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The south - north - foreign countries were held together grudge history national foundation day nation joint event P'yongyang Tangun Pyramid from.
[ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

South Korea and North Korea held a national foundation day, an event of old long-cherished desires which became a reality with humility. This was the first National Foundation Day National Joint Event in 57 years was. It was held 4335 years since Tangun and 2002 years since Jesus, October 3rd P'yongyang Tanguns Pyramid from it was held with national foundation day nation joint event preparatory committee and Tangun nation unity conference north and south overseas commonness sponsorship. It held to next year from Seoul and the North Korean side representatives descended and it has a joint event with they did.

The writer from October 1st until 5th day will participate to the national foundation day nation joint event of 4 Pak 5 in a few days with the delegation member of Korean farmer literature sliced raw fish assigned south side and Tangun Pyramid Samsung company back ruins it will yell and the chance which is valuable it will be able to make a pilgrimage it had. It attachs the writing part which against Tangun is bitter in the stages which writes the Tangun ruins Ji pilgrimage reply flag.

1. Tangun ruins Ji pilgrimage

Is Tangun who.
Like this subject the whole it sprouted long and it spoke and it wrote it sees it did it and and. It could not search the answer but still to be and the riddle of like that history comes loose was expecting to this time room north. Tangun Pyramid the Tangun oyster Tangun large back for army ruins the novel which it writes with imagining which it will yell {it was P'yongyang line which combines the time after death reply of Tangun's country}.

Around Chongno District which has 1st morning 10:00 preparatory committee offices motion the south side delegations of 100 people concentrated before the total building and at Inch'on airport they shared other they were in the good season hazard 3 bus and. Will not rise to the bus but and not to be will sleep and get back, there was a minute when it transmits. It is a Kim shipment preparatory committee torture. Him north and south national foundation day joint event hazard 95 the teacher and room north of inside good top the arrest to do the place where there is a day when it is confined ironical, that to the yard where the event which it desires becomes accomplished it became the nail store and only transmission it was doing.

* The writer who arrives to P'yongyang Sunan airport. [ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

It flew from north at 2:00 and all consideration aircraft other until P'yongyang Sunan airport even 1 hours did not become and they arrived. It was a truly shouting distance. To the airport to meet the south side delegation multi North Korean side greeting which begin President Tangun nation unity conference type American zero lined-up and. The usual door of P'yongyang stream it passed and the Kim Il-Song Kim Jong Il rich man the riverside the usual river where the formation picture which is taking a walk is being caught the traveling suit in the tube lye it released and from here the designation seats during 4 Pak 5th decided and they did an outside entrance and exit by only the position bus.

2nd 2nd grave Hyangsan it escaped the good season hazard stream morning which becomes at 7:00. It is a office-going hour but the bus not to be traffic congestion entirely and Yoo chest tank nothing chest tank and the subway are moving, the people who go to work by walking and the bicycle were many.

2 hours it ran and it arrived to grave Hyangsan and the Kim Il-Song chief and the Kim Jong Il chairman of a committee exhibited the futures which it receives in the various nations embassadors and to put around the international good-fellowship exhibition tube which it puts first they tried. In stone monument three where the instruction of the Kim chief is big in the here and there it is coming to carve it carved with the poem which it thinks and it put.

In the whole mountain in the red autumnal tints whole mountain Boolg Uss u li/with also the sunshine is brilliant in sugar sugar new time/
Also the autumnal tints will dye finely more red and/the possibility Noh older sister the country bird power will burn in the mountain and stream

[ One year is at grave Hyangsan autumn day ].

