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Feminism at work - my story....

If you speak against feminism, expect the wrath of the corporate world. If you do not stand as a man, you'll do fine - it's just that you'll eventually find youself a coward and without dignity.And, I'll say this at the onset, feminism has little to do with sex. Feminism is a philosophy and is the core of socialism - this is why there are so many men feminists as well as women feminists

I began to really see feminism take hold at my job in the early '80's Being an electronics technician for a major corporation, I'd been fortunate inasmuch as women had not really broken into that particular niche of the industry. But when it did, look out. My company made a completely unqualified, non-technical woman, general manager over our crew of men technicians. Just as the cold winter air numbs your hands into a state of uselessness, the compamy propaganda lulled my fellow workers into compliance with this newly injected political correctness.

For whatever reason, I resisted the lie and was even outspoken about it whenever opportunity permitted, being careful to not express my views on company time. The new female general manager used a combination of sexual humor, dress, and flattery to win the comradery of the guys there - as long as one responded the way she expected, the better you got along with her - and upper management. Nevermind the fact that her style of management was inefficient, costly, and time-consuming - time-consuming in that we technicians trained her on the job daily by explaining terminolgy, processes, and basically the "how to's" of our trade. Well guess who was praised by upper management at monthly meetings for "job understanding and innovation"? Meanwhile the company, during what otherwise was an economic boom for the industry, was beginning to loose money after being in postive growth since it's 30 year existence. The cause of the downturn was 1st blamed on this and then that but like 3 blind mice, upper management seemed oblivious to the connection with "her hire and promotion" and incredible inefficiency with the new way we did things. Sure, the guys knew where the loss was really ocurring but their paychecks were still there weekly.

On an individual basis, our new leader was skilled. Using the methods I described earlier, she kept the "appearance" of good PR but was pitting one technician against the other with the frequent "personal" meetings she'd have in her office daily. She was "grooming" herself for even higher aspirations in the company. Looking back at it now, it's obvious to me that her plan was to move up quickly enough that the ashes left from her ineptitude in our department would not be realized until she was long-gone into a higher and more isolated position. This method by the way, has become the text-book method for feminists in the work place today. The once great morale we technicians had with each other however, went out the door and replaced with back-biting, gossip, mistrust, and a general breakdown of our once smooth machine.

She was outspoken on women's rights and seldom passed up an opportunity to remind us of that. Soon, seminars on "workplace harassment and improper talk subjects were mandatory. All along, I did my work, operating according to the company's own productivity standard, in the high 90's but stayed away from our new leader as much as possible. She knew it, I knew it - I would not buddy up as the others had done - and for that fact, I was carefully watched. There came a time, in the course of company chit-chat, when she literally boasted about the 3 abortions she'd had. This came in the light of the Reagan years whenever the abortion issue was at it's peak. Rather than talk about the Packers or deer -hunting which comprised our departmental chat in the past, we found ourselves chatting about social issues with our new leader. Eventually, we were to see her let down more of her inhibitions as she proudly displayed a half-wall sized "goddess" calender depicting a different New Age goddess for each month in her office. In one year, the whole atmosphere had changed. Our work hours were reduced, bonuses disappeared, technicians hardly spoke to one another, but Barb, our new feminist leader was still praised at monthly meetings for her managerial skills.

Then, all hell broke loose. I had heard one time too many her giddy comments about her own abortions. Willing to enter a little corporate disobedience, I posted a magazine pictoral portraying an infant laying in an alley under the doorway of an abortion clinic with the caption, "America's true homelesss." I was making a statement, as she had freely made statements since her arrival. It was the wrong statemnt however. Barb, I was told later by a fellow worker, burst into the lunchroom demanding to know "who posted the clipping!" Someone told her that it was me. She grabbed her purse and stormed out of the office crying.

That was Monday. Friday, I was called into the company president's office. Both the president and vice president gloomly handed me a letter signed by both of them. It read: "Glenn, it has come to our attention that your political and religious comments are unacceptably offensive to our female workers. (This amazed me, I'd had virtually no interaction in that regard to the few female office people employed there.) The letter continued, "We have concluded that these comments are dangerous to both the company and you. We appreciate your technical work but cannot tolerate further behavior of this nature. Furthermore, we believe that you may be suffereing from mental depression and we urgently ask you to seek medical attention and are willing to pay for any costs not covered by insurance." (This really gave me a sick feeling, now they're attaching a "mental" implication to all this.) "We also request that you not report to the office for work from this point forward, but be dispatched from your house to your points of technical service work by two-way radio. Your checks will be mailed to you. We have consulted legal advice and are informing you that this letter represents our warning you as to the ramifications of sexual/gender harassment and that termination may result if this matter is not resolved." I was more shocked, I'd nevr said anything of a sexual nature to Barb, I was married and was not looking to extend myself in those ways. When I asked Bob and Ron for some details to this, Ron got mad, red-faced, and said, "your making our female employees very uncomfortable." In other words, you have your marching orders, enough said.

