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The following are excellent points about jews, but please note that the conclusion is at odds with the Holy Bible



One writes:
Thus, all those who you like to call "lying Jews", have been
chosen by Jehovah God to be his people. That is why they
will always prevail against those who oppress them and those
who curse the Jews will be cursed by God himself.
#1 First you will have to verify these people are Jews and
all those who assert something to be fact with out evidence
are liars. So where is your/their evidence they are Jews?
#2 You will not find the word Jews and chosen in the same
verse in  any verse in the bible.
#3 Those who were chosen were the physical descendants of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
If you will bother to read your scriptures or look through
the archives
a) Every physical descendant of these men were a composite
of Arabs.
b) Every one of these men themselves were a composite of
     "Jew" and "Chosen" NOT in the same verse any where.
If you want to look up the word chosen, let me do a quick
scan for you  I wrote a computer scan program of the bible
that pops out every verse  with any key word and puts it in
a file.
Just did the scan.. NO where in the scriptures is the word
Jew and  chosen found in the same verse.
                  JEWS ARE AS DIFFERENT AS
                      OXYGEN AND WATER
Jews are made up of Israelites and NON Israelites. Two
different elements are not the same element.
Water is 2 parts oxygen and one part hydrogen. When they are
combined they become a completely different element.
With out oxygen in your lungs you will die, but if you put
water in your lungs you will die.
Do not be goofy and call Jews ( a mix of Israelites and NON
Israelites ) "Israelites" because they can NOT be the same
If you can show one bible reference of Abraham, Sarah,
Isaac, Israel, Moses, Aaron, Noah, Adam being a Jew then
give that verse or know when you say "The bible identifies
them as Jews", know you are a bald face liar.
There is no such thing as a Jew in the bible until 2 Kings
16:6 which formed ONLY AFTER THE SPLIT OF THE
According to Nelson's bible charts and maps
4000+ BC  Adam and Eve
2000   BC  Abraham and Sarah
2086  BC Ishmael
2099  BC Isaac
2140  BC Jacob ( guess )
          A gentile is simply one who is not a descendant of
the Israelites.
          Jacob and every one before him until the beginning
of time were gentiles
2200  BC The first sons of Jacob / Israelites, The first Israelites.
1500  BC Moses
1000  BC David
 971  BC Solomon
 931  BC The Kingdom divided.
 920  BC the formation of the FIRST JEWS 2 Kings 16:6
The designation between the faction which called themselves
Jews and the rest of the Israelites is similar in the
difference between the YANKEES and the CONFEDERATES.
Those who chose to call themselves the confederates were the
group of the southern split in our civil war.
Before the split of our civil war there was NO such thing as
a confederate and before the split of the kingdom of Israel
there was NO such thing as a Jew.
#1  The Jews did not exist until over 1000 years after the
death of Abraham.
#2  The Israelites followed the religion given to them by
Moses hundreds of years before any such thing as a Jew
#3  The religion people call Judaism was the religion of the
Israelites NOT some religion of the Jews. Jews may have
followed the religion of the Israelites, but the religion of
the Israelites ("Judaism") existed 1000 years before Jews
were ever formed.
#4  The Jews were a political group who were loyal to the
southern kingdom.
#6  The Jews were a composite of Israelites and NON
Israelites, while an Israelite can ONLY be one who is a
descendant of the Israelites.
In NO verse context in the scriptures where God was talking
to a segment  of NON Israelites       (which Jews were
composed of) did he say any thing  about them being chosen.
4000+ BC Adam and Eve
2000    BC  Abraham and Sarah
  920  BC the formation of the FIRST JEWS 2 Kings 16:6
There was no such thing as a Jew in the life time of Adam,
Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the 12 princes of Israel,
Moses, Aaron, Joshua ... so no one could be a Jew if no such
thing as a Jew existed in their life time.
Oh and I am very sorry, none of these Israelites could have
been Jews nor could they have been Mousekteers because the
Micky Mouse Club organization did not exist in their life
Anyone who refers to anyone before the sons of Jacob as
Israelites, does so because they are ignorant or liars.
Anyone who refers to Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses,
Aaron, any of the Kings or prophets ( any one who existed
before the split of the kingdoms ) as Jews, does so because
they are brain washed, they are an ignoramus or they are a
bald face liar.
The bible Jews were a political group of Israelites and non
Israelites that did not form until about 920 BC.
Sorry Abraham, Isaac, Israel nor Moses were Mousekteers nor
were they Jews. It is impossible to be something that does
not exist in your life time.
 Unfortunately it is not impossible for idiots and liars to
                    concoct their own BS.
If you did not get this post in e-mail there is a map of the
Jewish faction split at this web page 
You must click on download to view the graphic


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