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The CorrectMath Challenge


When Mr. Jefferson proposed that government get involved in education, he had in mind that students would receive a maximum of 2 or 3 years of "free" education, and his goal was to teach morality to the nation's youth.  If he were to see it today, he would undoubtedly believe that he made a mistake by proposing even this modest involvement.

Just as no red blooded American father can or should accept the excuses being advanced for the failure of our public education system, Mr. Jefferson would most likely not have accepted it either. Because education is now so politicized, it's considered "sexist" or "racist" to even examine the problem, much less ask the hard questions and make the tough choices.  So the fundamental flaws in education policy continue to propagate and American taxpayers continue to see education spending taking more and more of their dollars as quality continues to deteriorate, something Forefathers like Mr. Jefferson tried in vain to prevent.

TIMSS was a wake-up call, America.   There's no longer any need to question whether or not the policies are working, because when American 12th grade girls scored lower than if they'd just guessed on up to one third of the questions in some subject areas, the facts are well known and perfectly documented. Even though there were some countries whose 12th grade girls scored lower than if they'd just guessed on a few question, no other participating country's 12th grade girls experienced what we ours did on such a wholesale level.

American fathers whose daughters were, or are, or will be, 12th grade students can no longer accept any more of the well known and hackneyed excuses.  We must understand precisely the process by which our education system caused so many of our students to have negative knowledge, and we must not permit charges of "sexism" or "racism" or "politically incorrect"  to cloud the issue.  If so many of our students were taught incorrectly, we must learn how and why and who was involved.  If they were taught correctly in the classroom, we must know by what process this knowledge reversed itself later on this standardized test. 

The CorrectMath Challenge is to examine this issue with every faculty available to you and to provide a clear and concise summary of what you believe to be:

  1. The underlying problem.

  2. The people involved.

  3. An estimate of what will happen and when if a solution is not implemented soon.

  4. The solution.

To receive periodic reports on the progress of CorrectMath, you may subscribe to the free list server at

You're encouraged to invite others whom you believe could provide a valuable perspective or insight into the problem.

If you'd like to be directly involved, you may become a CorrectMath member at

You may also receive a discounted CorrectMath Membership by bidding on on Ebay at where the price at the time of this writing was 99 cents:



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