enrichment and everything that is normally despised by civilised people, is the norm in Africa.

The problem is that the minute a country is handed over to Black rule, that country starts to die and it then begins it's inevitable slide into anarchy and bankruptcy.  South Africa is a case in point.  Unfortunately, the leaders of the western world are unable to realise that Africa is different.  What is good in the civilised world, is very often a disaster in Africa.  Yet, the leaders of the civilised world continue to ignore the Whites in Africa and they continue to pump money into the bottomless pit of Black Africa.

However, occasionally a single and lone voice in the international community faces up to the reality of the truth in Africa.  This happened last week when the United Nations special envoy to Angola told the BBC that Angola should be one of the richest countries in the world with it's natural recourses.  He then went on to say that the country would not come right until the rule of the jungle stops.  That sums up the problem of Black Africa.  The former colonial powers should be merciful and proceed to colonise their former territories again.  This will prevent the population from dying of starvation, diseases and other pestilence's.  It will also enable the Colonial Powers to get some return on all the money they poured into the African bottomless pit in form of handouts and aid.

South Africa is a totally different situation.  We have a large White civilised population who have proven that they could make the country not only prosper, but that they can also turn it into the prosperous Powerhouse of Africa.  Before the advent of this Communist regime, that is exactly what happened.  South Africa was the envy of the world and one of the most sought after places to live.  In the short space of four years, this Black regime turned our beloved country into another basket case Banana Republic.



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