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Boycott Easyspace!!


In September 2004, the domain name was transferred to Easyspace as the registrar and a two year domain service contract was paid for by Travelers' Express money order.  In the same month, Easyspace advertised that they would offer 4 gigabytes of hosting service, plus a free uk domain name.  Even though we didn't need but 500 megabytes for the web site, nor another domain name, we paid the full amount by international postal money order from the US Postal Service.

For one solid year, Easyspace:

  1. Rarely responded to requests regarding the status of this web space and domain name.
  2. On the rare occasions on which they did reply to a request, took days or even weeks to respond.
  3. Rather than replying with the answer to the question, they instead referred us to a very expensive 900 number which we should call to get information that allegedly could not be communicated by simple email.
  4. Never implemented either that domain name nor the web space which was paid for.
  5. Never advised for almost a year that they never even received the Postal Service money order (even though, by accepting the transfer of the domain name, they tacitly acknowledged that they did receive the Travelers' Express money order).

Adding insult to injury:

At the end of one year of this type of service, they replied that the domain name was registered for only one year and not the two years that their advertisement stated which had enticed us to transfer to Easyspace in the first place, AND that the registration fee would be more than ten times the going rate.

Adding even more insult to injury:

Rather than continue to be frustrated with such bad service, we opted to transfer to another domain service, Godaddy.  At that time, Easyspace casually announced their hijacking of our domain name--by THEN claiming that "transferring away from Easyspace" required an utterly exorbitant payment.


There are many good benefits about Easyspace.  But this kind of domain name theft, GTDN [grand theft domain name], cannot be tolerated.  If someone broke into your home in California and stole a $30 power drill, they could end up in prison for life.  The kind of GTDN committed by Easyspace, on top of all the other problems they seem to have created intentionally to cause people to call their expensive 900 number, is about a thousand times more egregious than a $30 power drill missing from your garage.








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Dear John Knight,

This is an automated message to advise you that a technician has responded to
your question. You can view this response and track the progress of your
inquiry online at:

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Ticket Ref : 4168-EYOF-7064
Ticket Subject : Silver Hosting and domain

Hi John,

The domain has been successfully setup. However, the domain has not yet been setup.


Easyspace Ltd.




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domain name - web hosting

Important changes to your Easyspace account

Dear Christian Party

Easyspace has always been at the forefront of best value hosting and domain names and we continue to strive to offer all our customers the very best of service.

Over the coming months Easyspace will be upgrading the services that we offer our customers to ensure that we continue to provide 100% uptime, fast servers, new products and improved customer support. These upgrades are designed to improve services for our customers however you should be aware that as part of the upgrade process it is not our intention to continue to provide Free Member Websites and we will be withdrawing these on 6th December 2004.

As we do consider you to be a valued user of our services we do want to offer you the opportunity of retaining your Free Member website to ensure that you do not lose your web site. As a special incentive we have designed a package especially for you – the silver package at �12 per year – which includes all you would need for your website including a FREE domain name as part of the package.

Should you require a more comprehensive web hosting package then simply chose from one of the services detailed below and sign up so that you can start the process of retaining your website.

By signing up you will be able to easily move the contents of your website over to our new servers using FTP and full instructions will be included in your new account instructions. Please note that it is imperative that if you wish to retain your website you must take action before the 6th December to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to copy your website before we close our servers.

We look forward to continuing to provide your Internet presence.

Best Regards

Easyspace Customer Support



Special Offer !

Silver Hosting Package  30Mb Webspace

�49.00    �12.00 per year
bullet30Mb Webspace
bullet1/2 Gigabyte Data transfer per month
bulletControl Panel
bullet1 Mailbox
bulletFree domain name
bulletIncludes an easy banner
bulletFTP access
bulletFree Webmail
bulletLinux Operating system
bulletHTTP Media Streaming

Silver Hosting does not support CGI/iASP/PHP

Gold Hosting Package  500Mb Webspace
�49.00    �12.00 per year
bulletFree domain name
bulletFree 10 Mailboxes
bulletFree Email forwarding
bulletLinux OS
bulletControl Panel
bulletUnlimited email forwarding
bulletNo banners
bulletFTP access
bulletFree Account setup
bulletFree Weblizer Stats
bulletFree Webmail
bulletMy SQL support
bulletHTTP Media Streaming

Gold Hosting does not support CGI/iASP/PHP

Platinum Hosting Package   1Gb Webspace
�49.00    �12.00 per year
bulletFree .com (or TLD) domain name
bulletWindows or Linux Hosting
bulletFree 100 Mailboxes
bulletFree Email forwarding
bulletMy SQL & Access database support
bulletControl Panel
bulletUnlimited email forwarding
bulletASP, perl, CGI, PHP, ISAP, SHTML
bulletPerl and PHP
bulletFree Account setup
bulletFree Weblizer or Livestats Stats
bulletFree Webmail

CGI/iASP/PHP is supported

Diamond Business Hosting Package  5Gb Webspace
�49.00    �12.00 per year
bulletFree .com (or TLD) domain name
bullet500 Sub Domains
bulletWindows or Linux Hosting
bulletUnlimited Mailboxes
bulletFree Email forwarding
bulletMy SQL & Access database support
bulletControl Panel
bulletControl Panel
bulletUnlimited email forwarding
bulletASP, perl, CGI, PHP, ISAP, SHTML
bulletPerl and PHP n
bulletFree Account setup
bulletFree Weblizer or Livestats Stats
bulletFree Webmail

CGI/iASP/PHP is supported

Copyright � 2004 Easyspace Ltd
Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Service



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