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Disinformation and the federal government

It's good to see Americans questioning the conventional "wisdom" that the federal government is acting in the best interests of "Americans".

It's not, and has not been for almost a century.

It's acting only in the best interests of jews in Israel, at all costs, including and particularly the enslavement of mere "Americans" who have become mercenaries in all the wars jews ever wanted to fight against all their historical enemies.

It's easy to do when you control the communications, education, law, even if you are only 1.9% of the population.

This author's first introduction to that process was after witnessing a brutal civil war in South Korea which deposed a sitting president and left tens or hundreds of thousands of Korean citizens dead, only to read in the headlines in the Virginian Pilot that: "200 Killed in Demonstrations in Seoul".

It was impressive to see how easy it was to simply rewrite history.  It was depressing to think of how easily American minds could be manipulated by such a process.  Even this long after our obliteration of the facts surrounding that revolution, facts are still trickling out slowly which prove the power of our "media" to LIE, distort, and conceal simple, basic facts.







In response to my articule, "A thought from Fred," I received the following:

<< Thanks for passing along your thoughts regarding a very provoking essay.
 Allow me to pass along to you a similar analysis.
 <<The old saying the 'we have found the enemy and it is us,' or at least the
 government governing over us, is unfortunately all too true.

Please take a few minutes to read the above-referenced article.



Forwarded Message:
Subj:    Re: A thought from Fred.
Date:   11/17/01 7:54:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Stephen M. Putney)

Thanks for passing along your thoughts regarding a very provoking essay.

Allow me to pass along to you a similar analysis.

The old saying the 'we have found the enemy and it is us,' or at least the
government governing over us, is unfortunately all too true.

----- Original Message -----
From: <
To: <
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2001 11:13 PM
Subject: A thought from Fred.

As I read the following article, I had a thought that I want to share.

In the past, when a structural failure occurred on an airplane the first action by the FAA was always to ground those types of planes until the reason for the problem was determined and corrective repairs were completed.

Now, if, as we are being told, Flight 587's tail broke off, something that is supposed to be "impossible," then is it not reasonable to believe that a structural problem, a major structural problem, exists somewhere in the tail structure of that airplane that caused the tail to "fall off."

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), NTSB investigators examined the engines from Flight 587 and found no evidence of a mechanical failure. Interpretation: the crash of Flight 587 had to be caused by a structural failure, an "accident" as NTSB calls it.

George Black, Jr., a member of the NTSB, said in an interview with The Associated Press, that investigators think the tail "broke off," and that it was the first part to break off the plane. According to Marion Blakely, chairwoman of the NTSB, "Everything points to an accident."

My thought, my question, if such a crucial structural deficiency exists, a structural deficiency that causes immediate catastrophe results, why haven't all planes containing similar types of tail structures been grounded? Perhaps the writer of the following article has got it right.


Subj:    I-P: American 587: Manipulation of the Public Mind for Political
Date:   11/16/01 4:41:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Scooby)
Reply-to: (Scooby)
American 587: Manipulation of the Public Mind for Political Purpose
James D. Sanders Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001

We are at war.

Our enemy specializes in finding new and creative ways to destroy airplanes in order to terrorize America.

American Airlines Flight 587 crashed shortly after liftoff from JFK Airport, New York.

Neither engine exploded in flight, per The Washington Post.

Both engines and vertical tail section "appear to have broken away from the aircraft before the crash," The Washington Post said.

Less than 30 minutes after American 587 crashed in Queens, N.Y., the FBI declared it to have been the victim of a mechanical failure. Establishment media immediately disseminated this transparent manipulation of the public mind as serious news.

Shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Collin Powell raced to the media microphones and declared the crash to have been caused by a mechanical failure.

"If there was an explosion on the plane - and many witnesses heard one - it was probably caused by a mechanical failure, investigators said," according to The Washington Post, which failed to question the absurdity of the premise.

We are at war. Our enemies specialize in blowing up commercial aircraft. "If there was an explosion on the plane," the crash should be treated as a crime until a non-criminal cause has been found.

