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jews and banks


All of these "crises" being created by our jew president Bush, the "war on terror", the "conflict in the Middle East", the destruction of the World Trade Center, the pursuit of "the sniper", are all designed to excite emotional American voters and take their attention off of the looting of America's personal savings accounts which are millions if not billions of times more damaging to this nation all of these "crises" put together.

This is exactly what we get for putting the most untrustworthy people in the world in charge of our banking and media systems:   jews.

There are some MAJOR omissions from the following otherwise excellent analysis of the upcoming collapse of our banking system and economy, though:

bullet"Japan [has] non-performing loans in the range of $1 trillion" ignores the fact that the Japanese have more than $32 trillion and up to $42 trillion in Postal Savings Accounts which could easily cover such a loss, if it ever occurs.
bullet"Suddenly, the issue of a `German banking crisis' entered the headlines of financial media"ignores the fact that just ONE German bank, Alliance AG, grew by more than $430 billion in ONE YEAR, the same year in which our top banks SHRANK, with Bank of America down more than $20 billion.
bullet"Of the $1.871 trillion in loan commitments that financial institutions have made in the United States, 12.6% are "troubled/adversely rated" ignores the fact that our BIGGEST financial loss which has ALREADY happened was the $8 trillion loss in the "stock market", not the banks, which held the majority of American's "personal savings".
bullet"J.P. Morgan Chase, with $713 billion in assets, is the world's leading derivatives bank, with $26 trillion in such highly leveraged bets" which of course is the coup de grace of financial mismanagement, or fraud.

By controlling our "mainstream media", jews have completely diverted our attention from the real crisis and redirected our attention to utterly trivial non-events in other parts of the world that not even local citizens know or care about.


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Posted By: Rosalinda
Date: Friday, 25 October 2002, 9:50 p.m.


The banking systems of the United States, Germany and
Japan--which possess up to two-thirds of the assets of the
world's banking system, are now in meltdown.

Even though the U.S. government
has been faking figures all along--and the Bush
Administration right now is lying as much as possible on
this--the fact is that recently released U.S. bad-debt figures
give some idea of the crisis. (Maybe someone has a sense of honor
and/or maybe the bookeeper for the mob is putting out a signal!)

* United States. The yearly debt report for the
U.S.--"Shared National Credit Review" (Oct. 8)--put out jointly
by the bank regulatory agencies of the Federal Reserve, the
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Federal
Deposit Insurance Agency, gives figures for a spectacular rate of
increase in U.S. bad bank loans. Between 2000 and 2002, the
percentage of loans that are classified as troubled ("adversely
rated") has more than doubled. Of the $1.871 trillion in loan
commitments that financial institutions have made in the United
States, 12.6% are "troubled/adversely rated," compared with 5.1%
in 2000. Then there's the pattern where so-called U.S. banks have
abandoned the traditional way of banking--making loans, to the
point where now banks' holdings of investment securities
(corporate bonds, mortgage-backed instruments, etc.) exceeds
their level of business loans. Then come the derivatives: As a
whole, U.S. banks have notional derivatives holdings 81 times
their equity capital, 13 times their loan portfolios, and over
seven times their asset base.

* Japan. The third largest banking system
"reorganization/bailout" since 1998 is being attempted, because
of non-performing loans in the range of $1 trillion.

* Germany. The risk premiums on the debt of banks exploded
in late September, as the creditworthiness of the entire German
banking sector itself is in question.

For a summary view of the goner state of the global banking
system, consider the fact that, of the world's 15 largest
financial institutions today, two of them are Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac--dependent on the Great U.S. Housing Mortgage Bubble for their "solvency"!

The relevant point for all facing this is:
Were you heeding LaRouche's warnings?

Have you removed that which impelled you
to brush off those warnings?

By the way, whose primary campaign
did you support actively during the 2000 period?


MELTING," by Richard Freeman, in the Oct. 21 EIW, and Oct. 26
EIR, reports, "The United States' bank regulatory agencies'
annual review of syndicated loans in the country, called the
`2002 Shared National Credit Review,' has opened eyes about the
true state of America's banking system...."

Some excerpts of Freeman's article:

"Never in post-World War II memory, have the
banking-financial systems of the three major economic powers--the
United States, Japan, and Germany--experienced such crises
simultaneously. Combined, these banking systems possess between
two-fifths and two-thirds of the assets of the world's banking
system. The breakdown conjuncture of these nations'
interconnected bank systems defines a crisis point of the world
financial system...."

Regarding the status of U.S. troubled bank loans: "What is
stunning is the increase in the volume of troubled ``classified
loan commitments'' [loans that are substandard, doubtful or in
default/loss] from $22 billion in 1997, to $157 billion in 2002,
a sevenfold increase (within this category, the loans in default
leapt from $0.9 billion in 1997, to $19.6 billion in 2002).
Moreover, just between 2000 and 2002, ``adversely rated loans''
as a portion of total loan syndication commitments more than
doubled, from 5.1% to 12.6%.

