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From: eduardo

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 2:45 PM

I started to keep track of the amalekite comments with Jews. I'm gathering evidence to show that there is, from particular subject, an active force in all of Jewry that believes in the genocide of other races. Having this come to light will allow our unbelievers to start believing that it was the Jews behind the genocide of countless millions of white people in the World Wars.

Nathan Lewin, prominent Washington DC lawyer - "If executing some suicide-bomber families saves the lives of even an equal number of potential civilian victims, the exchange is, I believe, ethically permissible." Lewin argued that the biblical injunction to destroy the ancient tribe of Amalek serves as a precedent in Judaism for taking measures that are "ordinarily unacceptable" in the face of a mortal threat.

Deborah Esther Lipstadt giving a speech at the Temple Beth Am Synogogue said this about her libel suit "victory" over the great historian David Irving  “When I sat for three months only 10 feet away from Irving and saw a contemporary Amalek [biblical Israel’s inveterate foe]. There is no compromise with such evil.”

From: eduardo

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 8:31 PM


In reference to "ISRAEL'S FINGERPRINTS" by Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet, it is a great essay. The part where it mentions - "It has been proved that all the kings of England, Ireland and Scotland are descendants of King David of ISRAEL, fulfilling the prophecy that 'David shall never lack a man to reign over the House of Israel,'" is nevertheless true. However, in more recent times the English throne may have become tainted with Jewish blood. Here is the article charging this allegation.

The strange activities of Prince Philip, the father of Prince Charles, can be explained by an article in Women’s Voice (June 26, 1952, p. 13) where it says: “Perhaps the Jewishness of the Royal family of Britain will explain much that has heretofore remained a mystery.

“In 1851, Alexander, the son of the Grand Duke of Hesse (the parent line of the Glucksburgs) contracted a morganatic marriage with a wealthy Polish commoner, a Jewess baptized Christian. To keep things ‘sweet’ after the family ‘hit the roof,’ they revived an old family title for Alexander and his Jewess: Count of Battenberg (that’s where the Battenberg line begins) and later, as time somewhat eased the shock, they made him prince of Battenberg. The eldest son of these two was Prince Louis of Battenberg, who came to England and joined Victoria’s court and family. He rose to be an Admiral in the British Navy and top socialite friend of Edward VII.  During the 1914 war, he changed his name to the literal translation of ‘Mountbatten’ and he also became Marquis of Milford Haven. Now, his daughter, Princess Alice, married back into the Glucksberg family (the Danish/Greek group of direct Hesse ancestry) and she is the Mother  of Philip; the Queen’s husband. That makes him one quarter Jew.

But Louis’ second son (whose mother was the Polish Jewess) is the present Admiral Earl Mountbatten, Philip’s most influential uncle and top serving Admiral in the British Navy, last Viceroy to India, close friend of socialite/intellectual Fabians ...His wife is the daughter of Lord Mount Temple (previously Mr. Wilfred Ashley, a Tory MP of 30 years ago). Ashley married the daughter of Sir Ernest Cassel, the son of a Cologne Jewish banker Cassel, and the financier of Edward VII...Princes Charles has been circumcised at Buckingham Palace by the Jewish Rabbi, Dr. Jacob Snowman, who has in the past attended other Royal Babies.”

I haven't verified this article to see if it exists or verified it from other sources. The way England has been backsliding in the last few generations or so, it wouldn't surprise me though. It wouldn't surprise me if this is all a Jewish lie either. The lies are so thick in the media it's hard to research them all.

From: eduardo

Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 9:26 PM


In regards to: "The 1000 Year War Between Russia And The Khazars", Dr. Beter, 1979.

Although, the article gets the basic points across, Dr. Beter makes some errors that need to be refuted.

"Rome, for example, made citizens of those they conquered; and in return for the taxes they levied, they brought civilization, order, and protection against attack from would-be invaders."

From the posts I have provided, this is a rather reckless statement. It is far more factual to state that Rome did not make citizens of those they conquered.

"Like the Semitic Jews some 1000 years earlier, the Khazar Jews became dispersed."

Dr. Beter incorrectly states Jews are Semitic. This obviously not true. It appears that his research has not gone far enough.

"One element of the Khazar Jew heritage is a militant form of ZIONISM."

Certainly, Zionism may have been greatly revitalized by Khazar influence, but I tend to think Zionism has much older roots during the times of Christ.

