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Correspondence on Jewish Intelligence

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Date: 8/31/02 10:55 PM

From: John Bryant
Blind Copy:

To: Fathers Manifesto website
From: John 'Birdman' Bryant (

Dear folks:

Your website has a provocative article on Jewish intelligence at

which completely floored me. I therefore inquired about it with one of the leading scholars in the intelligence field, Dr Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, which the article cites. Below is our correspondence. I request that the author of the article, whoever he might be, provide information on where he got his data so it can be checked. I know that a website guided by Christian principles would not wish to retain an article which is bogus. Thank you.

On 8/31/02 3:08 PM, "John Bryant" <> wrote:

> To: Charles Murray, Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
> From: John 'Birdman' Bryant (
> Dear Dr Murray:
> In your impressive book The Bell Curve, you quote one source a stating that
> average Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is 115, which is as far above average white IQ as
> white is above black. My own personal experience is in accord with this
> statistic. However, a study which has recently come to my attention seems to
> refute this, and I and my readers would be greatly appreciative to hear your
> opinion on the matter. You may find this study at
> I am unable to vouch for the accuracy of any of the material, and the author's
> name does not appear, but it is clearly done by an intelligent person who has
> good knowledge of what he is talking about. Clearly it is something that
> requires an answer by an authority such as yourself.
> I am posting this study on the Daily Reads page of my website on Monday. I
> will be happy to post any response that you may have.
> -Birdman


I can't comment on the data about Jews in Israel (only a portion of whom are
Ashkenazi). As for the following claims about Jewish scores on the SAT,
NAEP, GRE, and ACT: If the fellow who made these claims can provide any URL
or any table reference in the published scores of these tests that justify
these numbers, he has the makings of the most sensational test news in
decades. In the meantime, I suggest that these numbers are bogus. Not
exaggerated, not a matter of interpretation, but simply bogus. I await

Charles Murray

Compared to Whites whose scores are adjusted for race, jews score:
* 375 points lower in SAT Math,   230 vs. 605.
* 35.4 points lower in NAEP Math, 251 vs. 286.4.
* 7.3 points lower in ACT Composite, 15 vs. 22.3.
* 228 points lower in GRE Quantitative, 325 vs. 553.
* 43 points lower in TIMSS Math,  495 vs. 538.

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