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Executions Since 1968



"Texas accounted for, in essence, half (18 of 37) of the US executions in 2008," it added. And the southern state has carried out 12 of the 20 nationwide executions so far this year.

Population of Texas = 23,904,000

Executions in 2008 = 18

Executions per 100,000 population = 0.08

Murder rate in 1008 = 5.9

Murders in 2008 = 1,401

As a result of Roper v. Simmons, the lives of 72 people who had not attained age 18 when they committed their crimes will be saved. Forty percent of them [29] were sentenced to death in Bush's home state. A study in Texas found that the current capital punishment system is an outgrowth of the "legacy of slavery."

Inmates electrocuted = 361



 Executions in 2008 = 282

Population = 70,049,000

Executions per 100,000 population = 0.4

Murder rate = 2.93 per 100,000 population

Inmates on death row = 0

Murderers in prison = 0

Iran to end child executions

17 October 2008

Iran has instructed all courts to stop issuing death sentences against juvenile offenders.

According to a statement by Hossein Zabhi, Assistant Attorney General for Judicial Affairs, a recently-issued directive instructs all judicial officials, when passing sentence, to apply the regulations of the Amnesty and Clemency Commission, which would allow the commutation of death sentences of juvenile offenders firstly to life imprisonment, and then in a second stage to 15 years.


United States

Murder rate per 100,000 population in 2008 per FBI Estimates= 6.1

Calculated Murder Rate in 2008 = 23.4

Population = 303,100,000

Murders in 2008 per FBI estimates = 18,489

Calculated Murders in 2008 = 70,902

Murders since 1968 = 721,080

Murders not cleared since 1968 = 279,779

Murders cleared since 1968 = 441,301

Murders by Blacks just since 1968 = 601,001

Inmates investigated, tried, convicted, sentenced, then proven innocent by DNA analysis = 195

Percent of inmates exonerated by DNA per Barry Scheck testimony= “more than 50%”

Percent of inmates exonerated by DNA per trial lawyer journals = "more than 75%"

Inmates in jails and prisons in 2008 = 2,310,984

Blacks in jails and prisons in 2008 = 907,630, or 39.3% of the total

Blacks in jails and prisons for murder in 2008 = 3,812

Probably guilty Black murderers in jails and prisons in 2008 = 953

Parole or probation in 2008 = 5,100,000

Blacks on parole or probation in 2008 = 1,550,032, or 30.4% of the total

Blacks on parole for violent crimes = 88,732

  • Blacks on parole for aggravated assault = 59,362

  • Blacks on parole for forcible rape = 5,413

  • Blacks on parole for robbery = 22,715

  • Blacks on parole for murder = 1,242

Inmates on death row = 3,254

Children on death row = 72

Blacks on death row = 1,328, or 41% of the total

Possibly innocent inmates on death row = 1,627 to 2,441

Possibly innocent blacks on death row = 664 to 996

Probably guilty inmates on death row = 813

Probably guilty Blacks on death row = 332

Probably guilty Black murderers on death row = 166

Executions in 2008 = 37

Blacks executed in 2008 = 14

Black murderers executed in 2008 = 7

Sentenced to death since death penalty reestablished in 1976 = 7,320

Death sentence overturned = 2,702

Sentence commuted, died, or other removals = 702

Executions since 1968 = 1,816

Blacks executed since 1968 = 617

Black murderers executed since 1968 = 280*

Executions = 0.01 per 100,000 population

Total probably guilty Black murderers executed, on parole, imprisoned, or on death row = 1,399

Total guilty Black murderers never brought to justice = 599,602

*Murder is not the only crime which carries the death penalty.  Federal and state laws in the US call for the death penalty for treason, hijacking an aircraft, accomplices to murder who did not participate or plan a murder, espionage, civil rights offenses resulting in accidental death, child rape and sodomy, statutory rape, drug trafficking, placing a bomb near a bus terminal, planning but not killing a federal employee or witness, parolees or prison escapees who commit unrelated non-lethal felonies, and even aggravated assault.  But amazingly enough, after all the efforts to collect so much data, the federal government literally can't tell us how many of those 617 blacks who were executed were one of the 601,001 blacks who murdered someone in the last four decades.  The only thing we know with certainty is that no more than 617 and no less than 140 of those black murderers got their just rewards.

