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Strange indeed is the story of a national hatred as told by the ancient literature of Egypt. From this we learn that while the Egyptians worshipped everything down to crocodiles and snakes, they hated sheep. Under no circumstances were they tolerated. So intensely did they hate this useful animal that no wool was ever permitted in any Egyptian garmet or home. But this intense national antipathy took still another direction. And, to our surprise, we find it centered against Cheops, during whose reign the Pyramid was built. Just how throughly his subjects despised and hated him may be inferred from the fact that his body, after death, was hidden and his burial kept secret.


This deep national hatred is of such significance that to know its cause will put us within range of the unknown builder of the Pyramid. Turning to the ancient writings we learn that during the reign of Cheops, Egypt was invaded by a great movement of foreign people from the East. So overwhelming was their advance that Cheops immediately surrendered and the country was conquered without a battle. Over them was a mysterious Stranger who exercised extreme authority. At his command, Cheops is said to have ordered all heathen temples and shrines closed and all idolatrous worship to cease. It is for this reason that he died a hated and despised ruler. What the complete suspension of worship meant for a people so abjectly idolatrous as were the Egyptians, can only be imagined. Under further authority of this Invader-King, who had taken up residence at Gizeh, Cheops ordered 100,000 of his people into the quarries to cut and haul stone which was to be used in the erection of the Great Pyramid. Upon the completion of this structure, which required thirty years, this mysterious Stranger, we are told, left Egypt and built Salem, afterwards called Jerusalem. Who were these foreign invaders and who was this Stranger who built the Great Pyramid? They were Sethites, that is descendants of Adam's son, Seth, and their priestly rulers, the Shepherd Kings.


Our question as to why Egyptians hated sheep is now answered. The great invasion which gave them an incomparable Pyramid, but took away their idolatrous worship for thirty years, was executed under the uncompromising authority of the Shepherd Kings. These stalwart men of faith, wisdom and spiritual power, believed without question in the one true and only God. Him they worshipped. His truth they had received. With His commandments and precepts they were acquainted and concerning His Son, the Messiah, they were fully informed. From Biblical and Egyptian records we discover that on the roster of these heroic Shepherd Patriarchs and Kings are the names of Seth, Enoch, Noah and Shem. And it is in this small but select group that we find that mysterious Stranger who built the Great Pyramid. Our choice is Enoch.


The reasons for our choice follow:
First. -- In the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" the Pyramid is called the Pillar of Enoch.
Second. -- The splendid character and miraculous departure of this man from the scenes of an earthly life harmonize beautifully with the divine aspects of the memorial Pillar, named by an ancient, pagan book in his honor. The Genesis reference to this remarkable man is, "And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him." Also, in Hebrews, "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him; for before his translation he had this testimony that he pleased God."


Third -- More significant still is the fact that he lived just 365 years -- the exact length of the solar cycle being that number of days. In this connection it will be interesting to note that between Enoch's birth and the call of Abraham are just 4 x 365 1/4 or 1,461 years. The Egyptians knew by tradition the story of Enoch's translation and awaited his return, not as Enoch, but as Sesostris. This was to occur, so it is thought, at the end of what is known as the Phoenix cycle of 1,461 years. They knew also that the annual interval between the risings of the Dog Star Sirius with the sun, was 365 1/4 days, and that 1,461 years of 365 days equalled 1,460 Sirius years. They accordingly observed a great religious festival with the rising of the star Sirius, in the year ending the Phoenix cycle. This occurred in the reign of Sensusert III or Sesostris of the twelfth Egyptian Dynasty. The seventh year of this king's reign was memorable because of four things: the first sacred fe! stival of a Sirius rising known in Egypt; the undertaking of extensive river improvements works; the visit of Abraham to Egypt because of famine conditions in Canaan; and the ending of what many believed to be the Phoenix cycle. The bearing this has is obvious when we learn that the Egyptian transliteration of the word Phoenix is Pa-Hancock or House of Enoch. Connected then with Enoch who lived 365 years, we have the Phoenix cycle of 4 x 365 1/4 or 1,461 years, the visit of Abraham to Egypt about 1,461 years after the birth of Enoch, the first great festival of the Sirius rising 1,461 years after Enoch's nativity, the Pyramid measuring 365 1/4 sacred Hebrew cubits and the base circuit equal to 1,461 Hebrew cubits or four times the years of Enoch's life. With all this circumstantial evidence, as it may be called, we may feel reasonably certain that the mysterious Shepherd King who built the Great Pyramid was none other than Enoch. ...

Excerpted from The Great Pyramid of God,
by George R. Riffert (pp. 70-73)
[spiritjacob] Fri, 7 Oct 2005 FW Artisan Publisher's AMail



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