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"A detective testified police were wary, because the Declaration of Independence was printed on the side of the bus, indicating the Christines might have anti-government feelings."

Doesn't this tell you everything you need to know about why jews should NEVER, EVER have been let into this country?  Doesn't this tell you why they need to be goose-stepped OUT of here, right now?

Do you think the Declaration of Independence would be considered an "anti-government" document if the jews were never here in the first place?

Do you think that and the US Constitution wouldn't have been turned 180 degrees inside out if we had put the jews in Madagascar, or even Liberia, right after the Civil War?

Every last one of the people in this country who are responsible for this despicable treatment of American parents deserves to fry in Hell for eternity.  Not ONE of them should DARE to think that they will escape the Wrath of God.



From: Nancy H.

Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 11:02 AM

Subject: Christine Story - Oregonian - Brian & Ruth sacrificed their lives for their children.

Commentary:  Could it be that the state of Oregon had no right to take their children in the first place and that their original allegations against the Christines were weak at best? 


Could it be that the state of Oregon CFS by not letting them see their children for 8 months provoked this fine young wary husband & wife knowing full well what the results would be by any normal parent? 


Could it be that the CSF (Child & Family Services) was in error and would not admit they had made a mistake by making a "mountain out of a mole hill" with the Christine family? 


Could it be that CSF moved very quickly to nail these parents for 'rescuing' their children (as they believed they were doing) in a Roseburg Courtroom (on a for sure charge of which CSF had a hand in provoking the Christines by letting them know their parental rights were going to be terminated no matter what the Christines did) knowing full well that the Christines have never been convicted and found guilty of any child abuse whatsoever to this day yet?


What young parent would not have done the same thing...rescue their children out of the Law of Necessity (Black's Law Dictionary 5th Edition)?  This is a young husband and wife who love each other dearly and live for and love their children very much....a husband and wife with no previous criminal record, who does not smoke, drink, or do drugs, are not criminals in any way shape or form. 


Welcome to Oregon!  If you are just passing thru like the Christine family from Indiana were, and, if you have young children...keep them close to you and drive quickly out of here, or else you may wind up like this fine young wary couple did!


In the name of Jesus Christ and all that is holy....can someone please explain this travesty of injustice on this young couple who have just been sentenced by the state of Oregon...Brian the father of five young beautiful girls to 12 1/2 years in prison, and, his beautiful wife to 7 1/2 years in prison for loving their children? 


Could someone please explain why reporters like Shaun Hall of the Daily Courier newspaper continuously maliciously and hatefully slander people like the Christines?......trying and convicting them in their newsreporting without having to show any 'evidence' whatsoever, reporting lie after lie (all allegations made by officials),then lacing their stories with a bare shred of truth...maybe they do it because they can get away with it for awhile. 


Don't you think that sooner or later the truth will catch up with them?  Me think so.....


Anyone with any shred of decency should call these newspapers and wire services and call for the immediate firing of these reporters.  They have done a disservice to all of us.





Oregon News

Christines get prison for taking children from child welfare workers

The Associated Press
5/29/02 1:55 PM

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) -- After making emotional statements in court that everything they had done had been for their children, Ruth and Brian Christine sat quietly Tuesday as a judge sentenced them each to 7� years in prison for taking their three daughters at gunpoint from child welfare workers.

Brian Christine must serve an additional five years for holding a .357-caliber Magnum pistol on two child welfare workers before driving off in a state van with his children to meet his wife and flee to Montana.

Douglas County Circuit Judge William Lasswell imposed the mandatory minimum prison term of 90 months for robbery but ordered additional sentences to run concurrently for a second count of robbery, three counts each of custodial interference, and one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Asked by Lasswell if she had anything to say, Ruth Christine replied in a soft voice that she was sorry for the trauma suffered by the two child welfare workers at an Interstate 5 rest stop on Aug. 1, 2001, and acknowledged that taking the children by force "wasn't smart."

"I didn't believe that this day would come," she said through tears. "Today, all I want is to be with my husband and children. Those are my only desires in this whole world."

She added that she recently had a tearful talk on the telephone with the girls, who have been adopted by Ruth Christine's parents and live on their dairy farm in England.

According to testimony, police took custody of the three daughters, Bethany, then 5; Lydia 3, and Miriam, 2, after an anonymous caller reported they appeared malnourished while the family's bus was parked behind the library in Grants Pass.

The girls told police Lydia had suffered a cut on her forehead after her father swatted her on the head, knocking her down the bus stairs, for wetting the bed. A doctor testified the girls were malnourished and the cut on Lydia's head gave off a putrid odor that drove people from the room. The Christines face a separate trial on criminal mistreatment charges in July.

In his statement to the judge, Brian Christine did not apologize, but acknowledged, "I have made bad choices in my life."

He said he would not ask mercy from the court, only from God.

"All the things I have ever done have been for my wife, who I would give my life for, and my children, who I have given my life for," he said, his voice breaking with emotion.

"Sometimes I think by some of my actions, maybe I ruined seven lives," he said, but added: "I don't think that really is true."

Witnesses testified the Christines would not cooperate with Oregon Department of Human Services child welfare workers, missing appointments and refusing to get psychological evaluations.

Brian Christine said he loved his country and was not "anti-government," but the family's case was embraced by a Grants Pass group that regularly pickets the courthouse, complaining of government abuse, as well as child welfare agency critics.

While the judge imposed sentence, a man stood and challenged Lasswell's authority, saying his oath of office had been improper. Given a choice by Lasswell to sit and be quiet or be escorted from the courtroom, the man left.

Defense attorney Edgar Steele, who said before trial that he took the case without pay to use it as a forum for criticizing the Oregon child welfare agency, asked the judge for leniency, arguing the Christines were guilty of bad judgment, but acted out of love for their children.

Prosecutor Rick Wesenberg said the mandatory sentencing law called for a minimum of 7� years in prison for the first count of robbery, and it also allowed the judge to impose an additional five years on Brian Christine on the charge of custodial interference for using a gun.

Lasswell acknowledged the sadness of the case, and the frequent criticism aimed at the child welfare agency, but noted the jury had carefully reflected before finding the couple guilty.

According to testimony, the Christines met during college in her native England. When his soap-making business went bad in his native Indiana, Brian Christine converted a city bus into a motor home and set off with his wife and three young daughters on a lifelong dream to travel the country.

They were in Grants Pass in July 2000, when an anonymous caller sent police to their bus, parked at the library while Brian Christine was inside checking software sales over the Internet.

A detective testified police were wary, because the Declaration of Independence was printed on the side of the bus, indicating the Christines might have anti-government feelings.

A year after the children were taken into state custody, witnesses said Brian Christine traded the bus for the pistol and car he used to get his children back. The family fled to Montana, where Brian Christine was arrested after being stopped for speeding. Tracing the rental car, police found Ruth Christine and the children at a rural home outside Missoula, Mont.






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