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Jeff Cope


New York, N.Y. John Ashcroft told a national meeting of the Anti-Defamation

League of B'nai B'rith (which means the covenant sons of Ai--see the Bible,

Old Testament) yesterday that he would use the extraordinary powers given to

the US government in time of war (what war? Congress never declared war) to



"As history shows, verbal attacks on the Jewish people are portends of more

savage criminality to come", Ashcroft stated, (a reference, of course, to

the totally fraudulent "Hoaxacaust") "This administration believes that acts

of anti-Semitism must be confronted, condemned and denounced.....In this

battle, every voice and every hand is needed to triumph over terrorism".

So. Criticism of Jews is now a terrorist act. Are you folks paying

attention? Do you understand what this means? Will any of you even

respond, or are you all so apathetic that you just don't give a damn?

This article, which appears in the January 2004 issue of the Free American

magazine, goes on to comment that Ashcroft sought approval from the ADL

before accepting the nomination to head the "Justice (read: Just Us)

Department. He has appointed ADL Board Members as senior officials, and

then as Federal Judges.

And folks still think I'm crazy, and that the Jews don't run this country.

What say you BS'ers (Bush Supporters) to this? How come the Jews always

have access to anyone at anytime in the government, and we can't even get a

letter to "our" (read: the Jews) Congressmen answered? When was the last

time a senior government official spoke before a gathering of White folks

and stated that any criticism of White people was now a terrorist act?

This is EXACTLY what happened in Russian after the Jew Bolsheviks took

over--they made "anti-Semitism" a capital offense. That's right--critisize

a Jew, get a bullet in the back of the head! And the ultimate absurdity is

that THE JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES! That's right--to be a "semite" you have to

be a decendant of Noah's son Shem. The proper term is "shemite", and the

people called "Jews" today are NOT decendants of Noah--Shem---down through

Abraham, Issac and Jacob. They are imposters. See Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

They are in fact Turko-Mongoloids, and decend from a tribe called the

Khazars who lived between the Black and Caspian Seas and converted to

Judaism in 740 AD. This is a fact of history, acknowledged in the Jews own


Sadly, it seems no one gives a damn about truth anymore, and thus our

country is being destroyed by our ancient enemies. The worst part is the

moral cowardice of White people. If we would just stand up and DEMAND an

end to this crap, and REFUSE to allow this perversion of the truth, all

these anti-Christs would quickly scurry into a hole. But no--everyone has

the "Titanic syndrome", and refuses to believe there is a problem.









I second that motion, Joseph Farah, and include the following demand of Mr.

A)  You are hereby directed to determine who all of the public servants were
who were responsible for the execution of 31 American men who are now known
to have been innocent and bring them *all* to justice, immediately.

B)  You are hereby directed to determine who all of the public servants were
who were responsible for the false convictions of almost one hundred
American men who spent decades on death row and in prison for crimes which
DNA tests proved they could never have committed, and bring them *all* to
justice, immediately.

C)  You are hereby directed to cease and desist in the destruction of all
other DNA evidence which would prove the innocence of many other American
men, which is now being destroyed by the truckloads by criminal public

D)  You are hereby directed to analyze why more than half of the DNA tests
of evidence from crime scenes failed to match the DNA of thousands of
American men who were investigated, arrested, tried, convicted, and
imprisoned for crimes they just could not have committed, and to identify
and prosecute *all* of the responsible public servants, immediately.

E)  You are hereby directed to explain why American men are 1,000 times more
likely than Japanese, Greek, or Italian men to be accused, arrested,
investigated, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for "sexual assault".  If
99.9% of these convictions were based on the same kind of falsified evidence
used in the trials of innocent parents in Wenatchee, Washington, in the
prosecution of innocent victims in the McMartin Pre-School trial, of false
allegations against up to 3,000 men filed by the police themselves as
revealed in the Los Angeles Rampart scandal, and as the excuse to invade the
peaceful church in Waco, Texas, then all responsible public servants must be
identified and brought to justice, immediately.

F)  You are hereby directed to take full responsibility for the government's
obvious role in destroying the peaceful church in Waco, Texas, the murder of
82 innocent victims, many women and children, and the bulldozing and cover
up of the evidence.  Having accepted that responsibility, you will issue a
credible report which outlines each and every criminal activity carried out
by public servants, prosecute those public servants to the letter of the
law, build a monument in Waco which is twice as impressive as the memorial
to the Murrah Federal Building and its victims, and (before you execute him)
apologize to Timothy McVeigh for the government's failure to do this in a
timely manner.

G) You are hereby directed to explain in simple language why American men
are a third of the men in the world who are behind bars even though the US
is only 4.5% of the world's population.

Your credibility doesn't hinge on whether or  not you implement this
project.  Your credibility hinges on how quickly you live up to the
Christian values you claim to honor, and how vigorously you complete this
project.  No man who claims to be a Christian can condone the false
accusations, false convictions, and false imprisonment of, the execution and
murder of, hundreds of thousands of his innocent fellow Christians and other
countrymen.  You must help us destroy this siege mentality that America's
public servants currently impose on this Christian nation.  You must allow
justice rather than raw amoral power to prevail.

You have God, a quarter of a billion Christians, justice, and honor on your

God bless you.

