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Citadel Women are Liars!!

Jeannie Matavolos and Kim Messer Lie Their Way Into A Lawsuit


After years of litigation against the Citadel to force them to admit women, 4 women attended Citadel last year.  Two of them, Jeannie Matavolos and Kim Messer, quit after a few months, and LIED about why they quit.  They also LIED about whose fault it was that they had to get a medical excuse because they couldn't keep up with the men during marches, and they LIED about being "singled out" by upper classmen.  Their stories were contradicted by ALL of the male cadets who were still under the "Honor Code" of Citadel (including their company commander Mike Almassian and the Top Cadet Bryant Butler), and the two remaining two female cadets Nancy Mace and Petro Lovatenska, who also were under the same "Honor Code".

Even though their lies were proven beyond the shadow of a doubt on "ABC News:  Saturday Night" on May 30, 1998 at 10 PM, the judicial system still prosecuted their claims, forcing the Citadel to settle with Kim for an amount of $30,000.  Jeannie may end up with a similar settlement.  They admitted to laughing while being "braced" by upper classmen, which is a very good reason to "single out" plebe cadets in a military school.  They sued to be admitted so they COULD be disciplined, then they sued because they were afforded what they sued for.  It was because they went to a military school for which they were not suitable that they got "stress fractures" in their hips for trying to keep up with the males, and they concluded that "it was not our fault" that they couldn't keep up with the males.  They claimed that "being a bad cadet" was "not a good reason for being hazed".

The dynamics of the above are clear.  Women can lie with no concern for what men or women may think of them.  They told these lies with almost no shame.  They didn't lie to be able to get into a male military school.  They lied to be able to sue the school for what they knew was inevitible.  It is a corrupt ideal, and it proves that military schools with "Honor Codes" are not where women belong.  These two women asserted and the media agreed that they were the best of the best female applicants to the Citadel.  Yet they turned this opportunity into a lawsuit, smeared the image of the Citadel, caused the investigation of 15 male cadets and the punishment of 5 of them, and made the US the laughing stock of nations.  These two women who couldn't even MARCH with their own company claimed that what they did to the school and the men and the nation was "no big deal", even though one cadet got the maximum punishment short of expulsion--120 penalty tours.  Believe me, 120 pt's is a big deal.

This, however, is the minor part of the problem.  The real damage was to the management of the Citadel, when the Superintendent of this last remaining school with an intact Honor Code stated repeatedly "we are going to assimilate women--not accomodate them", only to: 

  1. Order that female cadets not have shaved heads like the male cadets.
  2. Put locks on their doors ONLY.
  3. Give them medical excuses so they didn't have to march or exercise with their company.

These are "accomodations", not "assimilation".  Did he lie?  Not necessarity.  When he made that statement, he might have meant what he said.  AFTER women force their way into organizations by crying "discrimination" they force reasonable and honest men into backing down on such  issues because of their "minor" nature.  This is the way minor issues become major moral failures which do not bode well for men, and which ultimately hurt women more than they hurt men.




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