Jews Are A Race


Jews are a race for the following reasons.


Jews consider themselves a race.

Prior to World War II, most books written by jews clearly stated jews constituted a racial group. The jewish leader and author, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, who headed the American Jewish Congress in the 1930s stated in his book, "We Jews," " We want assimilation to be replaced by a new law: the declaration of belonging to the Jewish nation and the Jewish race. A state built upon the principle of the purity of nation and race can only be honored and respected by a jew who declares his belonging to his kind . . . No subterfuge can save us now. In place of assimilation we desire a new concept: recognition of the jewish nation and jewish race!"


Now, some jews will try to argue "that this is the opinion of one rabbi" as we have heard on several posts before. The fact that remains is most books written by jews prior to WWII stated that the jews were indeed a race. Also, note what rabbi Joachim Prinz reveals concerning the jewish nature to use subterfuge in disguising who they really are. Hence, the common practice of jews adopting the ethnic names of host nations is substantiated here.


After WWII the jews changed their strategy to: "We are a people" - or - "We are a nation!"  This is a more disguised appeal of hiding the truth under the words "people"   and "nation."


The talk of racial groups today is politically incorrect. The jews want us to believe that all races are equal and therefore interracial marriages should be accepted. An extraterrestrial from another star system observing the Negroes of this planet would easily draw the same conclusions that they are incapable of innovation and civilization. The report back to the home planet would state a dark race of people are multiplying to a point where they are threatening the highly developed civilizations. Soon all innovation and civilization may collapse.


Jewish Diseases.

In an earlier post, I presented an important scientific finding linking jews in a racial bond. The work of the jewish researcher and author, Dr, Richard Goodman of the Hopkins University wrote a 494 comprehensive page book titled, "Genetic Diseases Among The Jewish People." This book solely proves that the jewsw are indeed a race. Dr. Goodman states that Ashkenazi (Khazar) jews from Russia make up 82 percent of world jewry. The other 18 percent are mainly from Spain-Portugal and are called Sephardim jews. Now, there are 112 hereditary diseases within the Jewish race, which originate from causes found within the Jewish brain and central nervous system. I will list a few of them. Note, the high probability of passing these diseases on to children is a tremendous risk factor, which is another reason not to intermarry. Soccer moms and "Judeo-Christian" women do not make babies with a jew! Jews contemplating marriage with their own kind are encouraged to be tested to ensure they are not carriers of any of these diseases.  


Familial Dysautonomia is also known as Riley Day Syndrome.  Sufferers of this condition can not produce tears, have trouble swallowing and drool and sweat excessively.  Other symptoms may include variable blood pressure, scoliosis, poor growth, and reduced mental capacity. Almost all reported cases have arisen within the Jewish population. There are various forms of testing including genetic testing for family members of people who have been diagnosed.

Niemann-Pick - suffer from crippling neurological disintegration that will end their lives well before their teens. About one in a thousand Jews of Ashkenazi descent carry the genetic mutation that can result in Niemann-Pick diseases. Autosomal recessive Prevalence: 1 out of 75 Ashkenazi Jews are carriers.

Canavan - is caused by an enzyme deficiency. One in forty Ashkenazis carry the genetic mutation that causes Canavan. Children with Canavan are inflicted with the gradual deterioration of their nervous systems and do not usually reach the age of five.

Gaucher - Although severely debilitating, Gaucher disease is not often deadly. Individuals with Gaucher suffer from metabolic errors that cause joint problems. These problems include frequent breakage and a thinning of the bones, similar to that found in osteoporosis. One in ten Jews of Eastern European descent carry the genetic mutation causing Gaucher Disease. Death usually occurs by age 45.

Tay-Sachs - the most widely known genetic disease more particular to the Ashkenazi Jewish population, is manifested by the gradual collapse of the central nervous system. Children with Tay-Sachs do not customarily reach the age of five. The genetic mutation for Tay-Sachs disease is ten times more frequently found in the Ashkenazi Jewish population than in other populations.