599,099 to 599,576 Black Murderers Never Punished

After spending 8% of GDP to set up the largest prison population in the world, and firmly establishing that between one quarter to one third of the men in the entire world who are behind bars are American men--only 953 black murderers are in prison, 332 are on death row, and only 140 to 617 have been executed.  This means that only 0.24% to 0.32% of all Black murderers have never even been brought to justice, much less punished, leaving between 599,099 and 599,576 free to murder again, and again--and again.  Except that with moral minors like O'Connor and Ginsberg as "justices", the odds are real good that the 953 currently in prison and the 332 on death row will be released soon enough, to murder again and again. It would not surprise this author at all if they don't already have plans underway to resuscitate the 280 who've already been executed, as they seem to have more compassion for murderers than for murder victims and their families.

Execution More Humane Than False Imprisonment

Is it more humane to mentally torture 3,254 men on death row for decades on end [as many as three quarters of whom might be completely innocent] by convicting them, then sentencing them to die, then commuting their sentences, then throwing them in prison, then changing the law and putting them back on death row, then pronouncing many of them innocent of all charges only after DNA PROVES their innocence, then KEEPING them in prison anyway, than it is to simply stone murderers to death immediately after you're SURE you have the right man?  How can the prospect of a life in prison be better for anyone [the victims families, society, or the criminal], than the death sentence, particularly when so many of these murderers end up writing award winning books and winning accolades for their victimhood?

The above doesn't even count aggravated assault, robbery, and rape, all three of which we have become the world leaders in, thanks ONLY to blacks: less than 1% of have ever been punished for THOSE crimes as well.  How many of the Blacks identified in the Ethnic Crime Report deserve to be treated with such kid gloves?


How many of these crimes would have been prevented had the KKK lived up to its reputation?

At least 95%, and most of the lives saved would have been BLACKS, because it's BLACKS who were 450,000 of the 600,000 victims of black murderers!

Clearance Rate of 61.2%

Most civilized nations have a clearance rate for murder of 90-96%, just as we had before affirmative action REQUIRED that incompetents be fired and COMPETENTS BE FIRED.  But now two out of every five murders, 38.8% of them, are never "cleared".  This does NOT mean, nor even have any remote relationship to, "solved".  It means only that an arrest has been made and was accepted by the court or district attorney, who are also affirmative action hirees who've seen ONE HALF to three quarters of their PROVEN cases overturned by scientific DNA analysis of the physical evidence, or overturned by appeals courts, thrown out by federal judges, dismissed by governors, or found lacking by the Supreme Court.

By the most conservative estimate that ALL of the 279,229 murders which were not cleared were committed by Blacks, then as many as 321,772 of the 601,001 murders committed by Blacks WERE cleared. Where did  they all go?  If only 1,399 black murderers are on parole, in prison, on death row, or were executed, then where are the other 320,373 Black murderers?  We know that 279,229 were never even "cleared", but what happened to the OTHER 320,373 murderers who WERE cleared but were apparently not punished?  With an average prison of 16 years for murder, they could not ALL have served their sentences and gotten off of parole already.  Over 40 years, it's possible that 24 /40 or 60% of them had already served their full sentences and been released, but this means that 40% of them or 128,709 of them, not just 1,399 of them, should STILL be either in prison, on parole, or executed.

How did the justice system lose 99% of its Black murderers who WERE cleared, and another 279,229 which WERE cleared, without any media coverage at all? 

CCP--Community Crime Prevention a Federal "Success"

Murders for the 19.6% of Americans who live outside of metropolitan areas are not reported, and instead are estimates from the FBI.  There's no reason to believe that the average crime rate in those areas is any lower than it is in the cities.  Cities like Gary, Indiana [one of the 16 beneficiaries of CCP ] have actually had a HIGHER murder rate than the other Murder Capitols of the WORLD during this four decades.  Even AFTER the federal government spent tens of MILLIONS of dollars to clean it up, in 2007, Gary STILL had a murder rate of 73.2 per 100,000, higher even than Colombia or South Africa, which means that the average murder rate for the Blacks there was 83.4.

IF the 38 million Blacks in the rest of the country had committed murder at the same rate that the federal government HAD to admit they committed it in Gary, then the REAL number of Black murderers in that ONE YEAR was in excess of 31,703, which is 70% higher than the FBI estimate.  How have the OTHER "16 CCP sites [which] have distinguished themselves from other BJA grant programs in their demonstration of how multiagency, public/private, government/community collaboratives, and partnerships can work together to formulate and carry out jurisdictionwide crime strategies to produce safer and healthier communities", and which Bill Clinton praised as " ... if this can be done in Boston, it can be done in every community, in every neighborhood of every size in the United States",  and glowing news like "From July 1995 through 1996, no youth under age 17 was killed by a firearm" actually worked out?  Have they been even more "successful" than Gary? 

