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December 11, 2002

The Honorable Trent Lott
Republican Leader
S-230 The Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Lott:

I was astonished by your remarks at last week's birthday reception for Senator Thurmond. You claimed that the country would have been better off, and "wouldn't have had all of those problems," if other states had followed Mississippi and had supported the Dixiecrat Party ticket in the 1948 presidential election. Your callous comments were incredibly insulting, and outrageous for any American to make - let alone the prospective Senate Majority Leader. The recent revelation of your similar endorsement, during the 1980 elections, of Senator Thurmond's Dixiecrat campaign is a chilling confirmation that your remarks last week were not a spontaneous slip of the tongue.

President Bush and the Congress currently seek to promote patriotism and to explain America's basic values to the world. Especially at such a time, your remarks are so un-American that they disqualify you from continuing as the Majority Leader of the United States Senate therefore, I must call on you to resign.

I realize you have apologized to anyone whom you might have offended through "a poor choice of words." That only compounds your slap in the face of all African Americans. Even after you had seen how much you had upset the public, you did not disavow what the Dixiecrat Party stood for. Whatever your choice of words, the plain intent was clear. The Dixiecrat Party's agenda was to preserve segregated schools, segregated public facilities, and segregated armed forces, and to prevent African-Americans from voting.

Were you suggesting that America would have been better off if President Truman had not desegregated the armed forces? Were you suggesting that America would have been better off if the Nation's modern the civil rights legislation had been blocked - if we had no Voting Rights Act, no Civil Rights Act of 1964, no Fair Housing Act and no African-American elected officials in Mississippi?

Even worse, your limited acknowledgment that only some people might have been offended by your remarks portrayed gross insensitivity to millions of Americans.

In addition, a key question for the 108th Congress is whether civil rights laws will be enforced and strengthened, or whether the attempts will be made to undermine them. You no longer have credibility on this crucial issue.

Yours truly,

John Conyers, Jr.

Ranking Member



Dear Mr. Conyers,

You asked Mr. Lott:

Were you suggesting that America would have been better off if President Truman had not desegregated the armed forces? Were you suggesting that America would have been better off if the Nation's modern the civil rights legislation had been blocked - if we had no Voting Rights Act, no Civil Rights Act of 1964, no Fair Housing Act and no African-American elected officials in Mississippi?


It's now time for you to answer a question:  how do you believe this nation benefitted from these intrusive, unconstitutional federal laws?

To wit, please note that since these intrusive laws were passed:

bulletThe percentage of black children growing up in single mother households quintupled to 78%.
bulletThe percentage of black men imprisoned prior to age 32 quintupled to 78%, putting one million black men behind bars (more blacks in prison than there are in all of Africa, with 800 million blacks).
bulletBlack family purchasing power plunged two thirds.

Is this a legacy you're proud of?  Do you really want a continuation of such conditions?  Or is it time to rethink your position?

Futhermore, the nation as a whole experienced the following social and economic pathologies since these laws were enacted (against the will of we the people, we should add):


Since the 1960s:

  1. Fatherlessness octupled to 48% and feminists can't even detect a problem.
  2. Divorce doubled to the highest rate in the world.
  3. Murder tripled to one of the highest rates in the world.
  4. Murders resolved decreased from 92% to 64%.
  5. The US became the only industrialized nation with a negative personal savings rate.
  6. The value of the dollar plunged three quarters (per Consumer Price Index), and by ten fold by the gold standard (from $38/oz to $380/oz).
  7. Welfare cost more than the value of every Fortune 500 corporation and every acre of farm land, combined.
  8. Autos supplied by U.S. manufacturers plunged from 60% to 20% of the world market.
  9. Prison inmates increased ten fold to a rate five times China and South Africa, making American men a third of the men in the world behind bars.
  10. Sexual assault convictions increased ten fold to two thirds of the world's convictions.
  11. DNA proved that one third of convicted men are innocent as charged.
  12. The rate at which men commit suicide increased to five times that of women.
  13. Government spending doubled to 42 cents of each wage dollar, while it remained at 24 cents in Japan
  14. The average body weight of an American increased 29 pounds.

Since the 1970s:

  1. GDP per worker decreased two thirds by the gold standard
  2. Public Debt increased 9 fold to $5.9 trillion, consumer debt increased to $1.2 trillion, and housing debt increased to $3.9 trillion.
  3. The U.S. became the largest debtor nation in world history with an average net worth per household of a *negative* $77,000.
  4. Interest payments on the debts increased to greater than the gross savings rate of 15% of GDP for the first time since the Great Depression, yet Japan continued to save 33% per year with no debts.
  5. Gross savings decreased from $11 trillion to zero as Japan's increased to $22 trillion.
  6. 36 million babies were aborted.
  7. The "drug war" precipitated a 45% increase in cocaine use.
  8. Violent crime increased 560%, illegitimate births increased 419%, and single-parent households increased 3000% (source: The Guardian).
  9. Criminal Justice System expenditures increased ten fold to $360 billion and now exceed national defense by $100 billion.
  10. The trade deficit, once in the black, increased to $173 Billion in the red
  11. Drunk driving arrests increased five fold to 1.6 million per year and the rate of men behind bars for DUI exceeds the total incarceration rate for all crimes in many countries.
  12. The motor vehicle fatality rate increased from 30% lower than Germany's to 45% higher.
  13. Health services costs increased eight fold to 14% of GDP even though many nations with 4 year longer life expectancies spend only 6% of GDP.
  14. Just the paperwork required to meet government regulations in health care consumes 3% of GDP.
  15. Alcohol consumption decreased 18% which costs 35,000 lives/year.
  16. SAT scores declined 98 points leaving the US DEAD LAST in more TIMSS subjects than any other country.
  17. The amount of time PER DAY that children watch TV increased from 5 hours to 7 hours.
  18. US banks in the Top 40 World Banks declined from 22 to 1(with assets of $120 billion) as the number of Japanese increased to 24 (with assets of $5,000 Billion).
  19. The number of lawyers increased to 60 times that of Japan as the number of engineers declined to less than a quarter of Japan.
  20. The ratio of manufacturing employees to government employees declined from 2.5:1 to less than 1:1

Mr. Conyers, if you believe these federal programs are not the specific problem, then what do you believe is, and what do you plan to do about it?

If you have no plan, then please allow Mr. Lott his RIGHT to free speech so that he can propose workable solutions, for a change, rather than the dumbed down feel good quick "fixes" which got us into such a mess in the first place.



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