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Laws based on feelings not principles



In a message dated 5/25/01 7:38:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  writes:

Do YOU, Eileen, need either a man or a woman to tell you what rape is,  or is

>You haven't read what is in the message.

You obviously didn't read what *I* wrote Eileen before you vented your spleen with your hate.

> Read what I said: women should use their own judgment about whether a man
> has honorable/dishonorable intentions -- and
> not have [some] men's definitions set the standard.

And read what *I* wrote that 85% of the women in the survey didn't KNOW
that they had been raped until some femhorroid TOLD them they had been!  Do
you get it now Eileen? No "MAN" told them anything Eileen.  No MALE, the
HATED VILE MALE, told them ANYTHING............ Work on it.

>Besides, there are legal definitions for rape.

Not in 90% of the states Eileen. They call it "Sexual Battery or Sexual assault."

> Why would anyone not want women to be awake and aware as to whether a man
> had honorable intentions towards them?

And just WHO is going to define that form them? A bunch of lesbian activists?

> Do some men feel that this would stop them from getting what they want?

Why do you think men DO feel that way?

> Is it ok for men to use drugs, alcohol, manipulation, shame,
> guilt-tripping, "love"-bombing, etc. to make a woman have sex
> with them if she is resistant to the idea?  Why do some men have difficulty
> understanding that a woman could feel
> transgressed upon if a man sex with her under the above conditions?

Does a guy have to use ALL of those Eileen, or does just ONE qualify?  So
if a man "LOVE BOMBS" a woman, THAT, you feel,  is RAPE............
Interesting that you'd feel that, but from years of reading your screed,
hardly surprising you'd include that.

> Who does it benefit if using drugs, alcohol, manipulation, shame,
> guilt-tripping, "love"-bombing, etc. are seen as normal and
> natural ways to get women to have sex?

Well you include some interesting things Eileen and make them equivalent
of each other. Which is interesting in and of itself, that you equate the use
of DRUGS to obtain sex as the SAME as "love bombing" the woman. I presume
merely professing his love for her, YOU - would make a capital crime.  Some
folks see each issue as distinct from another. And we can look at the issues
without the HYSTERIA you seem to inject into the discussion. And we all KNOW
that women are NEVER manipulative when it comes to sex either.



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