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Anti-Male Bias & the 19th Amendment

White Males Become Sub-citizens


Two thirds of the population qualifies for "equal protection"--females, black men, Hispanic men, Indian & Eskimo men, and Asian & Pacific Islander men.


White men are the majority of the one third which does NOT have "equal protection".


White men pay 115% of federal taxes.


Men are one fifth as likely as women to be acquitted of the same crime.


Men are 16% more likely to be imprisoned for the same crime.


Men receive prison sentences almost three times as long as women for the same crime.


Men are half as likely as women to use a knife or to contract to kill their spouse.


Men are one seventh as likely as women to kill their children.


Men are half as likely as women to have a fatal traffic accident.


The increase in the male suicide rate killed an additional 573,307 men.


The increase in the male murder rate killed an additional 475,000 men.


The rapid increase in divorce increased premature mortality rates and killed an additional 20 million American men.


MADD increased annual traffic fatalities and kills an additional 2,670 men annually.


Reduced alcohol consumption increased the coronary-related mortality rate and kills an additional 30,000 men annually.


Feminist jurisprudence encouraged women to false allegations which imprisoned 1.3 million innocent American men.

It is anti-male bias to assert that males and females are "equal".  Supreme Court Justice Burger, after almost a century in which the term "equal protection" had clearly applied only to the release of slaves and giving male slaves the vote, inexplicibly applied it to females in Reed v. Reed in November 22, 1971 with  "[it is] DISCRIMINATION PROHIBITED BY AND THEREFORE VIOLATIVE OF THE EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE OF THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT."

That single paragraph made super-citizens out of minority groups, made women a "minority group" even though there are 3.8% more females than males and 11.6% more female voters than male voters, and made sub-citizens out of the group which pays the majority of federal taxes, by denying them "equal protection".

It set off a gender war which never ended, undermined every other concept of the US Constitution, denied the 85% of American citizens who are Christians their "free exercise of religion", caused anti-male bias of unprecedented proportions, spawned radical feminism, created a virtual totalitarian state, created twenty nine phenomenal federal flops, gave the US the distinction of having the world's highest incarceration rate, plunged SAT scores 98 points, decimated the US economy, placed almost 40% of our nation's children in fatherless households, built entire industries out of the "false allegation", and caused responsible & concerned citizens of all backgrounds to call for the repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment.

Where "innocent until proven guilty" had been the cornerstone of American progress before, the "false allegation" became the cornerstone of feminist jurisprudence and American fallibility since.  With 1.8 million Americans behind bars, we have an incarceration rate 5 times higher than it was prior to Reed v. Reed and 14 times higher than countries like Japan.  An incarceration rate commensurate with our 5X higher violent crime rates would reduce our prison population by 1,157,000 inmates & reduce justice costs by 3% of GDP.

It is a mistake to believe that only 5% of the prison population is women because women are "less violent" than men.  If women were punished as severely as men for equal crimes, there would be 1,157,000 fewer men and probably more women than men, in prison.

The legacy of the false allegation, the "Feminist Silver Bullet", will live in infamy.  No American should be happy with himself until all of those who brought forth false allegations against a man just because he was a man, themselves face "equal justice".  Wil Hetherington and James Anderson and Mike Tyson have been in prison far too long, & George Washington and Thomas Jefferson struggled far too hard to create the Constitution, for the American man to face himself in the mirror each morning and not think about what feminism and Justice Burger did to his brothers.

We now know what they did. We have scientific evidence of the crimes of feminism.  We know that one third of men in prison for rape don't even match the DNA evidence found at the "crime scene".   We know more than 90% of false allegations of child abuse are filed by women against men in order to deny them their "day in court".  We know 97% of those allegations are false and that fathers are denied mere contact with their own children as a result.  We know men constitute the majority of "drunk driving" arrests, even though men are half as likely as women to have a fatal accident. We know that organizations like MADD were successful at reducing alcohol consumption by sponsoring drinking & driving laws which cost more than $18 billion per year to enforce .  We also know that they did not contribute at all to a reduction in traffic fatalities while they contributed greatly to the increase in the coronary related mortality rate. We know that women initiate the majority of domestic violence even though the vast majority of dv arrests are men.  We know that men are 5 times more likely to be murdered or commit suicide than women, constitute 96% of workplace fatalities, have a 7 year shorter life expectancy than women, and that Congress still enacted a "Violence Against WOMEN Act" (VAWA).  We know that 70% of American wives commit adultery within 5 years of marriage and that up to one out of five children born to intact families are not genetically linked to the husband.  We know that acts of adultery contributed to the world's highest divorce rate, which increased premature mortality rates by 2-6 times.  We know that this is why we have the world's highest public debt, a NEGATIVE Personal Savings rate, and why government spends 42 cents of each wage dollar.

We KNOW that the false allegation, the "Feminist Silver Bullet", applies almost always to men and almost never to women. We know that it is the primary if not only reason an EXTRA 1,157,000 American men are in prison.   We know that  "magnamonous American male chivalry" is an accomplice in this.

11,220,000 Americans are arrested each year, only 822 of which are public servants.  Holding the American citizen to such a high standard while holding public servants to such a low standard is statistical evidence of a totalitarian state.

It is definitely not what James Madison had in mind.

DEMAND an end to this now.

Who Qualifies for "Equal Protection" Percent of Population
All Females 51.0%
Black Males 5.9%
Indian, Eskimo, & Aleut Males 0.4%
Asian, Pacific Islander Males 1.8%
Hispanic Males 5.9%
Who Does NOT Qualify
White Males 35%

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