> Open letter to John Ashcroft
>                    � 2001
>                    Dear Mr. Attorney General:
>                    I knew you would disappoint me when I agreed to
>                    support your nomination as attorney general. Politicians
>                    always disappoint me. But I had no idea it would be so
>                    soon.
>                    Your press conference last Thursday was an
>                    abomination.
>                    You insist on executing Timothy McVeigh, come hell or
>                    high water, June 11 - as if there is some magic in that
>                    date. You say we have to do that because all the
>                    evidence has now been turned over to his defense team.
>                    You say there is nothing in the new evidence that could
>                    possibly have affected the outcome of the trial.
>                    You suggest we can just trust you on all that.
>                    Well, pardon me, Mr. Attorney General, but many of us
>                    in America don't trust politicians to do the right
thing -
>                    especially when the agencies over which they preside
>                    have been obstructing justice and obfuscating the truth
>                    years.
>                    I strongly suggest you not become a party to that
>                    - lest you wind up with as much respect as your
>                    predecessor.
>                    Let's suppose the convicted Oklahoma City bomber's
>                    defense team doesn't see it the same way you do. Are
>                    they just out of luck and out of time? If I was part of
>                    defense team, I would be moving for a mistrial. In fact,
>                    can see no other way to serve justice in this case but
>                    through a retrial with all the facts on the table.
>                    You are not the judge, jury and executioner in this
>                    You are merely the attorney general. You are exceeding
>                    your authority in this case.
>                    You claim the documents previously withheld from the
>                    McVeigh defense and the American people represent
>                    "less than 1 percent" of the hundreds of thousands of
>                    pages of evidence in the case. Big deal. Cases are not
>                    won or lost on the basis of the physical weight of the
>                    evidence. They are won and lost on the evidence itself.
>                    Have you had time to personally review the 3,000 pages
>                    of new evidence in this case? If so, I would seriously
>                    question how you are performing your other duties. If
>                    not, you have assigned these duties to underlings -
>                    underlings who, I suggest, may well have been involved
>                    the way this case was mishandled from the beginning.
>                    "No documents created any doubt about his guilt, let
>                    alone established his innocence," you said.
>                    Oh, gee, well, golly. Those are nice words. But, let's
>                    it: You don't know squat about this case. You haven't
>                    examined the facts. You don't know about the mountains
>                    of evidence your own FBI has refused to examine - or
>                    examined and failed to act upon.
>                    Don't make the mistake of trusting those who erred in
>                    past to come clean now.
>                    Maybe you think you are just doing the right thing
>                    "politically" by getting rid of McVeigh. Maybe you think
>                    will be the popular thing to do. Well, sir, it may be.
>                    try doing the courageous thing. Try doing the right
>                    Try to find all the culprits in the Oklahoma City
>                    case.
>                    Some of them are getting away with murder.
>                    You say you've got the word of FBI Director Louis
>                    Freeh that the agency "has completed its search and
>                    produced every relevant document in its possession." I'm
>                    sure Freeh is saying that. I'm sure Freeh is eager to
>                    McVeigh take the rap for this most heinous crime. I'm
>                    sure Freeh wants to put all this behind him. But Freeh
>                    bungled this case. Freeh should not be allowed to come
>                    within a country mile of the review process.
>                    Freeh should be under investigation for his negligence.
>                    Did you ask anyone at the FBI why they turned away
>                    people like reporter Jayna Davis who tried to provide
>                    evidence in the case? She was told they couldn't accept
>                    because it would have to be disclosed to the defense. It
>                    sure sounds like the FBI made up its mind about
>                    McVeigh's guilt - and McVeigh's guilt alone - before
>                    they ever got started investigating. In other words, it
>                    sounds like the Justice Department found the patsy it
>                    looking for and never searched for the accomplices.
>                    I'm going to conclude by asking you a few questions I
>                    have been chanting like a mantra of late. I hope you can
>                    answer them. If you can't, you ought to do everything in
>                    your power to facilitate a mistrial and retrial of
>                    McVeigh and Terry Nichols.
>                         What was the role of Andy Strassmeir in the
>                         bombing? Strassmeir was closely associated with
>                         McVeigh in the underworld of neo-Nazi activity
>                         and terrorist plans, according to witnesses,
>                         including a government informant. Why was he
>                         never questioned in the case while some 20,000
>                         other people were? Strassmeir's father is Gunther
>                         Strassmeir, Helmut Kohl's secretary of state, a
>                         man known as the "architect of German
>                         reunification." The younger Strassmeir received
>                         military intelligence training at Bundeswehr
>                         Academy in Hanover. He's now back in Germany,
>                         reportedly living with his parents.
>                         The Murrah Building was the local home of the
>                         Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Why is
>                         it that - coincidentally - most of the ATF's
>                         employees didn't show up for work the morning of
>                         the bombing? Every ATF member survived the
>                         attack. It's a stretch to believe someone wasn't
>                         tipped off about the bombing.
>                         Why were the reports about a planned bombing of
>                         a federal building in Oklahoma on April 19, 1995,
>                         by ATF informant Carol Howe ignored? Why
>                         have the links she drew between Strassmeir and
>                         McVeigh been discredited?
>                         Why did the FBI report on the day of the bombing
>                         that two other explosive devices were found in the
>                         building? What happened to those "sophisticated
>                         devices" that were larger than the one that went
>                         off?
>                         And how did the truck bomb create a pattern of
>                         devastation unexplainable from its position in
>                         of the building?
>                         How does the government explain other witnesses
>                         who report seeing bomb-squad activity at the
>                         Murrah building an hour or more before the blast?
>                    After all, the object is not just to find someone guilty
of a
>                    crime in our country. The object is to punish all of the
>                    criminals. Your Justice Department hasn't done that -
>                    even close. The most devastating terrorist crime in the
>                    history of our nation, with 168 killed, deserves much
>                    more serious criminal justice work than this.
>                    Joseph Farah is editor and chief executive officer of
>           and writes a daily column.



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