Around 5 special product ship constructions 8 grave Hyangsan was dyeing just in time with the autumnal tints and the seal (only 1,909) lower part grave direction thousand Senate east the width eastern region was the whole mountain tinted autumn leaves with the rain. It will eat the lunch from Hyangsan dining room and to in the afternoon step present it represents our country construction alcoholic beverage of 11 century candles it will burn and to search 8 each 13 layer tower eternity of the grounds lwu the possibility insect it will burn and and to put around it tried. Dan Goon Gool who is to sea level 864 meter height which is being located to an incense burner seal halfway (Tangun company or Tangun characteristic east) with the Tangun unit thousand chief saw from here from far and the unity front line tower back of the substitution watch mirror stand which turns a kick   the fact that it listens to an explanation and the sagebrush island it saw.


* Precedes raises to national foundation day nation joint event and me the south side which the brilliant person large religion total whole school.
[ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

3rd national foundation day day Tangun to depart at morning 8:00 Pyramid with it went. Tangun who is enormous in Pyongyang Kangdong nine Pak mountain edges Pyramid 1994 it rebuilt and it put. The place grave which in the area of 45 information is created in the rebuilding rain sector, three increase sector and the grave sector is the household (An) the pebble each wall grave of length 50 meter of 3 boat and height 22 meter one Byun of the general total shape (the pyramid) and to the grave thread of the inside Tangun's portrait is being caught and the remains of the Tangun husband and wife it puts in it is showing in the separation tube and. Maj loach to demobilize the remains of portion portion and it is to put. It also it applies the electronic paramagnetic sympathy law and 5011 (1993 present time) as the intention to fight thing historical investigates scientific and it is putting.


* The south which attend in national foundation day nation joint event - north - overseas representatives. [ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

The grave it will load and to look back Tangun after difficulty Pyramid me it passed it carried out from before and a national foundation day nation joint event. From south side the Catholic priest only it put on the student citizen wild skirt jacket which the wild overseas compatriot and the North Korean side mobilize on our delegation outside and also the many women participated and they filled up the grave sector tight. There was a commemorative remark of the north and south representative which is cool and also there was speech of north and south representatives. One this time national foundation day joint event which nation branch since then is opened together initially at only 57 years will be one where our nation is not two and the national foundation day nation joint event to confirm will draw and all offspring of the same forefather unity means becomes the opportunity which runs it it believed firmly the blood power. The event is over and there is music martial public performance from the rebuilding rain sector open space but to the end time when Arirang is played all field it came out and it accomplished the dance yard. Like this thing acts unity but also the impression which is simple it does listened to.


* Tangun Pyramid from before souvenir picture. From the right second President North Korean side type American zero Tangun nation unity conference.
[ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

It eats the cold noodle from the jade type tube which is to the location which sees Taedong river royal tomb views the ship construction power company museum and there was a joint scientific conference of the history sleeping field regarding Tangun and the culmination line from the people culture palace which 3 fathers-in-law it shakes off in the afternoon. Tangun academic society south side (the social Institute of Science ship construction power history sliced raw fish of the present) with North Korean side inside the president wheel (the president emptiness kind lake) it was subjectivity. After announcing  the dissertation which it prepared alternately from both sides even in Tangun recognition the north and south where also the discussion is going the parallel line without it readd aloud the communique door in spite of with one voice. Recognizes Tangun the contents was focus with the actual people.


* The south side delegation who worships the before rescue mountain Samsung company Samsung did commemoration photographing. 
[ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

The 4th day worshiped Yellow Sea Sam Sung Temple of the September mountain (). Simultaneous became and Korean-Japanese annexation of a country first Samsung which non Tae we it throws away first 2001 it will burn to demobilize, Samsung which is a grandfather exchange of father exchange Oong and Tangun of primitive signature Tangun's and Tangun () Tienchin () it served and it put. The autumnal tints was finely dyeing even in the old death from hunger month September mountain halfway where the death from hunger seal is looked over and also the weather produced a typical autumn sky well. It will do so and Samsung intention to fight Tangun's grandfather Fon Im will come to feel our some large grandfather pulling up today, as nearly Pis of the nation it will decrease it appeared connecting deep.


