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The  Holy Bible & Child Discipline

It has been suggested that "the 'rod' at issue was a device ordinarily used to guide, not to beat, sheep. It is a matter of interpretation as to whether the suggestion is that children, like sheep, need guidance, or that they need to be beaten with sticks." The Holy Bible clearly disputes this misinterpretation of the meaning of "rod". Korea is now 70% Christians, and they practice what the Bible preaches to a tee. If someone tried to convince a Korean that the "rod" was something to "guide" children with, they would be laughed out of town, which is why they score 37% higher than us in international education scores and spend a tenth as much as we spend for education as a percent of GDP.

Japan's religion is no stronger in basic principles than Christianity, but they do practice it with a little more "religion" than we do, and obviously it works. They discipline their children, who score 50% higher than US students in most comparative testing; who grow up to be productive adults who save 25% of their incomes (v.s. less than 2% here); who have $21 Trillion in the bank (v.s. $6 Trillion in public debt here and not enough in the bank to pay more than a few months interest on this public debt).

The reaction by many in the US to a single anecdote from Japan regarding a teacher who accidentally killed a student, (for which there are thousands of equivalent anecdotes in the US wrt school knifings, drug use, teen pregnancy, gangs, drive by shootings, etc.) is evidence enough of this school systems' failure to properly educate students. Even after being confronted with voluminous statistical evidence of the failure of the US education system, many choose to ignore it and draw a completely illusional conclusion about a culture which:

1) has a murder rate one seventh of ours (1,676 in Japan v.s. 24,210 in the US -- 22,534 less murders and maybe 100s of thousands of fewer victims like family members and friends of murdered citizens each year).

2) solves 96.7% of its murder cases while our "new" police solve only 63% of them.

3) has 118 X fewer assaults each year than the US (10,808 in Japan v.s. 1,278,294 in the US -- 1,267,486 fewer than the US -- annually).

4) has 73 X fewer robberies (1,949 in Japan v.s. 143,877 in the US -- 141,928 fewer than the US -- annually).

5) has 18.7 X fewer rapes (1,577 in Japan v.s. 29,432 in the US -- 27,855 fewer than the US -- annually).

6) has 39 X fewer drug arrests (22,670 in Japan v.s. 862,101 in the US -- 862,101 fewer than the US -- annually).

7) has nobody on death row, v.s. 2,200 in the US.

8) has 18.7 X fewer prison & jail inmates (75,041 in Japan v.s. 1,400,000 In the US -- 1,324,959 fewer than the US).

9) has no reports of police brutality v.s. 245,000 in the US -- annually

10) has 457 X fewer armed robberies (1,250 in Japan v.s. 572,390 in the US -- 571,140 fewer than the US -- annually).

Crime Rates Japan Japan US US Difference
Japan v.s. US Number Rate Per 100K Number Rate Per 100K Factor
Polulation 121,200,000 1,212 261,210,000 2,612 2.2x
Murders 1,684 1.4 24,530 9.4 4.5x
Murder Arrests 1,946 1.6 18,856 7.3 4.5x
Murders Resolved 1,631 1.4 15,208 5.8 4.1x
Rape Reports 2,610 2.2 104,810 40.3 18.3x
Rape Arrests 1,577 1.3 29,432 11.3 8.7x
Rape Convictions 1,334 1.1 15,100 5.8 5.3x
Robbery Reports 2,208 1.8 659,760 253.8 141x
Robbery Arrests 1,842 1.5 143,877 55.3 36.9x
Assault Reports 10,808 8.9 1,278,294 489.4 55.0x
Theft & Burglary Reports 1,671,873 1,393.2 7,820,900 3,008.0 2.2x
Theft & Burglary Arrests 260,533 217.1 1,440,614 554.1 2.6x
Police Brutality Reports/Year 0 0 241,610 92.5 inf
Fraud Arrests 13,379 11.1 296,737 114.1 10.3x
Embezzlement Arrests 2,774 2.3 10,092 3.9 1.7x
Auto Theft 33,936 28 1,522,796 583 20.8x
Drug Arrests 34,165 28.5 884,771 340.3 11.9x
Armed Robbery 1,212 1 577,252 221 221x
Murder, Males, Age15-24  606 0.5 63,733 24.4 48.8x
In Prisons & Jails 55,348 46.1 1,726,400 664 14.4x
Drinking & Driving Arrests 0 0 1,645,000 629.8 inf
Police Personnel 256,546 211.7 810,000 310.1 1.5x
Prosecution Personnel 2,092        
Judiciary Personnel 2,800        
Prison Personnel 15,301 12.6      
Total Justice Personnel 276,739 228.3 1,794,000 383.8 3.0x
Lawyers 11,890 9.8 761,000 291.3 29.7x
Death Row Inmates 0 0 2,124 0.8 inf

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report, "UN Profile - Japan" posted at and japan.html, "Myth: Getting Tough on Crime Reduces Crime" posted at, "The Real War On Crime" posted at For comments or for more information email FM, or search the Web 



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