Baltimore, which officially had a murder rate of  48.2 in 1993 when this program began is now proud to announce it had decreased its rate by a whopping 6% to "only" 45.2 per 100,000 population by 2007.  Another place where CCP's warm government care might have succeeded from a federal perspective is Phoenix, where the murder rate rose 1.3% in less than two decades, from 15.2 in 1993 to 15.4 in 2007.  Boston, the sheer source of Clinton's glowing praise and pride, was not doing too badly before the feds stepped in, with a murder rate of 17.7, but as you're beginning to suspect, a little bit of federal warmth can go a long way, managing to reduce Boston's rate 25% to 13.31.  Denver, another whopping CCP success story, realized a 40% decrease from 14.8 in 1993 to 8.9 in 2006, an even bigger success story, from a government perspective. Atlanta, which was struggling along with a rate of 50.4 cut its rate in half to 25.6.  By such lofty standards, Ft. Worth was an immense success, having decreased its rate three fold, from 28.7 to "only" 8.7, and Seattle's rate also decreased three fold from 12.6 to 5.1, a real mark of achievement.

Low Murder Rates?

These "low" murder rates, however, are still 70 to 366 TIMES HIGHER than cities like over-crowded Singapore, terrorist-harboring-state Saudi Arabia, IRA-dominated Ireland, red neck KKK-land North Dakota, and 58 to 1,045 TIMES HIGHER than lil' ole' war-torn Slovenia.

If you're beginning to suspect foul play from federal statisticians, don't stop thinking about it now.  There's more, and you're on the right path.

Under-representing The Force of Katrina

New Orleans was not a beneficiary of CCP, but the feds involvement in Katrina catapulted it from a mere 80.3 to 95 in 12 short years, a quiet and under-reported 18% increase which must warm the cockles of the hearts of all the affirmative action federal judges and prosecutors all the way from Bangor, Maine to Tijuana, California.  Even the US Statistical Abstract, Table 298, got in on the act by under-representing or misrepresenting the FBI's figures by claiming the rate was 37.6 rather than 95. If THIS actually represents the best behavior of the most coddled and protected, most unpunished and free-to-murder-again-and-again,  Blacks on the face of the earth, which everybody in DC from statisticians to politicians don't want you to even think about, then rather than only 18,489 murders as the FBI estimates, American Blacks alone committed 35,986 murders, giving the US the absolute distinction of having achieved the utterly highest murder rate in our HISTORY during "peace time": 12 murders per 100,000 Americans.

However, there were only 150,340 Blacks in Louisiana at a time when the FBI itself estimates there were 209 murders.  If they were 100% responsible for this otherwise peaceful city having such a high murder rate, which apparently is the case [either by their direct criminality, or by community reaction to their criminality], then they committed murder at a rate of 139 per 100,000 Blacks.  After all, cities like Plano, Texas, and Sunnyvale, California, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with equivalent or larger populations, but far fewer Blacks, had only two murders. Same for Roseville, California, which had only one murder, and Bellevue, Washington, and Provo, Utah, and Huntington Beach, California, which had NO murders.  And Honolulu, with a population almost four times greater which had only 7 murders [and of course fewer Blacks].  Same for San Jose, California, which had only 29 murders. The entire state of North Dakota, with a population twice as large, had only two murders (and 306,735 GUNS, none of which were used for murder). If these Blacks in New Orleans are representative of Blacks across the nation, and there's no reason to believe they're not, then American blacks actually committed 52,826 murders in 2007, almost three times higher than the FBI estimate for ALL murders, giving the US an actual murder rate of MORE than 17.7 per 100,000 population.

No Exception to the Rule: Murder Rate Increases by ONE for Each 1% Increase in Blacks

It's not that there are NO Blacks in the low murder rate cities above. There are 6,792 in Honolulu, and if they committed murder at the same rate of 139 per 100k population as their brethren in New Orleans, then they would have committed 9 murders, two more than there actually were.  The other 370,565 residents thus were as crime-free as Bellevue and Provo and Huntington Beach: NO MURDERS all year!

Similarly, if the 32,548 Blacks in San Jose committed murder at that rate, they would have committed 45 murders there, 16 more than there actually were; the 2,871 Blacks in Sunnyvale would have committed 4 murders, two more than there actually were; the 6,415 in North Dakota would have committed 9 murders, precisely the number of murders there in 2006; the 8,846 in South Dakota would have committed 12 murders there, precisely the number of murders in 2006; the 18,891 in El Paso, Texas, would have committed 26 murders, nine more than there actually were; the 9,029 in Anaheim would have committed 13 murders, only four fewer than the actual figure [leaving the rest of Anaheim, which is half Hispanic, with a murder rate of 1.23, on par with Mexico]; the 3,398 Blacks in Salt Lake City, Utah, would have committed 5 of the 8 murders there; the 88,174 Blacks in San Antonio, Texas would have committed all of the 122 murders there; and the 2,822 Blacks in Scottsdale, Arizona would have committed 4 of the 5 murders there.