Bloom syndrome - Affects a very large number of jews. It results in dwarfism. Bloom syndrome victims have a high-pitched voice. It is a cancer-prone genetic disorder that is inherited as an autosomal recessive disease. Its most remarkable feature is genetic instability in the form of increased frequencies of breaks and interchanges that occur either spontaneously or, in the laboratory, after treatment with various DNA-damaging agents. Those with the full-blown disease die by the age 16. The trait is carried by one out of every 120 jews. However, large numbers of jews have a lesser trait of the disease, in which jewish dwarfism is commonly seen and with their small bodies and disproportionately large sized heads, it may account for their troll like appearance. Jews like Madeleine Albright, comedian Jerry Stiller, and Menachem Begin have this appearance. In jewish communities such as in New York and Miami very short jews are seen waddling about. Examples of people who ostensibly have this disease trait are former Prime Minister Shamir at 5'1" tall and California Senator Barbara Boxer, who is under 5 feet tall. Leon Trotsky and many other jewish leaders in the Bolshevik revolution were very short as well.

Clinically, children with Bloom syndrome have small bodies, usually exhibit an erythematous (red skin produced by capillary congestion) "butterfly rash" that is sensitive to sunlight, excessive hyper- and hypo-pigmented skin lesions located anywhere on the body, and a high rate of bacterial infections due to immunodeficiency. These children are prone to cancer, chronic lung disease, and diabetes. Bloom syndrome is more common among Ashkenazi Jews than any other population.

Idiopathic torsion dystonia - A slowly-progressing movement disorder characterized by dystonia and tremor. Initially believed to be a manifestation of hysteria, idiopathic torsion dystonia gradually became established as a neurologic entity with a genetic basis. DMD or Oppenheim disease are terms now used for childhood- and adolescent-onset dystonia due to the DYT1 gene. Childhood- and adolescent-onset primary dystonia has been found to be more common in Jews of Eastern European or Ashkenazi ancestry.  In a large study of 957 cases of primary dystonia from Europe, a significant female predilection for segmental and focal dystonia was reported, suggesting that focal dystonia should not be treated as a homogenous group and that sex-linked factors may play a role. (ESDE collaborative group) 

Factor XI deficiency - an inherited bleeding disorder. It also goes by the name of Hemophilia C. The disorder is particularly common among Ashkenazi Jews, of Eastern European origin. It is estimated that 8% of the people in this ethnic group carry the defective Factor XI gene.

Mucolipidosis IV (ML4) - is a progressive neurological disorder with symptoms beginning in infancy.  Characteristics include muscle weakness, mild to moderate mental retardation, and eye problems.  The severity of the disorder and the lifespan vary.  There is no cure for the condition, but supportive care can be provided to optimize quality of life.  ML4 is more common among Ashkenazi Jews than other ethnic groups.

Dystonia – is also known as a movement disorder, which affects nerve signals from the basal ganglia in the brain to various muscles. Sasmodic torticollis (or cervical dystonia) affects muscles in neck, head, and spine that cause the head to turn to one side. Blepharospasm causes involuntary contraction of the eyelids holding them closed for indefinite periods. Oromandibular dystonia affects jaw, lips, or tongue causing the jaw to be held open or clamped shut. Orofacial-buccal dystonia (Meige's or Brughel's syndrome) a combination of blepharospasm and oromandibular dystonia. Spasmodic dysphonia affects muscles that control the vocal cords causing halting, strained, or a breathless whisper voice. Writer's cramp (or occupational dystonia) symptoms are triggered when the sufferer attempts to write or perform other fine hand functions, such as playing a musical instrument

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) - is caused by excessive production of androgenic hormones due to a lack of an enzyme involved in the production of cortisol. CAH can lead to imbalance in the body's concentration of salts which, in turn, can rapidly result in shock and death. CAH can also cause excessive masculinization in both males and females and, if not adequately treated, significant growth and developmental abnormalities. It affects one in every 27 Ashkenazic Jewish people. As opposed to at least one in every 1,000 people. one of every 53 Hispanics, one of every 63 Yugoslavs, and one in every 333 Italians. Why would Yugoslavs and Hispanics have a higher rate than northern Europeans (1 in every 1,000)? Could it be because of Moorish and Turkic intermarriage?


Individuals with the genetic mutation in their DNA that causes one of the aforementioned illnesses are known as carriers. Although carriers do not actually have the disease associated with the particular genetic mutation, when two carriers with the same mutation have children, the children are at increased risk for having the disease in question. In particular, if both parents are carriers, they have a one in four chance of bearing a child with the disease. The illness will be caused by the inheritance of two genetic mutations, one from each parent. In addition, there is a one in two chance that a child will also be a carrier. The frequencies of the common mutations of most of these diseases are between 1/16 and 1/110 among Ashkenazi Jews.

