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68 Innocent Men Cleared by DNA

Below is an up-to-date list of those freed inmates, most of whom were incarcerated for murder or rape. The list is maintained by the Innocence Project at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City. For information on the Innocence Project, see Resources.

Name of Defendant


Date of Conviction

Date of Release

Length of Incarceration

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Kenneth Adams IL Oct-78 Jul-96 19
Gilbert Alejandro TX Oct-90 Jul-94 14
Kirk Bloodsworth MD Mar-85 Jun-93 8
Mark Diaz Bravo CA Oct-90 Jan-94 4
Dale Brison PA Jun-91 Jan-94 4
Ronnie Bullock IL May-84 Oct-94 10
Kevin Byrd TX Aug-85 Oct-97 12
Leonard Callace NY Mar-87 Oct-92 6
Terry Chalmers NY Jun-87 Apr-95 7.5
Marion Coakley NY Aug-85 Sep-87 4
Ronald Cotton NC Jan-85 Jun-95 11
Rolando Cruz IL Jan-85 Nov-95 11
Charles Dabbs NY Apr-84 Aug-91 9
Dewey Davis WV Jan-87 Jun-94 7.5
Gerald Davis WV Jul-86 Jul-94 8
Frederick Daye CA Aug-84 Sep-94 10
Gary Dotson IL Jul-79 Aug-89 8
Timothy Durham OK Mar-93 Jan-97 5
Dennis Fritz OK Apr-88 Apr-99 12
Anthony Gray MD Oct-91 Feb-99 7
Edward Green DC Jul-89 Mar-90 0.75
Kevin Green CA Oct-80 Jun-96 16
Ricky Hammond CT Mar-90 Oct-92 2.5
William Harris WV Oct-87 Oct-95 8
Alejandro Hernandez IL Jan-85 Nov-95 11
Anthony Hicks WI Dec-91 Jul-96 5
Larry Holdren WV Mar-84 Jun-99 15
Edward Honaker VA Feb-85 Oct-94 10
Vincent Jenkins NY Nov-83 not yet U
Verneal Jimerson IL Dec-85 Jun-96 11
Jones Joe KS Feb-86 Jul-92 7
Calvin Johnson GA Nov-83 Jun-99 16
Richard Johnson IL Jan-92 Dec-95 4
Ronald Jones IL Jul-89 May-99 10
Kerry Kotler NY Mar-82 Dec-92 11
Steven Linscott IL Jun-82 Jan-85 3
Dale Mahan AL Jun-84 Dec-97 14
Ronnie Mahan AL Jun-84 Dec-97 14
Robert Miller OK Jan-88 Jan-98 9
Marvin Mitchell MA Jan-90 Apr-97 8
Perry Mitchell SC Jan-84 Aug-98 14
Vincent Moto PA Jan-88 Nov-95 9
Bruce Nelson PA Apr-85 May-91 9
Victor Ortiz NY Jan-84 Oct-96 14
Brian Piszczek OH Jun-91 Sep-94 4
Willie Rainge IL Oct-78 Jul-96 18
Donald Reynolds IL Feb-88 Nov-97 9
Fredric Saecker WI Jan-90 May-96 6
Ben Salazar TX Jan-92 Oct-97 5
Dwayne Scruggs IN May-86 Dec-93 8
David Shepard NJ Sep-84 Apr-95 11
Walter Smith OH Dec-86 Dec-96 10
Walter Snyder VA Jun-86 Apr-93 7
Steven Toney MO Apr-83 Jul-96 14
David Vasquez VA Feb-85 Jan-89 5
Billy Wardell IL Feb-88 Nov-97 9
Thomas Webb OK Jan-83 May-96 14
Troy Webb VA Apr-89 Oct-96 7
Dennis Williams IL Oct-78 Jul-96 18
Ron Williamson OK Apr-88 Apr-99 12
John Willis IL Sep-90 Feb-99 9
Glen Woodall WV Jun-87 May-92 4
Herman Kaglick CAN Jan-92 Jan-98 5
David Milgaard CAN Jan-70 Apr-92 23
Gordon Folland CAN Mar-95 Nov-96 3
Guy Paul Morin CAN Jul-92 Jan-95 2
Gregory Parsons CAN Feb-94 Feb-98 0.25


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