There's no reason to believe that American Blacks now commit murder at a rate of at least 139, and many reasons, one of which follows, to believe that the actual rate is 185, or higher.  And there's no reason to believe, in spite of the glowing good news reflected in these federal statistics, that the crime rate amongst blacks hasn't continued to grow as it did prior to FOUR American cities becoming the Murder Capitol of the WORLD in the 1990's.

Federal Success Story

Perhaps the proudest moment in District of Columbia history is when they announced a 61% reduction in their murder rate from 78.5 in 1993 to "only" 30.8 in 2007.  How exactly was that accomplished, considering that the strictest gun control laws in the world didn't work, the strictest drug enforcement efforts in the world didn't work, the highest incarceration rate in the world didn't work, re-electing a convicted drug abusing black mayor didn't work, providing Blacks the highest per household income than blacks anywhere [18 times than their cousins back in Africa] didn't work, and spending 4 times as much per student for education didn't work?

185-Murders-per-100,000-Blacks Control, Not Gun Control

Quietly but effectively and quickly reducing the percentage of Blacks in DC from 81% to 55.2% DID work--and provided an excellent insight into the propensity of Blacks to murder each other, and us, which might be more revealing and accurate than all of the above, combined.  If a 25.8% decrease in Blacks is the sole REASON for the 47.7 per 100k population decrease there [which resulted in 282 fewer murders there], then each 1% decrease in Blacks reduces the murder rate by almost two per 100k.  Since the population of DC is 591,833, a 25.8% decrease is 152,693 blacks, the number of murders in DC decreased by 1 for each 541 decrease in Blacks.  All else being equal, and if Blacks in the rest of the country are no more and no less likely to murder than those in our own coddled nation's capitol, reducing the national population of Blacks from 38 million to zero would result in 70,180 fewer murders--almost four times the FBI estimate for ALL murders, giving this once proud Christian nation a murder rate of at least 23.4 murders per 100,000 Americans--and American Blacks a rate of 185.

The latter is the most likely scenario.  Moving criminals out of cities like Washington, DC, and Detroit, and New Orleans certainly did NOT reduce the number of criminals.  Obviously very few have been incarcerated or punished, so there has been no deterrence to keep them from growing like a cancer anyway.  Not only are they still there, but there are ever more of them.  It's not just that I don't trust a guy who thinks Monica Lewinsky is sexy and doesn't know what "is" is, though that's certainly part of it, it's that it's obvious that the marching orders from DC were to reduce the crime "rate" no matter what, and that's all this "reduction" in the crime rate reflects. 

With the complete control they have over the statistics, this can be done easily by a number of means, not the least of which is sliding crimes from one jurisdiction to another, changing the definitions, and simply making numbers up out of whole cloth.  There's not a single CCP concept or idea or precept that I would trust to actually accomplish their goal, other than to set out in the beginning to intentionally outright manipulate the numbers to make he federal government, who caused all these problems in the first place by their moral turpitude, look good [or at least a bit better].

23.4 Murders per 100,000 Americans, not 6.1 as the FBI Estimates

It's not impossible that putting a few number of Blacks amongst a stable White population would reduce their tendency to commit crime.  But it's very unlikely, and it's also not fair to even try, to either race.  Whites have nothing to gain and everything to lose.  It's also not impossible that Blacks if left on their own would NOT rise to a murder rate of 185 per 100,000 Blacks, and instead would rise to the range of, say, South Africa at "only" 65.  But it's the only way to explain our WAY out of control justice system expenditures, coupled with a parallel skyrocketing of crime rates, combined with such a high false conviction rate.  This system did not evolve by accident, it was designed with a purpose in mind.  What do you believe that purpose was?




PER 100k

(1) Slovenia


(2) Austria


(3) Sweden


(4) Switzerland


(5) Israel


(6) Hong Kong


(7) Norway


(8) Ireland


(9) Finland


(10) Singapore                                                                                  0.43



Violent crime 1993 FBI Uniform Crime Report

Murder = 24,530 = 1.4%

Rape = 104,810 = 6.1%

Robbery = 442,400 = 25.6%

Aggravated Assault = 1,157,200 = 66.9%

Total = 1,728,940


Violent crime 2007 FBI Uniform Crime Report

Murder = 16,929 = 1.2%

Rape = 90,427 = 6.4%

Robbery = 445,125 = 31.6%

Aggravated Assault = 855,856 = 60.8%

Total = 1,408,337





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