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Divorce, Tobacco & the Polio Hoax


Fifteen million extra Americans died in the 20th Century due solely to the tripling of the cancer mortality rate in the US.


The root cause is the mass inoculation of 98% of the American population with the SV-40 Simian virus in the polio vaccines.


Why the high correlation between divorce and cancer mortality rates?


How the tobacco smoking hoax  was used to conceal the polio hoax.


THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT CANCER, Dr. William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M. S.


What happens when a nation fails to honor God.

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From the perspective of an Indian, the following stats might look great, because the most important thing to them is overtaking China--in population growth, that is.

The WHO collects their cancer death stats and puts it at 100 per 100k, one third of ours, at 300.if we had no cancer operations and research like them, and had a cancer death rate like them, we would have 600,000 fewer cancer deaths PER YEAR.
There has been a lot in our MSM about how China has 2,500 cancer deaths PER DAY, which sounds dramatic, but this is a rate of only 60, which is one fifth of ours. They outlawed all these pharmaceuticals we use, and do no cancer operations, or cancer research, so if we were ABLE to follow their example, we could have 792,000 fewer cancer deaths PER YEAR.

From Hiroshima to Fukushima

Even after all the radiation deaths from Hiroshima and Fukushima, Japan has a cancer death rate one half of ours. Otherwise they might have a cancer death rate equivalent to China without cancer operations and research.

Free Cancer

Denmark is famous for their "free" health care, and "free" cancer operations, and "excellent" cancer research.  But they are also one of the few with a higher cancer death rate than us--350 now, up from 250 in 1980.
Deaths due to our fast cars, guns, texting and sodas are minuscule compared to that. All other countries, now including China, have them too. And the NCVS survey shows that for each one gun used for murder, 8 are used for self defense.
The notion that our 350,000 obesity deaths PER YEAR are caused by sodas has been DEBUNKED a thousand ways. All it did was conceal the real reason which every other health care system in the world outlawed from the getgo--which is why everyone from Korea to China to Russia has an obesity rate ONE SIXTIETH of ours, which most likely is another factor in our record high cancer DEATH rate.






American Paranoia About Breast Cancer

National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 60, No. 4 AND Vol. 47, No. 9

1) Of 573,855 cancer deaths in the US each year, only 41,360 (or 7% of them) are due to breast cancer (a rate of 12.3 per 100,000).

2) 49,150 deaths are due to pneumonia, 19% more than due to breast cancer.

3) 777,548 die of heart disease, 35% more than die of cancer and 19 times as many as die of breast cancer.

4) Almost twice as many (83,308) die of alzheimer's disease than of breast cancer.

5) Almost as many die of septicemia (34,843) as die of beast cancer.

6) 68,905 die of Diabetes, two thirds more than die of breast cancer.

7) More people die of renal failure than of breast cancer (44,388).

8) Almost as many, 35,080, die in traffic accidents.

9) 37,793 commit suicide, almost as many as die of breast cancer.

10) 31,513 die from firearms, 37,792 from drug induced deaths, and 25,440 deaths are alcohol related, EACH of which take almost as many lives each year as breast cancer.

11) Black male youths are 10 times more likely to be murdered (123.1), 5 times more likely to die in a traffic accident (60.1), and 11 times more likely to die of AIDS (139.1).

12) Over age 65, White men are 54% more likely to die of cancer than White women(1,419 vs. 919.2) and 176,747 die of cancer each year, 4.3 times as many as die of breast cancer).

Why should our limited cancer research budget, or medical research in general, be limited to breast cancer when there are so many other places where research dollars would be so much better spent?

Even doctors admit that 50-90% of breast cancer operations are either unnecessary, overkill, or even fraudulent.

What they KNOW but will NOT tell you is that breast cancer surgery INCREASES, not decreases, the risk of death.

The "woman power" that Nancy Pelosi speaks of is the power of women to destroy themselves: if such children aren't stopped in their tracks, ALL American women would die of breast cancer, or at least be getting the "free" breast cancer surgeries that have caused so many boobs to be lopped off unnecessarily, at GREAT expense to the American taxpayer, and to the great disadvantage to every other American's health.



Government health care workers were unable to detect the SV40 virus until well after the plans were underway to inocculate the entire US population with the Salk polio vaccine [possibly because of some disinformation being spread by these jewish doctors], so it his highly probable that there are other better hidden monkey viruses in most Americans.  The long term effects of those hidden monkey viruses may be even worse than the already proven 10% increase in cancer rates, the worldwide AIDS epidemic, the 70,000 soldiers afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 3,000 deaths each year due to mesothelioma cancer, the Hepatitis B epidemic which is right now affecting mostly Asia and Africa, human T-cell leukemia, epidemic Karposi's sarcoma, Burkitt's lymphoma, herpes (HHV-6,7,9), Epstein-Barr, and cytomegalovirus, all of which are attributable directly to the SV40 virus alone.

540,000 Americans die of cancer each year, so a 10% increase represents 54,000 additional cancer deaths annually in the US and 1,080,000 worldwide.  AIDS takes 31,130 American lives and 630,000 lives worldwide, each year.  Hepatitis B takes 6,000 American lives and 120,000 lives worldwide, each year.  Mesothelioma cancer takes 3,000 American lives and 60,000 lives worldwide, each year.

The SV40 monkey virus thus takes at least 94,130 American lives and 1,880,000 lives internationally, each year.