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How California Went Bankrupt
Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2000, Source of Income


California's home page reports that 11 million Hispanics or Latinos represent 32.4% of the population, and 15.8 million Whites represent 46.7%.  2.2 million Blacks make up another 6.4%, 3.6 million Asians make up 10.8%, Indians 0.5%, Pacific Islanders 0.3%, "some other race" 0.2%, and multirace 2.7%.

But, the recent census survey reports that 11 million of 20.2 million Whites are Hispanics or Latinos, leaving only 9.2 million Caucasians, making them only 27.2% of the population.  Where did these other 6.6 million "Whites" go?

On the census survey, 5.7 million Californians, or 17% of them, are classified as "some other race", and where the state data shows that there are only .9 million "multi-race", the federal data shows that there are 1.6 million "two or more races".

This means that California classifies 19.5% of its population as Whites, when in reality they're "two or more races" or "some other race".

Who are the members of this mysterious "some other race" or "two or more races"?

Mexicans.  Most "Mexicans" are in reality pure Indians.

It's true that Mexicans are not Latinos, and that they're not Hispanics.  But they're also not Whites, so it's incredibly disingenuous and misleading for California to classify them as "Whites".

What the Governor has done by concealing the facts about White Flight from California (a 44% decrease in only a decade), and about rampant unchecked illegal immigration of Mexico's criminal element (a 128% increase in that time), is to guarantee that it's $35 billion budget deficit can NEVER be resolved.

This is not good news for California's long term economic survival.  This is why California's budget is short by a whopping 35%.  This is why Governor Davis wants to try to almost double personal income tax receipts from $43 billion to $78 billion--a fiscal impossibility in a state whose ranks of non-taxpayers swelled almost beyond comprehension, and who already has the nation's highest sales tax.

If these 6.6 million non-White "Whites" were to be reclassified as "Hispanics", then the takeover of California by Mexico is a fait accompli:

California 1990 2000 %
Whites 24.3 20.2 -20.3


7.7 17.6 +128.6


16.6 9.2 -44.6

We know from the US Statistical Abstract that the net contribution to GDP of each American black is a negative $23,764, which is 39 times the positive contribution of African blacks to Africa's GDP, and that the net contribution to GDP of each Hispanic is a negative $5,128, which is equivalent to the positive contribution of Mexicans to Mexico's GDP.  Conversely, the net contribution to GDP of each American Caucasian is a positive $13,527 ($43,287/family divided by 3.2 members per family), and the net contribution to GDP of each American Asian is a positive $15,200 ($48,614/family divided by 3.2 members per family).

Race Millions $ Contribution to GDP Total Billions of Dollars
Whites 9.2 +13,527 +124.4
Asians 3.7 +15,200 +56.2
Blacks 2.3 -23,764 -54.7
Hispanics 11.0 -5,128 -56.4
Some Other Race 5.7 -5,128 -29.2
2 or More Races 1.6 -5,128 -8.2


33.5 +958 +32.1

Californians like to brag that, "if California were a separate nation, it would have the 9th largest economy in the world".  But as a separate nation, its current racial composition would guarantee an economy which couldn't produce more than $1,000 per capita.  And if California were a separate nation it wouldn't be eligible for the federal subsidies which have kept it afloat for at least a decade.

Just like states like Georgia, whose population is now 28% black, and New York who has the most blacks of any state (at 18%), California is now bankrupt because of the presence of "Hispanics".

White Flight will only accelerate as discussions about increasing taxes continue.

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