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Subject: Happy Fathers' Day, Congress!

To: US House of Representatives

From: The Fathers' Manifesto

Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999


Dear Congress,

The best Fathers' Day present you gave America's fathers is your vote to put the Ten Commandments back in school, to uphold the Second Amendment, and to reject the feminists' demands for "gun control".   For preserving our Constitution, America's fathers will be eternally grateful to you.

The only better Fathers' Day present would have been your evaluation and elimination of all federal laws, programs, and agencies which adversely impact family formation and stability.  Four out of five Americans recognize "fatherlessness" as the nation's most serious problem, yet more than a third of the nation's children will be sleeping, this last Fathers' Day of the millennium, in a fatherless household.  We understand intimately how government played a leading role in creating and sustaining these households.  We know from direct experience as fathers how fatherlessness puts our own natural children at serious risk.  We know from collective experiences as fathers exactly why the majority of criminals, prison inmates, and school shooters were raised fatherless. 

We agree wholehearatedly that taking a gun from a law-abiding citizen is a violation of our Constitution.  We ask you to search your soul to understand how much bigger a violation it is to take a natural father from a child than it is to take a mere gun from a father--to consider long and hard why you, a father, would prefer to give up your gun, rather than your child.  We fathers intimately understand why you would keep your child and give up your gun.  We believe that only this Congress has the will to outlaw federal approbation of fatherlessness as expeditiously as you upheld the right to bear arms. We know that you have the power to do so instantly.  We pray that you do so.

Attached you will find our complaint--we pray to God that the spirit and intent of this complaint is pristine--that it equals the inspiration behind the US Constitution itself.  We know in our hearts that resolving the "crisis of fatherlessness" is as important to today's fathers as "taxation without representation" was to our Forefathers.  We know with certainty that our complaint is one million times more important to each and every of the undersigned than is "the crisis in Kosovo".



John Knight

Managing Director

Fathers' Manifesto



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