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The US Justice System reported in 1990 that the false conviction rate in the US was "less than 1%".  Without even questioning the methodology of a study which could arrive at such a conclusion, it seemed at the time to be misleading, particularly in light of Frank Zepezauer's observation that our incarceration rate was 14 times greater than countries like Japan.  Since Mr. Zepezauer made that observation, our incarceration rate continued to increase dramatically, at the same time that Japan's decreased slightly, so that today we have an incarceration rate 24 times that of Japan, excluding those on parole and probation (which Japan has very few of).

Prior to the recent news headlines about numerous innocent men being released from prison and death row as the result of scientific DNA tests which proved their innocence, there was literally no procedure by which the efficacy of our trial and jury system could be tested, so reports like the one above were the only proof that the system was working as designed.  This collision between science and law proved not only that these reports were erroneous and misleading, but that our trial system was producing more erroneous convictions than valid ones.  For a country which prides itself on its system of justice, this is such a shocking realization that most Americans would prefer not to realize it.

But we must face the music.  When the random DNA tests proved that, in the words of Barry Scheck: "... the number of exonerations [due to tests of DNA] far outnumbers the number of inclusions", we knew that the problem was more than skin deep.

Crimes which involve DNA evidence aren't any different than crimes which don't.  The procedures by which convictions for crimes which include DNA evidence are pursued are no different than other crimes.  The only difference between the two is the outcome of analyzing the evidence: most evidence includes a suspect, whereas DNA evidence often excludes a suspect.  Had the DNA of the more than one hundred men who've been released from prison recently, some after decades of false imprisonment, been tested prior to trial, they would have been excluded as suspects before trial.

In other words, this small sampling of men convicted of crimes they didn't and/or couldn't have committed is in reality a representative sample of the entire judicial system.  It could be argued that these are the men who proclaimed their innocence and thus they were a small subset of the entire prison population, except that most men in prison proclaim their innocence, and more than half of those who did actually WERE innocent.  They are not the exception to the rule.   Furthermore, when you know that more than one half of such convictions were based on LIES, then the mere fact that the DNA evidence in a rape case matched the DNA of a rape suspect cannot be considered as proof of guilt.  When you know that more than one half of rape claimants were lying, then you have no way to know which of the other half where the DNA did match were not lying. But you do know that many if not most of the other convictions were based on lies rather than fact and truth.

If this many rape convictions were based on lies, then what percentage of the convictions of the 500,000 men in prison right now for violating drug laws were based on lies?  Why would their convictions be expected to be more valid than the rape suspects' convictions?

Why do they lie?  There is a direct parallel between countries which established "victim assistance awards" for the victims of rape, and the incidence of rape.  The award does not have to be a large amount to encourage unscrupulous women to file false charges--the mere fact that the government provides the moral authority to file a false charge is enough in itself to encourage such charges to be filed.  When an "award" is involved, it literally becomes a patriotic duty to file such a charge, regardless of the role the woman played in the first place.  And when not one single woman has been reported in the news to have been imprisoned for filing false charges like this, the downside risk for filing a false charge is zero.  In addition to that, prosecutors who have become aware of the potential for their cases to be overturned have ordered existing DNA evidence to be destroyed in order to avoid any embarassment.

If we had an incarceration rate equivalent to Japan, we would have 95,000 men in prison right now, only 4.5% of the 2.1 million who are currently imprisoned in the US.  Ignoring the likelihood that falsely imprisoning this many innocent men is bound to increase crime, if we had an incarceration rate commensurate with our current four fold higher crime rate than Japan, we would have 380,000 men in prison, 18% of the current figure.  This suggests that one half to 95% of the men currently in American prisons were convicted by a judicial system with one of the worst track records in world history

Charles McDowell, an experienced Air Force Criminal Investigator who has been called "probably the world's leading expert on false rape accusations" stated that "falsely accusing a man of rape is a crime as reprehensible as rape itself and that the former happens about as often as the latter".  Failing to hold women accountable for their role in either false convictions or in legitimate convictions guarantees a steady supply of false convictions, but it's a terrible way to run a judicial system.  It also does a tremendous amount of damage to the victims of these false charges, to their families, and to society at large. 

If we were to make the conservative assumption that one million of the 2.1 million men in prison right now were falsely convicted, then the economic damages to society are worth 15 World Trade Center bombings and the loss of life is greater than the total loss of life in that terrorist attack.  The cost to imprison 1 million men, to hire 1 million public servants away from the private sector, for social security, retirement benefits, etc., exceeds $200 billion per year.  It's estimated that the loss due to the false charges which didn't result in a conviction exceed $100 billion annually.  A man's life expectancy is shortened by one year for   each two years of imprisonment, so 1 million men in prison reduces their life expectancy by a total of 500,000 years.  With the average life expectancy of American men being 73 years, this is the equivalent of the loss of 6,849 lives. 

bullet$200 billion cost to imprison falsely convicted men.
bullet$100 billion loss due to defending false charges that didn't result in a conviction.
bullet1,000,000 x .5 = 500,000 man years of life expectancy, /73 year life expectancy = 6,849 lives.




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