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Fathers' Manifesto Reaffirmation & Declaration

The Purple Heart House, Hollywood, California

Sunday, May 25, 1997

We Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto, responding to natural and Biblical laws, in defense of our nation and our families, hereby declare and assert our patriarchal role in society. America is an experiment in freedom, and the feminist experiment in freedom, under the guise of "equality", unleashed a panoply of social ills which have become a cancer on our land, led to the moral and economic destruction of our nation, made America a house divided unto itself, created a vast underclass with a bleak and bankrupt future, and is the greatest national disaster we have ever faced. Recognizing patriarchy to be the greatest creator of wealth, prosperity, and stability civilization has ever known, we hereby demand that our children, homes, lives, liberty, and property be unconditionally restored to us. We hereby demand replacement of the doctrine of Parens Patria with the Biblical doctrines upon which this nation was founded. We hereby recognize and reaffirm that patriarchy is the order established under God and under His Natural Law. We, the posterity of this nation, hereby reclaim our ancestral liberties and God-given rights. Signed this day, Sunday, May 25, in the One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Seventh Year of our Lord The Purple Heart House, Hollywood, California

Bob Lindsay; Cheney Jr., Executive Director, Sovereign Patriot Group






Bob Hedrick, Parents for Family Justice






Ron Jensen, Investigative Reporter







John Knight, Director, Fathers' Manifesto





Christopher Robin, Purple Heart House








Jay Samuels, Director, Valley Compassion Center


Vert Vergon, President, Fathers of America 


To reaffirm your rights, email the message "I'll Sign the Declaration" in the Subject Header, and no message in the body. To become an "Associate Signatory to the Fathers' Manifesto", record this document in its entirity at your County Recorders' Office as a legal document and mail a certified copy to: The Fathers' Manifesto 2131 S. Primrose Avenue Alhambra, California 91803. The earliest postmark from each county will qualify the person who mailed it and identified himself with a name, and/or email address, and/or phone number, and/or postal address as the "Associate Signatory" for that county. This document will be served on all legislatures, governors, the President, and Congress, and will constitute legal tender.

Fight on!


become a Signatory to the Declaration, reply "I'll Sign" to  FM and if possible provide a suitable graphics to be added to this page.

Richard Doyle, Men's Defense Association 



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