* The author who from September mountain eight wall tempers participated from south side from right second Song Gi Soog (the novelist), North Korean side guidance unit, Goo Joong Su (poet), Yi Dong Hui (novelist), Gwon Soog Yi (poet), Son Byung Chul (poet) Min Yung Yi (novelist), Pak Yoon Gyoo (poet), Sim Hyung Chan (essayist). [ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

It was the day before the welcoming banquet and this evening there was a welcoming Song year from Chung type tube. The national foundation day nation joint event preparatory committee grudge both unit chairman of a committee which is a south side representative this time national foundation day nation joint event unity will and we will wind one nation one Pis let us reduce nation same quality and the intention which it confirms it was a deep event, the north and south to evaluate sent applause.

It returned toward the quarters and until it drank and thut day 5th morning it hasted from early and and again from Sunan airport North Korea skies and and and consideration aviation, other it carried < with Tongsin it bit and and and to think > to see it tried the alcoholic beverage lately at night and. Is Tangun who. It is nation Iran what. Pis it will decrease it is what. It falls with a calomel urban mouth inside it knows and, us oneself to make that it waits, it does not go and will not be the fact that. Also the event does frequently together and also the rice eats and also the alcoholic beverage will drink and but and also the dance dances and from the ink one broad way the broad way which does not lead stuffy broad ways one one polyvalence it is a thin thing.


* At that time they sang the Arirang in a public performance which is opened after dinner, an event of national foundation day, national joint event should have been played by north and south representatives. The field was harmonized together and they did a dance. [ Photograph provision - movement huy professor ]

One thought rises. From subway reconstruction reverse other it hame down from glory reverse and other it ascended the escalator and. At the side the escalator other it descended and in us a handshake the hand it protruded it asked in P'yongyang citizens who shake the hand and. One youth to catch the hand. One woman laughed shily and to catch the hand. The hand was hot. The hot our blood like electric current was flowing to that place. It was it. It was this nation of it. It was Tangun's blood.

The writer before this writing is over from, thwul to will be born arrangement tries a subject. Tangun is measured with the electronic paramagnetic sympathy law and the fossil of the ancient times when it is confirmed knows from distance of today north and south characteristic distance as our wills which are flowing in blood inside of unspecific random.

2.Who Is Tangun?


* This picture is displayed in Samsung Company  It is Samsung's and Tangun's Chun Jin (Chinese idiom meaning "true sky" or authentic).

Tangun human being authorization. New man. New man (person) authorization.
Tangun the human being the ramyon the price of land which already dies is the old person. In case Tangun the shoes to live and ramyon U tin overlook us. The new man the ramyon the thing authorization which becomes how.

True Tangun person authorization. Tangun son authorization of person. Providence son authorization. It knows Oong nye child authorization of the son bear. It is like that, us descendants authorization of the bear.

Our countries trillion () Tangun () against there are not times when it knows positively. It is a truly stuffy job. It probably is an animal which probably is shoes where Tangun probably is the person even, it can dividing. History it turns Tangun's existence which sleeps with a myth and the religion scholars are turning Tangun with Sinhung religion or a superstition. It is a part religion and there is as for Tangun's neck. And the different people with the grandfather of talk legendary inside of distant old days huy are knowing with assimilation of American one fog inside and also that outside the many people it is like this but are good and they are like that but it is good and there is not interest. Our countries Iri which it will beg it turned and it turned like that and while, the country had taken away and it split and fratricidal war, it was fighting with each other and became the truly deplorable people and they rolled up.

Did we come from where. And are we what. Me it is what. Me from where it is what me to come it sprinkles.

It does not know it and when it stands and to be how as the person is a possibility of doing and as does the people have the possibility of doing. The animal or it is same and as isn't the savage not to be only the possibility of doing is end. The after example ramyon of the true bear it does not know, but it is like that it does but knows true Tangun the thing authorization where is not the person. The existence authorization where the shoes and the human being and the animal unite. What kind of religion expression broad way Trinity authorization.