Well, I was numb as I stood looking down at the letter, and then up again at Bob and Ron. I'd worked there almost 10 years now without a single complaint, on the contrary, letters from customers whose equipmet I'd fixed in timely fashion, comments to my considerate personality in emergency situations by customers, and my excellent productivity record filled my personnel file. But, as I came to realize later, these qualities take a back-seat to corporate political correctness. When a feminist launches a complaint against a man, any appearance of equity and fairness is mere appearance - the decision has already been made - if you're a man, you're on shaky ground and odds are 10 to 1, you'll loose that battle.

Another amazing thing, Barb's name was not even mentioned in the letter, yet she launched the complaint following my posting of my own political / religious viewpoint. Her views, 10 mine, 1 . That was the ratio.

Two weeks after the letter, I was working on a radio for an ambulance crew when I got a page to call my supervisor. I called and Pete said, "Glenn, your paper work on 3 radios you worked on last week is missing some information." I had quickly determined that 3 radios were not economically feasabe to repair and had documented this on 1 invoice rather than 3 separate invoices - this had always been standard procedure - now it was not, Pete's tone, was not the Pete I'd worked with almost 10 years. Then, he made some complaints about a couple other bogus issues. I knew what was coming down. They's just given it a couple weeks for appearance sake - the decision was made the day that I stood in Bob and Ron's office. I had crossed the feminist line too boldly. I calmly said, Pete, I know what's going on, I'll be there in an hour to resign. Pete said solemnly, "ok." When I arrived at the office, Ron and Pete were standing there, Pete with eyes down, Ron with tears in his eyes. It's almost as though they were doing something that they had no control over - and, 11 years later, I believe that the feminist propaganda inspired that kind of fear into corporate owners and leaders. I turned over some keys and things, and said "see you guys later." Ron said, "we won't contest your unemployment Glenn, and I'll draft a letter of recommendation."

Well, that was nice but things drastically changed. If I did not suffer from depression prior, I began. I launched a resumes as fast as I could, got a few interviews but never heard from them again. During the interviews I got the sense that things were going well until the question was asked, "so why were you laid-off after 10 years?" (in an industry that was not laying off).

I cashed in my 401K - a "never do" sort of thing, taking a 40% hit with taxes and penalties just to support my family and pay the bills. I was the only one working. Not being experienced in the self-employment game, I no doubt spun my wheels, made some bad equipment expendatures, but scrambled to do contract electronics work for factories and private industry. I did this for 5 years before getting back into telecommunications and a large corporation. Amazingly, I got all the bills paid, maintained my credit, and am a better and stronger man looking back. I am however, starting all over building a 401K . I'm remarried; yes, the impact was measurable on the 1st one - my kids accept me for who and what I am. I openly express my concerns to them in a way that they'll understand, about feminism and socialism in the education system, even church - the church as a whole has become greatly feminized.

During the 5 year self-employment time, I really became outspoken against the feminist movement as it exists in the work-place (and all places). It's imposible to be outspoken with my new employment on site and keep your job, but I do plenty of talk and education on my own time. I've offered my ear to other men going through the same thing. Socialism has become one of my investigative hobbies because as I mentioned, is really the root mindset of feminism in my opinion. So, if you want to know the end result of feminism, study the historical results of socialism. To readers of this article, remember, in the end, all that you've got is your integrity Don't fall for the lie of propaganda in feminism. You're a man, you've inherently the intellect and wisdom to make better decisions, work more efficiently, and rule your own house. Women do not have more compassion and understanding than men. In fact, I really believe that men excell even in this realm - a man's sense of compassion takes everything into account including toughness when it's gotta be there. Mush love and feministic platitudes harm kids, permisiveness (encouraged by feminist thought) ruins kids, feminists running our school system is the underlying reason that some boys are going over the edge and entering into school violence. Feminism is the cancer in our economy - why? because women don't work efficiently generally speaking, women divide the work-place with distraction, special considerations, and too much emotional input with low-level logical input. At one time, the hiarchial reality of life was a given; men are almost ashamed to be men in our society anymore. We need to take back the ground that we forfeited.



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