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Bonnie Fisher: Domestic Terrorist

"College campuses host large concentrations of young women who are at greater risk for rape and other forms of sexual assault than women in the general population or in a comparable age group. Based on their findings, Bonnie Fisher and her colleagues estimate that the women at a college that has 10,000 female students could experience more than 350 rapes a year— a finding with serious policy implications for college administrators.

"Fisher also found that many women do not characterize their sexual victimizations as a crime for a number of reasons (such as embarrassment, not clearly understanding the legal definition of rape, or not wanting to define someone they know who victimized them as a rapist) or because they blame themselves for their sexual assault. The study reinforces the importance of many organizations’ efforts to improve education and knowledge about sexual assault."


This completely absurd, unfounded, untested, and cynical hypothesis makes Bonnie Fisher a domestic terrorist who's far more dangerous to the American public than Osama Bin Ladin, even IF he's guilty as charged.


She complains that women don't "think" they were raped because they might have been worried that they might have contributed to the incident?  What does Bonnie Fisher think women are--hood ornaments?  Women DO contribute to the mating game, and one of those contributions is to intentionally and calculatingly raise a man's libido.  It's the "belief" by feminists like her that the woman with a short skirt and no panties who went to a pool hall and bent over the table while shooting pool and getting drunk, was not at all at fault when seven men in the pool hall "raped" her.  Such a notion is equivalent to roller blading down the fast lane of a freeway and complaining that the seven trucks that ran over them should have been able to stop on a dime.  Or playing chicken with a train while riding a bicycle.   Feminists like her can never understand that the fault is 100% the woman's, and that it's only because of their own mass hysteria that the seven men were the ones who were held 100% accountable:  they were imprisoned for 20 years each while the "victim" received a "victim's compensation award" of $10,000.


The mass hysteria created by feminists like Bonnie Fisher's causes American men to be accused of rape 1,678 TIMES as often as Indian, Japanese, Italian, or French men.  Without such mass hysteria, our prison population would be one twentieth to one fiftieth of what it is.  It's exclusively due to feminist studies like this that American men are now a third of the men in the world who're behind bars, and still growing, and why more than half of the men whose DNA was tested AFTER they were convicted and imprisoned didn't even match the DNA from the crime scene [read: they were innocent of all charges].  This is why there are, per capita, 721 TIMES as many American men in prison for rape and sexual assault than there are in Japan (209 vs. 0.29 per 100,000 population).  If we had an incarceration rate equivalent to countries like Japan, then 2,048,780 of the 2,100,000 inmates now in American prisons and jails wouldn't even be there.  If these 2,048,780 extra inmates were falsely convicted because of the mass hysteria created by stupid feminists like Bonnie Fisher, then domestic terrorism like theirs is a far bigger threat to our culture than Osama Bin Laden could ever dream of being.


The total damages to society due exclusively to such frivolity by women, including loss of productivity to our economy of the 2.4 million public servants who must be hired to imprison men like them, their overhead costs, retirement benefits, social security costs, increased welfare costs of the relatives of inmates, lawyers, judges, clerks, etc., is more than $200,000 per inmate.   This $410 billion additional cost is the equivalent of $20 WTCs per year.   Each two years in prison shortens a man's life expectancy by one year, so the current overpopulation is equivalent to 1,024,390 man years.  With a life expectancy of 73 years, this is the equivalent of 14,032 lives, or $2 WTCs.  Domestic terrorism like hers costs 20 TIMES as much in dollars and 2 TIMES as much in lives as all terrorism against the US by all foreign terrorists, combined.


With so much mass hysteria and such a huge prison population, it's impossible for the ordinary American to characterize the magnitude of the problem. Even though we already have more men in prison for sex crimes than the rest of the world combined, feminists like Bonnie Fisher still complain that three quarters of such crimes are never even reported or prosecuted, so the impression is that millions of women are being raped and the perpetrators aren't ever arrested, that American women are constantly in danger of being raped, and that rape was destroying the lives of millions of women.  Thus it might come as quite a shock to many that only 66 women missed work in 1995 due to rape.  20,532 TIMES as many men missed work that year due to injuries.  110 TIMES as many men missed work due to a workplace assault.  Three TIMES as many men missed work simply because somebody bit them. 


It's not that women aren't encouraged to miss work if they've been raped.  The message from Bonnie Fisher's office is that getting raped is a profitable venture, sometimes worth millions of dollars (as in the Fells Acres case), that taking off time from work will lead to even bigger "victim assistance awards".  If this figure is biased in any direction, then it's high.  It's entirely possible that half of those women who missed work due to rape did so simply because of encouragement from domestic terrorist Bonnie Fisher's office. Yet a man is still more likely to miss work JUST because a woman bit him than a woman is to miss work because she was raped?  Where are the cries from Bonnie Fisher's office to lock up the women who bit a man seriously enough to cause him to miss work when she knows that they cause three times as much damage?  Her very own government's data shows that the women who bite men are three times as dangerous to men than men who rape women are to women, so if men who rape women are such a serious problem to women, then women who bite men are three times as serious a problem not just to men, but to society at large.


Half of women over the age of 18 are in the work force, so it's likely that the total number of women whose rape caused them to miss work or other responsibilities is 132, which is 0.05 per 100,000 population. Is it even possible that rape is such a trivial problem for American women, given the constant pressure from the federal government to reconsider what they view as rape?  We do know that there were only 365 men in prison in Japan for rape in 1997, which provides a guide-line for just how frequently women are actually raped in a just society.  With an average sentence of ten years, Japanese women experience 37 real rapes annually, which is 0.03 rapes per 100,000 population, which isn't that much lower than the above rate of 0.05.  This difference could be explained entirely by the succes that Bonnie Fisher's office has had at getting American women to re-define what they view as "rape".

The average time off work is five days, so the 132 women who missed work or other responsibilities due to rape represent 132 man-weeks, which is the equivalent of $38,544 per year (132 weeks x $292 average weekly income of women), which is 0.0000004% of GDP and 0.000001% of the cost of the "solution".  With 104,810 reports of rape last year, this is an economic loss per rape of $0.37.


This is yet one more example of how the government's "solution" is 10.6 million TIMES as costly as the original "problem".  This would almost relegate the seriousness of rape to