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US Squanders $6.4 Trillion to Rank Last in Education (Graph)

In order to establish "gender equality" [read: "equality" between males and females], the US turned education upside down.  Instead of improving anything, this forced SAT scores down 98 points  That was accomplished by first systemically discriminating against boys and reducing their probability of getting As to one quarter of the probability that girls will get As ( ).  When that didn't "narrow the gender gap", we almost doubled the cost of education as a percent of GDP to enable ever more females to be educated.  This made our education system one of the costliest in the world .   When that didn't work, we reduced class sizes to be able to provide more individual attention to females, providing the smallest class sizes in the world, even though the international data shows that those with the largest classes also have the highest academic skills .  When SAT scores continued to decline, we more than doubled the percent of teachers with MS Degrees, giving us the most "educated" teachers in the world  When all of that didn't "narrow the gender gap" by even one micron, we modified the standardized tests in 1990 to reduce boys' science scores 6.5% and increase girls' 2.5%   This satisfied blind dumb feminists by making them think that the "gender gap" had finally narrowed.  Unfortunately for their credibility, they never grasped that this merely corrupted standardized testing.

In this blind dumb futile feminist folly to improve women's academic skills, we ignored all international data showing:


Those countries with the lowest "gender gap" also have the lowest academic skills


Those countries with the greatest proportion of men teachers also have much higher academic skills, yet we reduced the proportion of male teachers even further  


Those students who "feel" they are good at math are also the worse students, and implemented the foolish principle that "raising self esteem" would magically improve academic skills

The inability of our teachers to teach math or physics is not based on a significant difference from other countries in homework assignments, use of calculators, hours of instruction, doing reasoning tasks, nor laboratory experiments   The problem is that our teachers are mostly women.  The "NAEP 1996 Mathematics Cross-State Data Compendium" from shows that, when all of the above didn't work, we added "curriculum specialists" to help our mostly female teachers, who still don't understand math, to teach it.   None of those nations with very much higher math scores, but mostly male teachers, needed to do anything like that.  The report also notes:

  1. The test scores of almost all of the nonpublic schools are superior to almost all public schools, yet cost less than a third as much per student.

  2. Affirmative action forced universities to deny admission to more qualified boys in order to admit less qualified girls.  Even though boys are two thirds of those scoring over 550 on SAT math, they are less than 45% of college admissions.

  3. Even after all of this anti-male bias and affirmative action, the work consistency of men remained 39% higher than women.

  4. Even after adjusting for work consistency, ethnicity, types of career choices, and time off work, men still earn 51.7% more than women.

The number of subjects in which we are dead last is a monument to the immorality of "gender equality" and the utter futility of foolish feminists:


DEAD LAST in TIMSS Physics, scoring 158 points lower than Norway


DEAD LAST in TIMSS Geometry,  with our 12th graders scoring 123 points lower than Switzerland's and **the only nation whose 12th graders scored 76 points lower than their 8th graders**


DEAD LAST in TIMSS Physics, with the American woman scoring 34 points lower than the American man and 139 points lower than the Norwegian woman


DEAD LAST of 10 nations in IAEP Math scores of 9 year olds, 53 points lower than Korea


DEAD LAST of 15 nations in IAEP Math scores of 13 year olds, 51 points lower than Taiwan


13th of 15 nations in IAEP Science scores of 13 year olds, 42 points lower than Taiwan

The final price tag for this futile attempt to educate women, for the anti-male bias, for the extraordinary props for females, is a total sum of 80% of GDP--in today's dollars, a $6.4 trillion boondoggle.   The American man gained nothing but rock bottom academic skills.  Only the American woman scored lower than him (by  33 points) and she scored 65 points lower than the Cyprus woman, 139 points lower than the Norwegian woman, 184 points lower than the Swedish man, and remains less than 2% of the top half of GRE scores

But she sure do "feel good" about dat, don't she?!  $6.4 trillion later, a feminist writes:

--- Donna Langlois <> wrote:
I can tell you that I scored higher on my SAT, ACT and
GMAT that most men so I question your statistics.

$6.4 trillion to get THIS!!!  It is time to stop trying to teach pigs to sing.




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