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  Results for 1/5/2000 - 1/6/2000  
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  The Associated Press recently reported that the national murder rate has experienced a dramatic decrease despite its rise in some large cities. Nationwide, the murder rate has gone down to levels not seen since the 1960s. Criminologists point to the aging of the 'baby boomers', the reduction in crack cocaine related crimes and increase in community involvement as reasons. They have not mentioned any effect of current gun control legislation. How will this affect how you approach any upcoming gun control legislation the President might try to pass?
Total Votes = 244
  3.7% I would be more likely to support such legislation because it is evident that gun control efforts have been having effect.
  10.2% I would be less likely to support such legislation because this decrease shows that we have passed enough legislation to have a positive effect.
  70.9% I would be less likely to support such legislation because there is no proof that it has been effective, and this decrease in crime makes it less necessary.
  15.2% None of the above.
  What role do you believe recent gun control laws have had in the overall lowering of the US crime rate?
Total Votes = 244
  30.3% They've had no effect at all because criminals are unlikely to be willing to obey any of the laws that are passed.
  0.8% They have been the most important factor in the reduction of crime because they have reduced criminals' access to firearms.
  3.7% They have been an important factor, but have only been a part of the overall anti-crime movement which has shown criminals that their behavior will not be tolerated.
  3.3% It may have had some effect but has been limited because it only addresses on aspect of criminal activity.
  58.6% They may have actually hindered the anti-crime movement by discouraging and hindering private gun ownership which has traditionally been a deterrent to crime.
  3.3% None of the above.

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