Three shoes () it is. There are as many as three shoes grandmothers. Three it thinks with the exchange Oong exchange sword which is an exchange which will wear, it does. Step the Sok Li San Buddhist high priest company Jo Ja Yong (2000 decease) the teacher Sam Sin Sa () will build in thin route and three of fractionation it will wear and to serve it came. It Sam Sung Sa who has also Yellow Sea in the September mountain () to think and is to build. It makes Samsung palace in the Chiri Mt. lower edges of garments Chung schoolboy and that also it is like that to put, it sees. It served the exchange Oong Tangun fractionation which is an exchange and Samsung which it puts 4244 where it lives (by 1911) year simultaneous 4334 to be dissolved (2001) year rebuilding () it became. Samsung () the thought regarding was our old recording and {Sam Sung Gi () it was included from the}, there is a possibility of seeing. The talk of exchange Oong Tangun's who is an exchange {three government ownerships company () is recorded in the} and it means that we are knowing too much well.

The place public performance which has the answer which is clear wild it is thinking with difficult. There is Tangun's grave. There is to P'yongyang. In the large Pak mountain edge Tangun Pyramid rebuilding () it did with the stone grave which is enormous and it put. Rebuilding Iran end it repairs like that again and built reconstructed the grave of existing is end with the thing. Also the remains came out. Also the teacher of inside good top geted back to that place and greeting which South Korea are many geted back. Also the writer goes and it is a report all thing with two eyes.

There is a grave and does the remains is the thing talk what.
Tangun is the talk where is not the shoes. Tangun's talk is that is not the myth. Tangun is to be a person. Tangun from when until when lived talk and when from where died is talk in this ground. It is like that and it is being buried in grave inside. The green onion it put that remains. When it sees the remains and it it probably is an animal which probably is this person there is a possibility of knowing clearly. Being heartless truly, too much against the place our ancestor where becomes the talk which is severe, knows our ancestor the ramyon is not to be it will not be able to express like this but too much the disbelief is being piled up our same race for and a with each other end it is disbelief. It is this actuality of it. This are not the acts of the solid color person.

The person dies anyone anyway all. Tangun was the person. It was a son of the person. Tangun died because of that le flag.

It is a logic which too much is clear. Isn't the syllogism. It is the deductive method end.
Also it is. U Chun Jul (the paragraph) it knows. National foundation day (the paragraph) as national holiday there is not a person whom it does not know but fact sky yearly Kaech'on () is a day separately and the day when Tangun becomes established the country pickles Kaech'on. Shoes hour Kaech'on () the hero is not Tangun and it is 1,565 year intention to fight one which Tangun founds a country it is one Oong and. Length to think over Tangun's foundation of a country idea anyway and in sugar bedspread nothing position year opinion of feeling and} in consequence of the fact that from the multi theory middle regarding the Tangun era to sleep {eastern country to follow to decide to decide to reach and and and to celebrate and and and and to be come solar calendar October 3rd at national foundation day and and and 2333 before western calendar era with Tangun era and and. Large religion in the center it will establish a national foundation day at national holiday and yearly event after regaining its independence the carrying out flaw injury interim government to establish at national holiday from the South Korean government and it will reach it will succeed and and proper form it will establish celebration it will be cool and and and to do it is come at national holiday and and and. To initially to change the fact that it will be the lunar calendar October 3rd in the solar calendar and same day to carry out and to be come.

The national foundation day is like that and when it is like that and is U thousand paragraph what. It knows U thousand bow. Tangun the crucian carp () is the day when it does. Under the monk (Seung) ascension (Seung) it is a day when it does. It is a day when Tangun dies.

Yearly lunar calendar March 15th Kanghwa-Do it rolls up U Chun Je () it raises from the mountain truth star cluster. It is managing from large religion. Even from the different multi group it passes U thousand me from the Tae Back mountain thousand altar back multi places and to do it opens U thousand paragraph event. The solar calendar March 15 straight road it defends it does. Hyun Jung Hoe () from it raises my direction from the yearly March 15th resignation park Tangun sanctuary and it sends it is come a special lecture and. Last year (4334) to [ Tangun is the human being ] this clause nyeng  the present affection sliced raw fish director market sent a lecture with the subject which is.

