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Dear Dave,
This is truly an amazing story about a brain dead "American" called "Charles Prescott".
On the basis of the source of this article written by Benjamin Freedman, he unilaterally declares the article inavlid.  Error number one.  Where is his proof?
On the basis of the desire of this group to establish "a sense of rootedness, which in turn engenders a sense of
responsibility and energizes a moral compass, so that people once again know instinctively what is wholesome and natural and what is degenerate and alien", this "Charles Prescott" unilaterally declares that they are a "hate spewing racist organisation, [who] do not realise it but they themselves are nothing more than pawns, creating diversity, distraction, and mis/disinformation".
How novel.
"Charles Prescott" writes: "Consequently, I am removing you from this list. Thus, this arguement is at an END!"
No.  This is just the beginning, "Charles Prescott".  This is the beginning of a wake up kick in the as. of  "Charles Prescott", who as far as I am concerned just gave away his "free speech" card.

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From: "Dave" <>
To: "The Grip" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2000 1:01 AM
Subject: {The Grip} Re: [TheEagle-L] Moderation Action On Benjamin Freedman Speaks:
> Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 15:28:53 -0500
> From: Dave <>
> Subject: Re: [TheEagle-L] Moderation Action On Benjamin Freedman Speaks:
> Kevin,
> Thanks for taking the time to counter Mr. Prescott's scurrilous
> remarks. I also wonder why he is so anxious to prevent his
> readers from seeing what the late Mr. Freedman had to say.
> I have unsubscribed from 'TheEagle-L' and will no longer forward
> any of his messages. With friends like that, who needs enemas?
> ---------- forwarded message ----------
>  From: Kevin Alfred Strom <>
> Ladies and gentlemen, friends:
> I have no idea who "Charles Prescott" is, but I can say for certain
> that the "Rumor Mill" (!) site he references as being so veracious
> is nothing but a densely-packed collection of outright lies and
> malicious insinuations authored by a disinformation agent named
> Harold Covington, whose reputation as a disruptor of patriotic
> efforts is legendary. For just one among many lies on that site,
> please note that it makes claims about an alleged "resignation" of
> mine. That never happened. It is a shameless lie, concocted, as are
> all the others, with a view to destroying the efforts of sincere
> patriots.
> Furthermore, anyone who is willing to do a few minutes research can
> easily discover that Benjamin Freedman was absolutely genuine; that
> Benjamin Freedman was Jewish (see the December 1955 issue of
> _Commentary_, among many other sources); that, until he met his
> conscience, he was privy to the highest circles of the government
> and the Jewish establishment in the United States; that his works
> were published primarily by Conde McGinley's newspaper _Common
> Sense_ in the 1950s and 1960s; that his publications preceded the
> founding of the National Alliance by years, in some cases decades;
> and that Mr. Freedman spent nearly his entire fortune to warn
> Americans of the danger they faced.
> In short, the charges made by Mr. Prescott are absolutely
> preposterous and one wonders why he is so anxious to prevent readers
> from seeing what the late Mr. Freedman had to say.
> With all good wishes,
> -- 
> Kevin Alfred Strom.
> News, links, and pictures:
> >--- original message ---
> > 
> > Subject: FWD: [TheEagle-L] Moderation Action On Benjamin Freedman Speaks:
> > Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 16:17:59 -0500
> > From: "Charles Prescott III" <>
> > To: <>
> > 
> > Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 11:56:32 +1030
> > 
> > The post from Wilford Bates on Dec 22nd, and titled,
> > "Benjamin Freedman Speaks: A Jewish Defector Warns America" I have read
> > in full and followed up on where this article originated from.
> > 
> > This article, as noted at the bottom of the post, is available in audio
> > format  from 'National Vanguard Books'. National Vanguard Books,
> > although now its own entity, is the publishing arm of 'The National
> > Alliance'. So who and what is 'The National Alliance'?
> > 
> > To qoute from their own website:
> > "The National Alliance was organized in February 1974. Many of its first
> > members came from another organization, the National Youth Alliance,
> > which had been founded in 1970 in Virginia by Dr. William Pierce, a
> > young physics professor who left a career of teaching and research at
> > Oregon State University to devote himself to the service of his people."