"'We're utterly baffled,' said one official. 'This is not even within statistical calibrations,' " according to The Washington Post. " 'Everything points to an accident,' said Marion Blakely, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board. 'The communications from the cockpit were normal until the last few seconds before the crash.' "

This statement would soon be proven factually false. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) recorded multiple significant events requiring extensive analysis. Any of these significant events could be evidence of a crime. Real investigators must spend significant time investigating and analyzing before "everything points to an accident."

Establishment media never challenged this transparent disinformation effort.

As American 587 plummeted toward the ground, Reuters put out a wire story saying "'There is credible information of an impending attack inside Saudi Arabia - and one wonders whether inside America itself,' said Saad al-Fagih, head of the London-based Movement for Islamic Reform."

Flipping between MSNBC and CNN, "In-flight breakup of a massive nature," "Came apart in the air" was the early news. Shortly thereafter came the approved propaganda line - [MSNBC] "Information suggests crash was an accident," "There's no sign crash was terrorism," [CNN] "Everything points to an accident."

Nov. 12, 2001, is a case study in manipulation of the public mind for political purpose. The federal government instantly declared American 587 to be a mechanical event. Less than 30 minutes of deliberation within the national security structure and White House was required to make the decision and set the mind control operation into motion.

The decision makers decided that BOMB would not be the answer. They further decided to take positive action to immediately remove establishment media discussion of BOMB as a serious consideration.

Political necessity trumped investigative integrity. BOMB would immediately be eliminated from the public psyche. A multi-week speculative BOMB feeding frenzy by establishment media might fatally damage the public psyche. Therefore, the public must be lied to, for the noble purpose of lessening economic pain for the greatest number.

If a bomb brought down the plane, it is an answer that would destroy what is left of the airline industry, plunging the economy into a deep recession, perhaps a depression, during a war for national survival. Lie to the public; reassure the collective mind that tragic accidents occasionally happen - particularly if you fly out of JFK Airport.

"Mechanical" causes short-term economic pain. Within weeks the public anxiety over dying in a plane crash will be gone.

BOMB causes the public to believe the enemy can strike anywhere, anytime. The federal government cannot protect you. A national economic tragedy closely follows such collective thinking. People stop spending and traveling. They economically circle the wagons.

Millions of new unemployed follow in the wake of such mass reorganization of the economy. No longer consumer driven, it is now propelled downward by mass fear of the future.

The NTSB was turned into a political arm of the federal government in the 1990s, so it is accustomed to developing political answers to commercial aircraft crashes.

In 1996, when Flight 800 was shot down, political expediency trumped investigative integrity. William Jefferson Clinton's career was at stake. Today the stakes are much higher.

The public psyche must not be further damaged, or the economy, already in recession, may spiral downward into financial depression. The FBI lied for a noble reason. Colin Powell joined the ranks of the noble ones when he seconded FBI disinformation.

American Airlines will be imperiled for the public good if a bomb or sabotage caused the crash. Sacrifice the economic future of thousands in order to salvage the economic future of millions.

This is the essence of collective liberty. Individuals cannot always be allowed to make personal decisions based on fact when the personal decision may adversely affect government policy.

When personal liberty significantly inhibits the collective good, collective liberty, the right to let noble reason safely guide us, mandates that individual liberty be sacrificed.

As we enter the new millennium, "1984" doublespeak is a public policy requirement. Individuals cannot be allowed to know their personal liberty has been seriously harmed. Doublespeak, lying for noble reason, solves the problem.

Doublespeak is good for the economy, albeit at the expense of the Constitution and individual liberty. But we have been warned for years that individual liberty must give way as we gain a new, unpredictable enemy to replace the good old Soviet menace.

We are constantly told we cannot remain free unless we give up some of our liberties. Individual liberty must give way to collective liberty - liberty for the masses, the McDonald's-like assembly line version of liberty, without thought, individuality or choice. Prepackaged liberty. Fit the collective mold and you will be free.

Collective liberty demands acceptance of transparent federal disinformation when the disinformation is for a noble reason - to protect collective liberty.

American 587 provides significant insight into collective liberty. We are being lied to. It is in the collective interest, therefore the lie is told for noble reason - the collective good. Collective liberty is enhanced. Individual liberty is diminished.

James Sanders is a retired police officer, an investigative reporter, the author of four books, and co-producer of the video documentary "Silenced: Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice."



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