Also the writer talked frankly and until before Ul E it did not know U thousand paragraph. Novel {Tangun's country} (before 3 volume, books publishing grass route, 2000) it did the hazard collection of data which it writes and it was known and and and phul to U thousand me from that time to change Ros it participated. April 8th (sound March 15th which passes even this year) from 12:00 U thousand whom it raises the hazard which attends in me it rolls up it ascended to the mountain normality. The yellow sand carries unusually and plentifully it saw the Yellow Sea ocean which comes and the N Korean soil and it descended. It descended in lower part and the large religion total whole school which stands with the brilliant person teacher accompaniment came out to the lunch which it shares and the discussion against national foundation day north and south commonness holding got wider.

3:00 from three bell culture halls it attended in the afternoon in the Tangun adoration music sliced raw fish. It sponsor from the new millennium peaceful foundation. [ Natural light ] [ ratio lye ] there was music martial announcement sliced raw fish of the back, the log () squaring Hong Ig family proclamation esophagus it had with residence of the teacher whom it breaks.

It was a talk against U thousand paragraph. It talks again and U thousand paragraph Tangun lives in the ground and it is a day when it dies. Tangun the shoes ramyon continuation must be living. It means that Tangun dies but. There is a sacrificial day and there is a grave. Tangun was not the shoes and it was a person. It was a son of the person. Tangun is the people of existence and Tangun's talk is history of fact.

Against like this conclusion motion and if there is not a thing which it will talk, but if it says and that it cannot be like that it will be able, the talk is complicated transgression.

Tangun the people of existence is the people of fiction or is Tangun's is grave position salty is salty, must hide it. Me under the two public opinions is not the fact and it is because is not the truth. Tangun is the shoes and it is a mountain god and if it says and that Tangun's talk myth and narrative and electrolysis is only in the old talk which comes, Tangun Pyramid it is a lie. If Tangun Pyramid as Tangun's grave it does actually in opposition and Tangun is the people of existence. If and if Tangun as the shoes does with same logic and U thousand I before and behind am not right and U thousand paragraph does as Tangun's sacrificial day actually Tangun is that becomes the people of existence.

The granite pebble each wall grave which is enormous - the stairway enemy three gun and the pyramid - with sacred precincts anger it does and Tangun who is a symbol water of North Korea which it puts Pyramid the thing authorization which it will negate. And the thing authorization which will negate U thousand paragraph where us has become the old tradition. In two that cannot put out the ground it will be able to negate which one one Tangun lives in this ground and becomes the history people which dies. It is like that and Tangun to be living in us.

This conclusion of this reaches becomes to but still. One prerequisite against Tangun's existence and it is only a proposition one. It talks differently and the conclusion when with above the ground which is the possibility of turning over three only logics of same abstraction proposition comes out until, to be effective. Meantime continuation it will descend like that and as two assertions will do and opinion to walk the parallel line they came. Also this talk is only in like that one. Also yes comes but and till now in our mind insides living the necessity which will expel Tangun's breathing which is flowing in our blood insides is not to be. Compared to it acts but Tangun's neck seven necessity are not to be.


< Autor's Brief history >

1938 Chung Buk Yongdong birth

1961 DanKook University graduation after consideration large Kyung Hee University graduate school completion and literature doctor

1963 monthly publication < free literature > Ji novel election
Book: Long novel {ground and soil} {Tangun's country} {sad ground sad soul} outside 20 passports

Surface: At international pen literature at Tangun culture at nothing English literature at South Korean culture art at Korean literature

Currently DanKook University school literature course college market, President, Korean farmer literature sliced raw fish standing advisor Korean follower association novel section and quarterly publication < farmer literature > editing person



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