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    Author:  The_Eggman
Rank:  Dell|Talker
Date:  02/28/02 03:42PM
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  Until I saw this (Names Deleted)

Subject: More on Dell Computers
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:19:15 -0600
From: "D.V."
To: Jim,

The email you sent me concerning Dell computers could have not been timelier.

On the Feb 18th I ordered a computer from Dell to replace the one that I have been leasing from them for the last 3 years. My order was accepted and I was assigned a tracking number. When I logged on to their web page last Thursday to check the status of my order I could not locate it in their work stream.

Therefore, I called Dell and was informed that there were problems with my order and that someone would call me back on Friday. Having not heard back from them on Friday, I called back on Monday to inquire as to what the problem might be. I was informed that my order had been canceled and that I was no long an approved customer of Dell Computer Corporation. Not understanding this logic, and knowing that each of my monthly lease payments had been made as requested, I asked to speak to a supervisor in order to determine why they had made this decision.

After going up the chain of command several levels I was finally told that I was on a list of undesirable customers that Dell maintained and that they would not sell me a computer because they didn't know if all of my potential uses for the machine would be legal or not.

When I asked them what they were implying, this supervisor said that according to their records I belonged to pro-gun and pro-hunting groups such the NRA, TSRA, SCI, Trophy Game Records of the World and others.

When I inquired as what this had to do with my purchase of a new computer, I was told that the Dell Computer Corporation felt that it was their responsibility as a member of the US corporate society to insure that their products were not used for purposes that ran contra to Dell's corporate policies and beliefs.

Bottom line of the conversation was that I had been labeled as a potential menace to society because I am gun owner and a hunter, even though I do not have a police record and have never participated in a law suit, therefore, the Dell Computer Corporation would no longer sell computers to me or to those like me.

What a crock!

Just thought you might like to know.

D. V.



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