Fanconi anaemia - Fanconi anaemia is a chromosome instability syndrome with progressive bone marrow failure and an increased risk of cancers. It has been estimated that the frequency of carriers is between 1 in 100 and 1 in 600 in the general population. In a family in which both parents are carriers of the Fanconi gene, on average 1 in 4 of their children will have completely normal genes, and cannot develop the disease or pass it on, 1 in 4 will have Fanconi anaemia, and 2 in 4 will have one normal and one affected gene and will be healthy but will be carriers.Growth retardation (70% of cases), skin abnormalities: hyperpigmentation and/or caf� au lait spots in 80%, squeletal malformations (60%), particularly radius axis defects  (absent or hypoplastic thumb or radius...) no immune deficiency (in contrast with most other chromosome instability syndromes)  progressive bone marrow failure; mean age of onset of anemia: 8 yrs; diagnosis made before onset of haematologic manifestations in only 30%  other: renal anomalies, hypogonadism, mental impairment, heart defects, and perhaps diabetes mellitus, also occur in 10 to 30% of cases. Fanconi anaemia which may be noted at birth. These include: short stature, missing thumbs and/or arm bone, other skeletal anomalies, kidney problems, abnormal skin coloration, small head or eyes, learning disabilities, low birth weight, gut abnormalities, small reproductive organs in males, heart defects. 

Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD includes:

1. Crohn's Disease (regional enteritis) - This latter, and to a lesser extent the former as well, are Jewish diseases. In fact, Crohn's disease is 8 times more common in Ashkenazi Jews than any other people.

2. Ulcerative colitis

Both diseases cause pain and diarrhea, often mixed with blood. Ulcerative colitis only affects the large bowel, but Crohn's disease can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract. The body's own attack of the bowel is vicious -- it can cause perforations of the bowel wall from the intense attack as well as obstructing the bowel; or causing massive bleeding, pain, fever, or even eating its way through to other organs or even through the skin. Most commonly, however, there are episodes of pain and vomiting which often require hospitalization. What is of interest is that these diseases can cause effects far from the bowel, including their own brand of arthritis, skin nodules and mouth ulcers. Crohn's can affect the eye.

Cystic fibrosis (also called fibrocystic disease of the pancreas mucoviscidosis) or Clarke-Hadfield disease - is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner.

Hemorrhoids - Jews are also found to suffer from hemorrhoids at a higher rate than non-Jews.


I don’t make this stuff up folks.

In the 15th century, Rabbi Isaac Abarbanel wrote: 'It is always found that Jews suffer from acute fever, pestilence, and hemorrhoids more than any other nation'.

In the 14th century Bernard de Gordon suggested the following reasons: 'they are generally sedentary … they are usually in fear and anxiety and therefore the melancholy blood becomes increased'.

Depression and various neuroses have been attributed to Jews in excess, and studies have supported this contention. Schizophrenia, on the other hand, is said to be rare among Jews than among the general population.


The many jewish diseases alone tell us that the jews cannot be the chosen Israelites. The many genetic diseases within the jewish race portends that these people are a polluted and cursed race. Not one where God has blessed them.

Jews Identified by Facial Features

Although many jews have intermarried with Gentiles and don't have the "Jewish look," the classic jewish features are nevertheless still preserved in the overall jewish population. Examples of jewish typical facial characteristics are Ben Stein, Madeleine Albright, and Alan Greenspan. The Aryan looking actor William Shatner no doubt had Gentile relatives and is an exception to the common facial traits jews typically have. Jews have been somewhat successful in resisting miscegenation with other races since the development of their legal codes until modern times. The hooked nose, narrow but fleshy lips, and small oriental eyes are the typical physical characteristics of jews. The result of mongrelization with Mongolian (Japheth), Negroid (Cush), and Canaanites has given jews unique facial traits unlike any other race. Negroid hair is also commonly seen in the jewish population as a result of intermarriage with Negroid and can be confirmed by jewish DNA being identical to Ethiopian DNA.


The jewish race is a race, which tries to impersonate the host race it is living with. Subterfuge of any degree is used to hide the fact that they are indeed a different race. It is by the fruit of their works, their inability to assimulate to the customs of host populations and their physical characteristics that we can identify them. They are indeed parasites.


Judaea delenda est






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