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The TEN BIG LIES of the Catholic Church


  1. LIE:  Tia Tephi is buried on The Hill of Tara in Ireland.

    FACT:  There is no place nor person named "Tara".  Tia Tephi is buried on The Hill of Torah, a name which the Catholic Church doesn't want you to know or think about.

  2. LIE:  The phallic symbol sticking out of The Hill of Torah is The Lia Fail.

    FACT:  The actual Lia Fail is Jacob's Pillow, which Jeremiah brought to Ireland from Israel in 594 BC along with Tia Tephi, and is now in Westminster Abbey and is known as the Stone of Destiny, or The Stone of Scone.

  3. LIE:  The cairns called Newgrange (the grandest tomb in Europe, and the burial place of Angus, king of Ireland, son of Tia Tephi, whom Jeremiah brough to Ireland in 594 BC) and Ollam Fodhla (Jeremiah's grand tomb which works as planned when it was built almost 2,600 years ago by shining the sun on the end stone during the equinox), are stone age tombs.

    FACT:   All of these supposed stone age cairns were crafted with bronze age tools, but by claiming that they are Stone Age, the link to Jeremiah, Tia Tephi, Jacob's Pillow, Angus, The Ark of the Covenant, and The Torah can be continue to be concealed.

  4. LIE:  St. Patrick brought peace and literacy to an illiterate, pagan Irish people.

    FACT:   Jeremiah brought The Torah a thousand years earlier and Christ brought Christianity five hundred years earlier, so the average Irishman who understood his Israelite ancestry must have been more literate and religious than St. Patrick.

  5. LIE:  The oldest standing structures in Ireland were built by the Catholic Church.

    FACT:   Few if any of the oldest standing structures have anything to do with the Catholic Church, the tall signal towers [not storage towers as the Catholic Church claims], pre-date St. Patrick by more than 1,500 years, and the numerous Celtic crosses are not Catholic crosses.

  6. LIE: The tall brick signal towers were defensive positions where people and valuables would be placed during an attack by the Tuatha de Danaan [read: the Tribe of Dan, or Denmark].

    FACT:Such a storage facility or defensive position would INVITE attacks by Danes who took the trouble to come all the way from Denmark across treacherous seas to loot and pillage the Irish.  They are arranged in such a position that they are known to be signal towers to alert the people of an imminint attack, or other dangers.

  7. LIE:  Celibacy enables priests to deal better with children.

    FACT:  Celibacy makes the Catholic Church nothing less than a worldwide homosexual and pedophile movement.

  8. LIE:  The Holy Bible supports the Theory of Evolution.

    FACT:   There are no two greater differences in human thought than the description of the creation of life by God in the Holy Bible, and Charles Darwin's "theory of evolution" which reduces Adamites to the genetic equivalence of monkeys.

  9. LIE:  Non-Israelites can be "grafted in to" the House of Israel.

    FACT:  The Holy Bible was written by Israelites of the House of Israel, about the House of Israel, and ONLY for the descendants of the Israelites of the House of Israel, and precludes all non-Israelites, mamzers, and other mongrels from even entering the congregation of the LORD, even to the tenth generation.

  10.   LIE:  Christ was a jew.

    FACT:  Christ was an Israelite of the House of Israel who said He was sent only to the House of Israel, who commanded His Twelve Disciples to go only to the House of Israel (excluding those calling themselves jews whom Christ correctly identified as mamzers).




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