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Part in a series on the holocaust.

76,000 PEOPLE, half of whom were "jews"

Data from the Auschwitz
Death Certificates.

In 1989, the Soviets released much of the German documentation, death certificates, roll-calls, cremation lists, etc, that they had found at Auschwitz, in January 1945. The Germans had simply left this documentation when they evacuated. The Soviets, came across it and conveniently "lost it" in their archives for some 45 years. In 1989, Gorbachev presented it to the Red Cross who then "lost it" in archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany.

The death certificates themselves, were official German documents, issued by Auschwitz camp doctors, upon the death of an inmate. Each death certificate consists of the deceased person's full name, profession and religion, date and place of birth, pre-Auschwitz residence, parents' names, time of death, cause of death, detainee number and a camp physician's signature.

The death certificates are mainly from the years, 1942 and 1943. There is some documentation from the year 1941, none from the year 1944, nor from January 1945 (when Auschwitz was evacuated).

The death certificates record the names of 68,864 individuals, who died at Auschwitz (Birkenau), of whom about 30,000 were listed as Jews.

65,305 of the 68,864 names recorded on the death certificates can be found at these pages on


35,228 (37,148) have their religion recorded as Christian (30,852 Catholic, 2,145 Protestant, 1,858 Greek Orthodox, 280 Czech-Moravian, 93 Eastern Orthodox). 28,511 (30,065) have their religion recorded as Judaism.

Since we have records for only 65,305 of the 68,864 death certificates, we give two figures for the statistics. The first statistic is that found from the 65,305 and the second (in brackets) is an estimate of that statistic, as if it had been collected from the full 68,864. More explicitly, the number in the brackets is the original number x 1.0545.

Having both the birth and death dates, we can calculate the age at death. The following is a break-down of the records by age. This is of interest, as Jews claim that the old, young, and anyone unfit for work, were immediately gassed on arrival at Auschwitz (and, of course, Jews claim, no record was kept of these killings, while careful records were kept of all other deaths). Clearly, this was not the case. It is particularly unlikely, that the three ladies over 90 years old, were fit for any sort of work.

Prisoners Age at Death
 Age Group   Number   Percentage 
>90 3 0.005
80-90 69 0.1
70-80 457 0.7
60-70 1,975 3.0
50-60 7,625 11.7
40-50 14,710 22.5
30-40 17,477 26.7
20-30 14,064 21.5
10-20 6,368 9.7
00-10 2,450 3.7

Also, it is particularly unlikely, that the children pictured below, were fit for work. Since everyone in the camp suffered delousing on entry, everyone had their heads shaved. These children had been in the camp some time, at least long enough, for their hair to grow back. The photo was taken after the Russians occupied the camp. The Germans had evacuated some ten days earlier.

It is known that the International Tracing Service (an arm of the Red Cross) has copies of all the registration particulars from Auschwitz. This probably includes the daily roll-call documents, which contain registration details and daily death totals. In any case, it has had in its possession enough information to (unofficially) provide the following approximate statistics regarding deaths (from all causes, including, old age) at Auschwitz (this was long before the Soviet records were released):

Deaths at Auschwitz
Year Red Cross Certificates
1940/1941 19,500  
1942 48,500 37,195
1943 37,000 28,727
1944 30,000  
1945 500  
Total 135,500  

By comparison, the Auschwitz death certificates record 35,273 (37,195) deaths for the year 1942 and 27,242 (28,727) for 1943. Since the death certificates are known to be incomplete and the registration particulars, are known to be almost complete, the Red Cross numbers in the table, are the more accurate.

Directly, or indirectly, the Red Cross, through the International Tracing Service, has been the source of all the accurate estimates of deaths at the concentration camps. These estimates were based on the camp roll-call numbers (which included the daily death toll), cremation lists, etc, and a small number of the death certificates obtained by the allies after the war.

The Red Cross (International Tracing Service) has never provided statistics to the public, at large. This is because their numbers, totally contradict the HolyCo$t (holocaust) myth.

Charles Biedermann (Red Cross Delegate and Director of the International Tracing Service) testified (under oath) in a Canadian court case, that, as of December 31, 1976, the Red Cross had the names of only 357,190 individuals who died (of all causes) in the entire German concentration camp system.

Biedermann also confirmed that, as of December 31, 1983, that number had increased to 373,468 deaths (again, from all causes) in all of the Nazi camps.

Of course the Red Cross records are not complete, but you can be sure these numbers are a good approximation, and that the estimates of about 500,000 dead in the entire German concentration camp system (from all causes) are realistic.

For more information on the Auschwitz death certificates, see "Death Books From Auschwitz", a three volume set, two of which are lists of individuals who died at Auschwitz. The information includes: name, date of birth, date of death, place of birth, inmate number. The lists are contained in volumes two and three. Volume one contains many photographs of the prisoners as well as many reports and photographs of various lists. The catalog number is *PXV 95-3344 and the books are located at the New York Public Library, in the Jewish Division on the first floor.

Wolfgang Kempkens, obtained copies of some 800 of the death certificates from sources in Poland and Russia. Reproductions of 30 of these death certificates appeared in the article "Pages From The Auschwitz Death Registry Volumes" by Mark Weber, Journal of Historical Review vol 12 p 265.

Pictured above, is a day by day record of Auschwitz deaths. A more detailed graphic can be seen by clicking here. The peaks coincide with known Typhus epidemics.




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