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The Paradigm Shift Toward  Patriarchy


It might not seem too apparent that a tremendous amount of progress towards reestablishing responsible fatherhood has been made since the Fathers' Manifesto was written August 17, 1995, but it has actually exceeded all expectations.  Consider what has transpired since we were first called "radical right wing Christians" then:

  1. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION was eliminated in California, with a tremendous amount of credit going to many of the first 100 Signatories, and of course to Governor Wilson of California.  Without the support of both groups, affirmative action would still be law, we would still be considered whackos by the loud minority group which supports it, and the two thirds of California's voters who voted to rid the state of it would still be silent.
  2. OTHER STATES  are already following suit, with affirmative action predicted to come to a complete end across the US by the end of 1997.  This is the most important step toward reestablishing responsible fatherhood.
  3. 800,000 SIGNATORIES have signed this document even though at the time it was created only a few men would sign or even admit they signed.
  4. THE DECLARATION with which America's fathers demand their patriarchal role in society has now been signed by more than 1,400 Signatories, which is a totally unexpected development.
  5. OUR STATISTICAL DATABASE is proven, tested, vast, accurate, demonstrates graphically the ill effects of fatherlessness in a way never portrayed in history, and puts us in position to prove our point.
  6. THE ONE PAGE STORIES which describe the plight of many of the Signatories are so compelling that even feminists became so concerned about what has happened to fathers and fatherhood that they signed the FM.
  7. THE $285 BILLION FALSE CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY which has been responsible for falsely accusing as many as 3 million fathers and falsely convictine hundreds of thousands has been identified, quantified, exposed, and soundly discredited, and will soon be eliminated by Congress.
  8. "PATRIARCHY" is no longer a bad word, while the word "matriarchy" has become one.
  9. N.O.W. (NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN) has been discredited, they issued a damaging "Resolution" in response to our "threat to feminism", and their membership has plunged to less than 80,000.
  10. FEMINISTS from all backgrounds and geographies have been discredited for their manipulation of the data and the facts
  11. SINGLE-MOTHER HOUSEHOLDS are now known to be the primary source of our social pathology, and it is much less politically incorrect to openly say so.
  12. FATHER CUSTODY PROPOSALS which were never taken seriously then are now widely understood to be the only way to eliminate single-mother households.
  13. MATRIARCHY is now understood to be the rule in the US as evidenced by our 92% rate of mother custody in divorce.
  14. CHILD ABUSE is now known to be perpetrated 8 times more often by mothers than by biological fathers.
  15. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is now know to be petpetrated as often by women as by men.
  16. in just the last few weeks the media actually reported on the ill-effects of fatherlessness for the first time in our memories in 3 decades.
  17. JOINT CUSTODY has been openly debated and proven to be a trap which prevents men from demanding their patriarchal role in society. The feminist claims, which politicians accept, that the children of joint custody homes fare no better than the children of single-mother households, is no longer questioned.  The only issue now is how to get children back into father-headed households and eliminate single-mother households.
  18. EDUCATION QUALITY has plunged as education costs have skyrocketed and it is now understood how the increase in fatherlessness created this condition.
  19. FALSE CONVICTIONS of men and fathers by falsified feminist testimony has been disclosed, discredited, and proven to be a feminist political tool rather than a crime-fighting tool.  It has already resulted in the release from prison of falsely convicted men like Kevin Lee Green.
  20. feminism has been discredited in general and major feminist lies have been exposed, opening up the flood gates for major retribution against their anti-social agenda.
  21. RETURN THIS NATION TO GOD is a phrase used by Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court who took an uncharacteristic and important pro-family stance.
  22. the FM may have enough influence in the presidential election to make fatherlessness the major plank in one political party's platform.
  23. the true supporters of fatherhood have been separated from the false detractors.
For more information email, or search the Web 
The Fathers' Manifesto Web Site is dedicated to the elimination of fatherlessness through the establishment of the father as the head of the family, and through open discussions regarding ways to accomplish this. Any and all debate is welcomed, as is any critique, support, suggestion, and flames. This complex issue deserves and needs to be better understood by both detractors and supporters.

The rise of fatherlessness has been such a slow and chronic process that it eluded politicians and media, passing the crisis stage decades ago with no fanfare. But the destruction wrought by fatherlessness is now plain for all to see. Those who have recently dedicated themselves to resolving this crisis, from many different backgrounds and geographies, have successfully shifted the paradigm from matriarchy to patriarchy. It has been a long, slow, painful, costly, exhaustive, but successful process and June 1966 will go down in history as the date the world reversed the slide into matriarchy and began its journey to recovery.

What are the signs that the paradigm shift has occurred, when so much of the media is still bashing fatherhood and when so many politicians are still ignoring the destruction of the family? Consider what has happened in the 10 months since the FM was created on August 17, 1995:



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