"The telecom sector represents a problem spot: 44% of the
syndicated loans to that sector are `adversely rated.'
"Compounding the problem is the high rate of indebtedness:
David Gibbons, who is the OCC's [Office of the Comptroller of the
Currency] deputy comptroller for risk, told the Oct. 9 {New York
Times}, ``We still have a lot of leverage in the system.'' The
average corporation has debt that is 6.1 times its cash flow,
based on an analysis of Federal Reserve data. That is a greater
debt burden than corporations carried during the last two
recessions, according to Gibbons.

"Exemplifying the American banking system's overall crisis
is the giant J.P. Morgan Chase Bank's evaporation. On Oct. 9,
Moody's Investor Services cut its rating on Morgan Chase's
long-term debt, by one notch, down to ``A1,'' which is its
fifth-highest grade. This affects the rating on $42 billion of
Morgan Chase's long-term debt. J.P. Morgan Chase, with $713
billion in assets, is the world's leading derivatives bank, with
$26 trillion in such highly leveraged bets. Since the start of
2001, Morgan Chase's market capitalization has gone down from
$106.5 billion to $33 billion. Morgan Chase is undergoing a death
seizure which mirrors that which Enron experienced during 2001,
where each month, it shrinks further.

"Morgan Chase Chairman William Harrison has announced that
he plans to fire 20% of the bank's investment banking division,
which employs 20,000 people. (This would bring the number of
workers fired at all divisions of Morgan Chase to 14,000 since
the merger of J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan banks in December
2000.) On Oct. 9 the {Financial Times} reported a joke making the
rounds on Wall Street, to the effect that a newspaper headline
will soon appear, reading, ``J.P. Morgan To Cut Workforce 120%...''

JAPAN'S FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, by John Hoefle, Lothar Komp and
Kathy Wolfe, has been prepared for the the Oct. 28 EIW,
and Nov. 1 EIR, reporting on the blow-out process:

* "Derivatives Losses Reveal Bankruptcy of the U.S. Banking
System, by Hoefle, notes: "As a whole, U.S. banks have notional
derivatives holdings 81 times their equity capital, 13 times
their loan portfolios, and over seven times their asset base....
However, while the banking system is dominated by this
derivatives bubble, the vast majority of these derivatives are
concentrated in just a handful of banks ({{Figure 3}}). J.P.
Morgan Chase alone had $26 trillion in derivatives as of June 30,
2002, some 50% of all the derivatives held by U.S. bank holding
companies. Bank of America held over $10 trillion, or 20%, while
Citigroup held $9 trillion, or 18%, giving these three
institutions together 87% of the total....

"With the shift from real banking into speculation has come
a rapid consolidation in the banking sector. At the end of 1984,
there were 14,496 U.S. banks, but in the intervening years, 6,473
have disappeared, a decline of 45% and the equivalent of one bank
a day. As of June 30, there were 7,996 U.S. banks left, the
smallest number since the FDIC began keeping statistics in 1934
({{Figure 4}})...

"Among the ten largest U.S. banks in 1985, only one,
Chemical Bank [changed in name, in acquiring Manufacturers
Hanover, Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan], remains. All together,
four of the top ten banks--all based in New York--in 1985 have
been rolled into the zombie known today as J.P. Morgan Chase...
"A similar process [of mergers] has played out worldwide....
The global list [of the current top 15 giant financial houses]
includes two institutions which specialize in pumping up the U.S.
real estate bubble. Both Fannie Mae [6th ranked] and Freddie Mac
[15th] specialize in converting mortgages into mortgage-backed
securities, and will vaporize when the U.S. housing bubble pops.

"The wave of mergers worldwide results in the concentration
of ``toxic'' derivatives exposure in an ever-shrinking circle of
banks, at a point when world stock markets are plunging (the
current Plunge Protection Team bump notwithstanding), and the
bond markets are beginning to realize that a promise to pay is
not the same as the ability to pay. According to European
financial sources, blacklists are beginning to circulate, naming
financial institutions that can no longer be trusted as
derivatives counterparties. Leading almost everyone's list is
J.P. Morgan Chase, and the {Financial Times} recently identified
Credit Suisse and Commerzbank as ``pariahs'' in the derivatives market..."

* In "Europe's Insurance and Banking Sectors Face Stiff
Headwind," Komp reports, "The worst meltdown of global financial
asset prices since the 1930s, record numbers of corporate and
sovereign defaults, and an implosion of investment banking
undertakings like initial public offerings (IPOs) and mergers are
devastating the world's largest financial institutions, not the least in Europe.

"Already during the Summer of 2002, the European insurance
sector was at the center of global financial worries, as about
30% of its huge reserves had been invested on the collapsing stock markets....

"Suddenly, the issue of a `German banking crisis' entered
the headlines of financial media. In the last week of September,
the risk premiums on the debt of German banks exploded, as the
creditworthiness of the German banking sector is being questioned
by international markets. German banks have a particular exposure
to the corporate sector, now hit by record-high bankruptcies, and
German financial institutions--apart from their traditional
holdings of German industrial stocks--entered the global stock
market bubble relatively late in the game
--that is, they often bought at bubble prices...."

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