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Francis Baumli, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

West Campus

4 Ranch Lane

Saint Lousi, Missouri 63131

Tel: 314 966 2167

Institute for Classical & Medieval Studies


Professor Daniel Amneus

2131 S. Primrose Avenue

Alhambra, Calif. 91803

March 6, 2000


Dear Dr. Amneus,

I today received the three books, and will get to The Case For Father Custody in a few days.  Meanwhile, all this afternoon and evening, I have been reading both of your Shakespeare books at the same time, i.e., more or less so.  They are just stunning in their erudition, originality, and sheer verve.  Most books of literary "criticism" tend to be bland, explanatory rather than exploratory, and bogged down with repeating the same old overviews while trying ever so lamely to inject a novel comment here and there.  Not so your two books.  You leave the cliches and the paths already taken alone, except to acknowledge  them and sometimes use them as a guide--and point of departure.  Your questions are courageous, your forays into virgin theory fruitful and convincing, and your results do exactly what great literary exegesis should do.  While a poorly done work on Shakespeare would cause me to feel that I now do not need to again read him so closely because these explanations have helped me understand him better, exemplary scholarship such as y8ours makes me want to go right back to Shakespeare--not to scrutinize your theories, but to enjoy Shakespeare again, anew, and better because I have been guided to new dimensions.

So in this letter I must thank you for your kind gift of the two books.   But even more, I must thank you for having bequeathed to the world such brilliant, engaging, and inspiring Shakespearean commentary.  Reading your two books on Shakespeare warrants the uninhibited judgement that your are the finest Shakespearean scholar alive.  These books, truly, have no equal in all the echelons and labyrinths of Shakespearean study.

Thank you for the books, but even more, thank you for having written them.   Yours obviously was a labor of love, and it was love consummated.  Those who wish to understand Shakespeare deeply, who want to study him with care, can use your books not only to better probe two of his plays, but also as an example to follow in better scrutinizing (and also enjoying!) Shakespeare's other plays.

Do be taking care of your health, and give us many more years of your scholarship, wisdom, and guidance.

All the best,

/s/ Francis Baumli, Ph.D.



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