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Most of what we know about Cuba and Castro comes to us from known LIARS and criminals now living in Miami.  When Elian Gonzalez's relatives claimed that his father Juan Gonzalez didn't even want his son, they were LYING.  When they said that Juan knew that Elian was coming to the US and telephoned them ahead of time to tell them about his visit, they were LYING.  When they said that the mother "escaped from Cuba", when she could have legally traveled to the US if she wanted to, any time, they were LYING.  When they said they would obey the court ruling to return Elian to his father, which they then defied, they were LYING.  When they said they would hand Elian over to Juan if he would just come to the US, they were LYING.  When they accused Juan of "child abuse", they were LYING. When they say that Cuba doesn't have religious freedom, they were LYING.cuba.jpg (15832 bytes)

When they did all of this, they violated God's law, US law, Florida law, international law and treaties, and Cuban law, making them first class criminals, and nothing less.

So when these first class LYING criminals say it is CASTRO who is the Devil, the odds are high that they are just LYING as usual.  A quick peek at the international statistics is thus in order.  How does Cuba stack up statistically to the US?   Is it really that bad a place, or are these misfits from Cuba chronic LIARS who have misled us about "communism", one more time?

What do Americans think?  Only a third disagreed with the INS decision to send him back to his father, while 65% agreed with that decision, according to Be Counted:

The INS' recent decision that Elian Gonzalez should be returned has caused widespread controversy as well as protests in the Miami exile community. Elian is the 6 year old rafter whose mother died in escaping from Cuba and is now being claimed by his father in Cuba who wishes him returned. INS said that giving the boy's father final say over what happens to him was 'the right decision legally and morally.' Critics counter that he's being denied the right to asylum without the benefit of a legal hearing and that his father is being manipulated by the Cuban government. What if anything do you plan to do in this continuing controversy?
Total Votes = 246
35.0% I will have the Justice Department intervene to have INS reverse their decision since it unfairly denies Elian the right to asylum without a fair hearing.
5.7% I believe INS made the right decision because asylum means nothing to a six year old boy who can't possibly comprehend its significance, therefore I will not intervene in this case.
27.6% I will not intervene because despite any legal issues, having lost his mother, the boy belongs with his father.
24.0% I will not get involved in this issue since it would unfairly politicize a decision which should be decided through legal means.
7.7% None of the above.



Regardless of the amount of force used, when do you think was the
appropriate time, if any, to physically remove Elian from the home. In terms
of physically removing Elian Gonzalez from the Miami home, do you think the
Justice Department should have removed him earlier, should have removed him
when they did , should have waited longer before removing him, or should
never have removed him? [RANDOM ORDER]

  April 24, 2000
Should have removed him earlier  57%
Should have removed him when they did  15
Should have waited longer  7
Should never have removed him  16
No opinion  5

What do you think should happen to Elian Gonzalez - should he remain in the
U.S. to live with the relatives who have requested he stay here or return to
Cuba to live with his father, as his father has requested? [ROTATED]
2000 Apr 28-30
  Remain in U.S.  23%
 Return to Cuba  67%
 Other (vol.) 5%
 No opinion 5%

Rush Limbaugh keeps saying "Elian isn't going to live with his father, he's going to live with the 'state'"! Does he have any idea how many children in the US live without their fathers, compared to how many Cuban children live with their fathers?

No, he doesn't.

The fact is that almost half of American children are fatherless, and they are living in single-mother households, which is much worse than living with "the state". Even so, the odds are real good that the rate of fatherlessness in Cuba is much smaller than this. How do we know? Consider the stats which we DO know, from the UN. We KNOW from the short list from UN statistics that if Elian is kidnapped from Cuba, rather than being allowed to return to Cuba with his father, he will  

1) Be twenty times more likely to be divorced.

2) Be 21 times more likely to be imprisoned for rape.

3) Be three times as likely to be murdered.

4) Be 375 times as likely to be assaulted.

5) Be 36 times more likely to be on drugs.

6) Have almost the same life expectancy, but without paying 11% of his income for health care.

7) Consume nine times as much natural energy.

8) Be prohibited from praying in his school classroom.

9) And he will start out in life owing the world an average of $77,000, just as each American household now owes.

All of this is evidence that the rate of fatherlessness in Cuba is MUCH smaller than it is in the US, unless Castro has figured out a way to replace fathers with government. Do you really think Castro is that smart, particularly considering that the multi-trillion dollar effort to do that in the US has been such an abject failure?

The reality is that the US might learn more from Cuba than Cuba can learn from us. Of course this violates our Cold War perspective of the world, but we need to GO there, rather than listen to the misfits like the Cubans in Miami who left the country and came here to help to overthrow our Constitution and our rule of law  

We need to acknowledge that the form of government is irrelevant to a child relative to the importance of fatherhood.

We grossly underestimate the totalitarian nature of giving OUR government the power to kidnap foreign children from their own fathers. They have gone out of control doing this to American fathers, and we must not allow this to become a world wide phenomenon

cuba.gif (40190 bytes)

UN Crime Data For US

UN Crime Data For Cuba

1999 US Statistical Abstract, Section 30


  US Cuba Ratio US:Cuba Absolute Figures By Which US Exceeds Cuba
Murders per 100,00 Population 10 3.3 3X 18,224 murders
Assaults per 100,000 Population 412 1.1 375X 1,117,648 assaults
Rapes per 100,000 Population 78 3.7 21X 202,096 rapes
Robberies per 100,000 Population 242 83.5 2.9X 431,120 robberies
Drug Crimes per 100,000 Population 235 6.5 36X 621,520 drug crimes
Divorces per 1,000 Population 5 .25 20X 1,292,000 divorces
Debt per Household $77,000 $500 154X $7,650 billion
Life Expectancy 76.3 75.9 1.005X 1.1 million man-years
Prayer in School Classrooms No Yes - -
Amount Taken by Government From Each Wage Dollar 42 cents 4 cents 10.5X $3,024 billion
Per Capita Energy Consumption (mil BTU) 352 40 8.8X 84,864 trillion BTUs

Yes, Castro and Cuba might have problems.  But so do we. If we had the same kind of problems as Cuba, we would have 18,224 fewer murders each year.  And 1.1 million fewer assaults each year.  And 202,000 fewer rapes each year.  And 431,120 fewer robberies, 621,520 fewer drug crimes, 1.2 million fewer divorces.

Who should be giving who a moral lesson here?  The US is about the last country with the moral authority to instruct Cuba on their social or economic affairs.




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