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  Results for 11/30/1999 - 12/1/1999  
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  An attorney from the National Organization of Women had announced intention to seek an injunction against the issuance of the new 'choose life' license plates recently approved by the state legislature. The plate, which was originally worded 'choose adoption' but was changed after heated debate is scheduled to join over forty other commemorative license plates available in your state. It features a crayon drawing of two children and the words 'Choose Life.' Critics claim that the plate is inappropriate because it makes a political statement against abortion. Proponents point out that the extra $22.00 paid for each plate will go to aid pregnant women seeking to give their children up for adoption. How do you believe the State should proceed with this issue?
Total Votes = 282
  50.4% I will vehemently support the issuance of the new plates because they do not make any unwarranted political statements.
  16.7% I will support the issuance of the new plates because although they make a political statement, the benefits outweigh any potential damage.
  13.5% I will support the issuance of the new plates for other reasons.
  12.1% I will ask that the new plates be withdrawn because they make an inappropriate political statement.
  4.3% I will ask that the new plates be withdrawn for other reasons.
  3.2% None of the above.
  Do you personally believe that the 'choose life' plate makes an anti-abortion statement, even though its original intent was to help support adoption programs?
Total Votes = 279
  58.8% Yes.
  37.3% No.
  3.9% None of the above.
  Do you believe that the commemorative license plate under its original wording of 'choose adoption' would have made an inappropriate political statement as critics have claimed 'choose life' does?
Total Votes = 281
  21.0% Yes.
  71.2% No.
  7.8% None of the above.

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