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From: "Joni Ferris" <>

Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 12:11 AM

Subject: [Conspiracy-Theory] Re: Jewish Treachury- not as bad as Christian Treachury!

> >Most Catholic nations did not try and kill off the Jew.
> It was due to the Catholic Church that led up to the Holocaust.
> And you are telling me that the Church did not try to kill off the Jews?
>  From the crusades, to the inquistions, to the pogroms in Europe the
> evil behind it all was the Church.
> Learn history!
> -- Joni
> >  They had
> >them removed out of their nations, after all it was not the Jews
> >nations, they were guests and did not want to abide by the hosts
> >country rules.  Most Catholics believed there was a curse to kill the
> >Jews and did not believe in enslaving them, so expelling the Jew,
> >from the host country, was the most popular method of the nations to
> >rid themselves from Jews.
> >  They were thrown out of about 80, or so, nations, in this way. Not
> >many nations had a policy of murder.
> >Most probably Christopher Culumbus was a Jew, that murdered countless
> >Native Americans and brought them to other Nations to sell in the
> >slave trade. The Catholics Nations frownd on slavery a act that was
> >accepted and condoned and still in practice by many Jews.  Also,
> >there was a high percentage of Jewish owned and operated ships that
> >brought the African American to the USA and sold them into slavery.
> >There was a higher % of slave ownership in Jews compaired to whites.
> >In fact many Jews fought to keep slavery legal.  In Catholic areas of
> >Quebec and Mexico there is a considerable higher survival rates of
> >Native peoples compaired to there surounding prodestant areas.
> >
> >So, Joni, we see that your preception is based on Jewish fables and
> >not on actual historic facts.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >by Lane Core, Jr.
> >
> >The Catholic Church unhesitatingly condemned racial slavery as soon
> >as it began. In 1435, six decades before Columbus sailed, Pope Eugene
> >IV condemned the enslavement of the black natives of the Canary
> >Islands, and ordered their European masters to manumit the enslaved
> >within 15 days, under pain of excommunication. In 1537, Pope Paul III
> >condemned the enslavement of West Indian and South American natives,
> >and explicitly attributed that evil, "unheard of before now," to "the
> >enemy of the human race," Satan.
> >
> >Papal condemnations of slavery were repeated by Popes Gregory XIV
> >(1591), Urban VIII (1639), Innocent XI (1686), Benedict XIV (1741),
> >and Piux VII (1815). In 1839, Pope Gregory XVI wrote,
> >
> >We, by apostolic authority, warn and strongly exhort... that no one
> >in the future dare to bother unjustly, despoil of their possessions,
> >or reduce to slavery Indians, Blacks or other such peoples.
> >
> >Pope Leo XIII (1890), too, condemned slavery, and so did the Second
> >Vatican Council (1965).
> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >--- In Conspiracy-Theory@y..., Joni Ferris <jferris@m...> wrote:
> >>  >As we near June 8, the Anniversary of the murder of our USA men on
> >the
> >>  >USS Liberty, keep in mind this Lavon Affair.
> >>
> >>
> >>  And how does this compare with the Catholic Church's Inquistion of
> >>  Jewish lives?
> >>  At least we know that Israel stated it was a mistake -- the Church
> >>  you are so devoute in did not admit that Killing innocent Jews - or
> >>  forcing them to convert to YOUR pagan religion to steal their souls
> >>  was a mistake.
> >>  What your religion did to my people was a million times worse than
> >>  any USS Liberty.
> >>
> >>  -- Joni



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