> > 
> > This foundation started out as a fledgling group in the early 70's as
> > youth action group oppossed to what they believed was the destruction of
> > "White America".
> > 
> > To again qoute their website:
> > "Because the early l970s were a politically and socially turbulent
> > period, during which Jews and others-sometimes under the guise of
> > opposition to the Vietnam war-were organizing violent demonstrations in
> > the streets of America's cities and calling for the destruction of White
> > society, the National Youth Alliance took militant, confrontational
> > stance in opposition to this destructive activity. [snip]  During this
> > early period the National Youth Alliance organized many public
> > activities, including street demonstrations with placards and banners
> > denouncing not only the communists, Jews, and other avowed enemies of
> > White America but also the government which tolerated and even
> > encouraged them. [snip] By the time the National Alliance was formed in
> > 1974 the programmatic emphasis had shifted from a superficial
> > confrontation with the enemies of our people to the building of the
> > necessary organizational foundation for a final victory over those
> > enemies."
> > 
> > So what are some of the Goals of The National Alliance? Well, one such
> > goal according to their website is the establishment of an total "Aryan
> > Society".
> > 
> > To again qoute their website:
> >
> > "We must have new societies throughout the White world which are based
> > on Aryan values and are compatible with the Aryan nature. We do not need
> > to homogenize the White world: there will be room for Germanic
> > societies, Celtic societies, Slavic societies, Baltic societies, and so
> > on, each with its own roots, traditions, and language. What we must
> > have, however, is a thorough rooting out of Semitic and other non-Aryan
> > values and customs everywhere. [snip] In specific terms, this means a
> > society in which young men and women gather to revel with polkas or
> > waltzes, reels or jigs, or any other White dances, but never to undulate
> > or jerk to Negroid jazz or rock rhythms. [snip]  It means a sense of
> > rootedness, which in turn engenders a sense of
> > responsibility and energizes a moral compass, so that people once again
> > know instinctively what is wholesome and natural and what is degenerate
> > and alien."
> > 
> > Another Goal is a totally "White Living Space".
> > 
> > To again quote:
> > "After the sickness of "multiculturalism," which is destroying America,
> > Britain, and every other Aryan nation in which it is being promoted, has
> > been swept away, we must again have a racially clean area of the earth
> > for the further development of our people. We must have White schools,
> > White residential neighborhoods and recreation areas, White workplaces,
> > White farms and countryside. We must have no non-Whites in our living
> > space, and we must have open space around us for expansion.
> > 
> > We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this White living space and
> > to keep it White. We will not be deterred by the difficulty or temporary
> > unpleasantness involved, because we realize that it is absolutely
> > necessary for our racial survival."
> >                 ________________________________________
> > 
> > 
> > Such crap as "The National Alliance", as well as with any other white
> > supremacist - hate spewing racist organisation, do not realise it but
> > they themselves are nothing more than pawns, creating diversity,
> > distraction, and mis/disinformation, by such secret societies as the
> > Illuminati, The Priory of Sion, and The Council of Nine.
> > 
> > But what of The National Alliance's founder, Dr. William Pierce, author
> > of "The Turner Diaries" the book found with Timothy McVeigh after his
> > arrest for the Oklahoma City Bombing. Is he a pure blood White
> > Supremacist Patriot - or is he actually an agent for the Illuminati or
> > one of its front organisations? To answer this question I refer you to
> > my forwarded post on Sunday 25, Dec. "WHO WANTS TIM MCVEIGH MADE A
> > MARTYR?"  or you can follow the link below.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Consequently, anything that is promoted by The National Alliance or
> > Published by National Vanguard Books, such as "Benjamin Freedman Speaks:
> > A Jewish Defector Warns America" should be regarded as disinformation
> > and directed toward the Trash Bin.
> > 
> > So, Wilford Bates, I don not know whether you are  a member of The
> > National Alliance or a subscriber to National Vangaurd Books or whether
> > or not you are simply an individual that has been duped by the whole
> > "International Jewish Conspiracy Theory". Either way, such material will
> > not be tolerated on this list by any individual and in doing so you have
> > broken the list rules which clearly state there will be no racist or
> > hate mongering propaganda of any type. Consequently, I am removing you
> > from this list.
> > Thus, this arguement is at an END!


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