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dear james,

I have just read your story, and i am quite appaulled. My name is
Daniel, I am from New Zealand. A friend of our family has just been
jailed for rape. This man has been a part of my sister's and my life
for many years, he used to baby sit us, and in my teenage years got me
out of a few sticky situations. At the time of the alleged rape he was
working as an instructor at the IHC (Intellectually handicapped
society) And was in charge of a class of handicapped people. The girl
involved was so badly handicapped she couldnt even identify him in
court. She was 13 years old, and supprisingly became pregnant.
Immediately the finger was pointed at doug. The case went to court and
dna tests were used. This is where i am stumped, the tests were
positive. Doug swears he is innocent and i totally believe him, our
whole family does. I hope you can understand when i say, that we just
know he didnt do it. I dont know what the odds are of getting a dna
test wrong, but as far as i am concern doug bet the odds there, well
lost. The shocking thing is he was convicted soley on the dna test. No
identification, no witnesses, nothing. Just dna. And theres nothing we
can do about it, or can we? please email me and tell me what you think.
My email address is please dont write to me on
this address as i am on a borrowed computer.

many thanks

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Subject: [repeal19th] Ron Hubbard, Charged with Killing his ex wife
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To whom it may concern: 1/25/00

Today, I received a letter letter from Ron Hubbard who has been incarcerated for the last 32 months, in solitary confinement 23 1/2 hrs.per day, and whose been incarcerated at West Valley Detention center in Rancho Cucamonga, since the incident.

This letter reveals alot of the tragedies surrounding many men who are or have been placed in these positions by the courts or by their ex-wives in child custody and family law matters. In this instant, Mr. Hubbard was in the process of a court-ordered exchange of his children when during this time circumstances got out of control, leaving his ex-wive dead and her boyfriend shot in the arm and leg. Apparently, there was a long history of abuse going on by the former boyfriend toward Mr. Hubbard's kids. Mr. Hubbard was the former bodyguard of Stevie Wonder and was currently a bodyguard of a Dr. Drey or "Big Bruce" as is known to many.

On this particular visitation, Mr. Hubbard's oldest son, now approximately nine years old, informed Mr. Hubbard once again that mothers boyfriend was "whipping them". When Mr. Hubbard confronted this man, apparently the boyfriend stated: "what are you going to do about it", or something to that effect.

From prison, Mr. Hubbard's letter is self-explanatory. As fathers we can understand the pressure of what it's like to have the District Attorney after us for arrearages., our house in foreclosure, and numerous other covered up issues associated with the demise of a family, and the plight of the father but for our judicial system.

Mr. Hubbard has three children: a nine-year-old boy (approx) and twins: a boy and a girl. His mother who is 80 years old is now raising these three children. This circumstances in this case are tragic. This is a call to all fathers to help Ron Hubbard get a fair trial. From the confines of his jail cell, Ron writes this letter in hopes that one day to be able to be a father in his children's life in spite of all the circumstances. What can we do as fathers to get Ron a fair trial?

He is currently located at:

The West Valley Detention Center
Unit 5-B-09
9500 Etiwanda Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

United Fathers of America, Torrance, CA

Below is the letter:

1 of 2


Dear Rod,

I pray that all is well with you and my fellow brothers of United Fathers of America. Considering the circumstance, I've done quite well. As you know, I've been incarcerated 32 months in solitary confinement, 23 1/2 hours per day. Without doubt, this lifestyle is designed to break my spirit more than anything else. This county Inland Empire is definitely corrupt. San Bernardino County has the highest conviction rate in the State of California, and the city of Rancho Cucamonga where my trial will take place, has the highest conviction rate in San Bernardino County. A large portion of these convictions are happening by means of "defendant intimidation" resulting in plea bargaining, while others are accomplished by violating the defendant's rights.

I've seen several attorneys since my incarceration. The first attorney said that I had two definite strikes against me: my trial being held in Rancho Cucamonga, and that I was of African-American dessent The second, said that there was no need in researching for trial, and that I should try for a 15 to life plea bargain. When I made a "Marsden" motion in order to protect my
rights, the presiding judge at that time threaten me "off record". The third attorney smiled, laughed, while sarcastic glee instructed me to do what O.J. did, "he beat his case, maybe you can too". And my last attorney, not only exhibited questionable conduct, he didn't properly prepare for my trial. Collectively, they've worked towards breaking my spirit in an attempt to discourage me from bringing the United Fathers of America, and your knowledge of my tribulations (financial demise, divorcing custody information,) into public view.

On Jan. 10, 2000, I made another "Marsden" motion, showing that my counsel was prepared for trial, and in fact, he had taken liberty in making a major decision without my knowledge. I'd. requested pro per status, for I knew I could no longer trust the State appointed attorneys in San Bernardino County. I also requested that all discovery be surrendered by counsel. I requested court orders for law library privileges, and a half-hour extra per day for trial related phone calls, an investigator, and a paralegal. The present presiding judge called me a "damn fool", then questioned me if I thought that all the previous attorneys were voicing the same opinion regarding my case (being African-American do like O.J., try a 15 to life deal) and that he knew and respected the mentioned attorneys.

The presiding judge honored my pro per status, however he made no decision regarding the other two requests. When I again made mentioned of the other requests, he instructed me to wait until the Deputy District Attorney re-enters the courtroom. Upon the deputy DA's arrival, the judge announced my pro per status, and told me that I'd have to get my case files, etc., the best way I could. He adjourned court. Again I inquired about the other requests as well as the means of receiving my case files, however, the presiding judge simply walked out of the courtroom. The court bailiff aggressively told me to leave the court room, I complied.

On Jan. 13, 2000, my ex-counsel's investigator informed me that he had placed all discovery including tape recordings on my "Property Bin", here at West Valley Detention Center. This certainly increases the chances of me not receiving a fair trial.

As you can see, blatant inappropriate behavior has taken place by several attorneys with the addition of two Superior Court Judges. Needless to say, confidential information regarding my case has most likely in compromise.

As you know, if not but by the grace of God, you in many of our brothers could find themselves in my shoes. There are two matters that I'd like to see take place from the result of this most unfortunate tragedy:

1. That we as a unit move towards creating new laws protecting children hands-off laws from boyfriends goal friends etc.

2. That my fellow brothers visibly make their presence known in my support by whatever legal means deemed necessary, i.e.. News, newspapers, appearance in court, etc..

I am convinced that this is the most effective way to protect children throughout our nation, and assuring me a fair trial.

Ron Hubbard

P.. Best. I will call to make sure that you received this letter.



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